Terms & Conditions of Sale - Hudson Valley Auctioneers LLC

Please note that participation in an Auction held at Hudson Valley Auctioneers, whether bidding by phone, by absentee bid or by way of a Live Internet platform such as Live Auctioneers requires the acceptance of our terms of sale, participation therefore constitutes acceptance of all terms listed on this page, and on our tems posted on Live Auctioneers!

Terms specific to Online Bidders:

Approval Policy Live Bidders, unless approved, bids will not be activated, so PLEASE check your bidding status before the sale, if your status says "pending", call us.

To protect us against Non Paying Bidders, individuals bidding on items with no intention of paying, bidders using Live Auctioneers who are recent members on the Live Auctioneers platform with limited auction history, OR bidders with active disputes, WILL NOT BE APPROVED automatically and need to contact us to verify contact and payment information, if you do not contact us your status will remain pending.

In addition many prospective bidders will be contacted by us by phone, if we are unable to reach you we will not approve you, and again, your status remains pending, so please check the phone number you list on your Live Auctioneers contact information. 

IMPORTANT: Please note that due to background checks we can no longer approve people we are not familiar with after 2pm on the day of the sale, especially recent bidders with no or limited auction history. In addition Jewelry & gold sales are subject to additional scrutiny including copies of driver license & credit cards before the sale, jewelry will be shipped to address on invoice ONLY! 

A note on shipping, this gallery, as stated in the boilerplate terms DOES NOT SHIP IN-HOUSE, on our website we have dedicated a page to a variety of shippers, call them, preferably more than one to do price comparison, make sure you let us know your shipper of choice, we will get it to them.

IMPORTANT: Any items sold for more than $200 that are left LONGER than 30 days, unless prior arrangements have been confirmed in writing by the purchaser to Hudson Valley Auctioneers will be subject to be resold with a commission of 35%, and payment will be send to the address on the original invoice.

Items sold for less than $200, that are left LONGER than 30 days, unless prior arrangements have been confirmed in writing by the purchaser to Hudson Valley Auctioneers will be considered forfeit and will be disposed off.

We simply do not have the capacity to store items, so if you purchase something, contact us and make shipping or pick up arrangements, failure to do so will result in the resale of your purchases, note that these items will be resold without a reserve. Paid storage is available with prior arrangement.

Shippers need to present BOL (Bill of Lading) documents for out of state clients for tax purposes.

Note that the images are considered to be part of the general item description, PLEASE LOOK AT THEM, if we photographed the damage on a particular lot, but did not write it in the description, that does not release you from the sale, we will gladly provide additional high resolution images by request. 

If you are uncertain about the condition of a particular item, ask for addition information, otherwise DO NOT BID, as all sales are final.


General Terms of Sale:

Participation in any Auction held by Hudson Valley Auctioneers, whether in person, by phone, via absentee bid or by way of an Live Internet platform such as Live Auctioneers requires the acceptance of our terms of sale, participation therefore constitutes acceptance of all terms listed on this page, failure to read these terms does not release the bidder from the rules & requirements set forward in these terms.

Hudson Valley Auctioneers has endeavored to accurately describe all items being sold, but all property herein offered for sale is strictly "as is", and it is the bidder's responsibility, whether bidding in person, by mail, by E-mail or by telephone to determine the exact condition of each item.

No statement in the catalog, bill of sale, invoice, or elsewhere by a representative of, or person in employ of Hudson Valley Auctioneers shall be deemed to be a warranty, representation, or assumption of liability with respect to age, condition, size, quality, variety, importance, provenance of historical relevance of any of these items.

Items listed in the catalog are for reference use only, description of items are no guarantee to the exact condition and / or age of any described item in the catalog, we strongly recommend viewing the items in person as one persons opinion regarding "condition" can vary considerably from another person's opinion, private viewings can be arranged during weekdays to accommodate bidders, contact this gallery for information.


IMPORTANT: Images of items are considered part of the general condition report and we strongly advise all buyers to consult posted images for additional issues and/or damage not specifically listed in the item description., additional High Resolution images are provided by request.

The auctioneer will be the final judge as to which bidder is the highest bidder.

In the event of any dispute in this matter, the auctioneer shall, at his or her discretion, decide whether to reopen the bidding.


Title to all merchandise shall pass to the highest bidder and the fall of the auctioneer's "hammer".

The purchaser shall assume full risk and responsibility for the lot purchased once title has passed.

All items purchased on the Live Auctioneers platform must be paid for in 7 days (one week) from the date of sale and unless prior arrangements have been made with Hudson Valley Auctioneers, a dispute will be filed after that period, once a dispute is filed claims to unpaid items are void and the gallery will have full title & claim to these items in order to resell them at auction.

In addition, all items purchased and paid for need to be picked up, removed from the gallery after 15 business days, unless alternate arrangements have been made by the buyer.

In the event of a filed dispute the bidder will have 7 days to contact Hudson Valley Auctioneers and arrange payment of winning bids before the dispute becomes permanent and the items re-offered.


All bidders are required to register and give full identification prior to the beginning of the auction and are required to use the number issued to them when identifying themselves as the successful bidder.

Bidders that sign up on the Live Auctioneers platform less than 15 minutes before the start of the sale will not be approved.


The Auctioneer reserves the right to withdraw any property prior to auction, this is a privately owned & operated sale and we reserve the right to refuse admittance to any person and reserve the right to decline any online bidder.

No transfer will be recognized from one buyer to another.


All sales are subject to a flat 25% buyers premium with a 3% surcharge for credit card payments, (both "in house" & on the direct "Pay Now" option on Live Auctioneers), in addition wire transfers are subject to a $20 bank fee.

Bidder does hereby indemnify and hold harmless auctioneer & seller from any and all damages, claims, or liabilities from injuries to persons or property of any type whatsoever, caused before, during, or after the auction.



Small items will be shipped by UPS service or comparative service, we will bring the items to the facility of your choice. IMPORTANT:  we do not pack or ship items ourselves, please see shipping details for more information.

Buyer is responsible for any packing & shipping charges.

For additional shipping options please see our website for a list of shipping companies.

Shipping cost, especially on larger items can be significant, please get a shipping quote BEFORE the auction.


All sales are subject to an 8.125% NY Sales tax, a tax resale certificate must be on file with Live Auctioneers in order to be tax exempt, note that resale numbers are verified every sale, some states require that you submit a hard-copy.

If you do not have a verified tax number on file with Live Auctioneers, and  PICK UP IN PERSON, tax will apply, unless you can submit a valid New York State tax number, we do require you to fill out & sign an ST120 for this purpose.

Important: Out of state tax certificates are not valid for in house pick up, if you are a dealer, please get a New York State resale number.

In order for out of state tax certificates to be accepted, items will have to be shipped to the state that certificate was issued at, and a bill of lading needs to be submitted.



Payment is expected in the first week after the sale, payment is expected in full, no payment plan.

If you are a successful bidder, please contact the gallery, if you have not yet been contacted by them, the day after the sale (Tuesday) from 11 am till 2 pm to confirm auction details and intended payment method.

Payment methods accepted are credit card (VISA & MasterCard, Amex, Discover), check, cashiers check, cash & wire transfer.

If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us, remember all sales are final, no exceptions.


By participating in our auctions the bidder has indicated acceptance of all posted terms of sale, posted here, and as posted on other platform.

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