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Hudson Valley Auctioneers LLC 


This report lists the lot numbers and their descriptions.

This list is for general reference only and is not meant to be an accurate description of each item, additions or subtractions might be made at any time. 
All items sold as found.

If you are only interested in certain items,  use the search option  to refine the list, you can print the (refined) list for your convenience.

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Lot # Lot Description
1 Brass sieve set, 9 piece, lid, catch pan and 7 sieves, 8" diameter, U.S. Standard Sieve, Newark, Sargent, Dual, Tyler, soil testing, gold.
2 Brass Apothecary Mortar and Pestle sets- 9 Mortars, 7 Pestles
3 9 Vintage Wind Car Clocks, Phinney Walker, Juniper, 2-Jaeger, 2-Westclock, 2-Waltham, Sterling
4 3 WWII Airplane Clocks, Lecoultre, At Full Wind, Not Running
5 4 Airplane Altimeters, Kollsman M. C-11, Bullava B-11, US Navy Mark 1, Mod. 1 c 12, Square D Kollsman, Vacuum Tested, All Working, Military
6 Survey distance measuring wheel, Veeder Root Hartford CT
7 3 Star Chart Wheel Finder, 5" Hammett's Planisphere- excellent, 10" Hammett's Planisphere- Piece torn but present- writing faded, 15 " Barritt- Serviss- Tear- Missing screws water stain.
8 Vintage Large Port Wine Demijohn / Carboy with Iron cage. Glass measures 26" high by 18" diameter
9 5 Microscope Grouping, Spencer, Leitz Welter, Bausch & Lomb-2, Schutz Cassel.- As Is
10 3 Taffrail Log, Brass, antique ship distance covered device (~odometer) 1) John Bliss NY, 2) Walker Excelsior 3, 3) Chas C Hutchinson Boston, Nautical
11 5 Drafting Sets, Unsigned, Wood cases, Bone, brass, steel
12 10, Hand Held Compass Collection, m2, Sun Watch, U.S. ED Marching Compass, Short & Mason, Unbranded
13 Telegraph key and sounder / receiver, J. Bunnell & Co. Morse code,
14 11 Old cameras Lot, antique, Box wood, Kodak #7, Brownies, Folmer, Graflex, Hawkeye... As-is
15 11 Old Cameras Lot , Vintage, asst Metal, slr's, Argus Brick's Kodak Bantam, Petriflex ... As found
16 6 Watchman's post clocks, 3 IBM, 2 Benzig, 1 ITR
17 5 Star Final Pinball Machine, Gottlieb, Table Top, 1932, No glass, Table delaminated, missing plunger
18 Wow Pinball Machine, Mills Novelty co. 5c. 1930-32, Table Top, Glass, Working, Marbles
19 Traveling clock salesman statue
20 6 Lux tape measure mystery clocks, 1 vg, 1 g, 4 fair- all running
21 4 Wood works, clock parts, 2 Terry type, Leavenworth, extra gears
22 Eveready AC Model 2, Radio and Speaker, Cast aluminum body, Untested, Tubes in place, Perforation in speaker cone
23 Ekg Machine, Portable, Sanborn Visette, Medical- As found.
24 3 mini domed clocks, Vintage, German- All running.
25 Bausch & Lomb Dust Counter, Cased with Data Sheets
26 4 Pocket balance grouping, assay, gold
27 3 Student Microscopes, 7" Antique / Vintage Brass Desktop, wood cases
28 5 K&E Slide rule grouping, 1- Deci Con, 1- 4183-3, 1-4041, 2-4503-3, All have whole slides, windows, cases
29 Phonograph, Columbia " The Graphophone" Type Q, American Graphophone Company, New York, Cylinder Player No Horn-w/ 15 Cylinders, Dirty, Takes a full wind and runs down. Drive belt present but broken.
30 Pigeon Race Timer, H.ET.R., Martens & Co., Bruxelles, Standard, Toulet
31 US Army Engineers Model 1913 Sketching Board Tripod Mount Sketch Survey Vintage, Tape residue
32 German Portable Weather Station, Meteorologischer Satz. Vintage German metal anemometer, psychrometer, barometer in the original wooden box
33 Wimhurst Machine, Static electricity generating machine, with accessories and original instructions, Edmund Scientific, c. 1980 In original box
34 Wire Recorder, Webster, Chicago, Model 80, Original Documentation.
35 2 Survey Chain, 1/2 Gunter's, 1) 2 handles 50 links tags every 10 links and midpoint 33 feet overall, 2) Partial-1 Handle 46 links 2 tags 2 separations 29 feet overall
36 Bubble Sextant, Cased, Bendix Aviation Corp., Model AN- 5851-1, WW2, Military
37 Large Pewter Decanter, on three legs facilitating heating from underneath, Spigot for service, insulated cap top
38 2 Spelter figures, classical figure & figure with hat & sword, worn patina, as found
39 Crosby New Indicator For Steam, Gas or Ammonia, Steam Pressure Gage, with Instructions and Case
40 Juerst's Ebulliometer, Eimer & Amend New York, with Case and Instructions, Used to measure the percentage of alcohol in Temperance Drinks, Bottom of thermometer broken off.
41 4 PNBH Barometer, Aneroid, Paul Naudet Cie. Holosteric Barometer, 2 with thermometers, 4.5- 5" diameter, All Working.
42 3 Wooden Aneroid Barometer and Thermometer, Carved, 1) N.P. Rasmussen 2+3 unbranded
43 Phonograph, Portable Victrola- Plays, Unbranded- Takes full wind and turns completely down. w/ 10 Victrola Records
44 3- Gunners Quadrants, 2- cased- 1 wood, 1- metal, all bubbles good, WW2, Militaria
45 Cannon, Signal, Starting, Salute, Brass, 10 Gauge Blank, 18" overall-16" Barrel, Nautical, Yacht.
46 Cannon, Lantaka, Rail, 29 " long, Wood base display,
47 Registering Spectroscope With One Large Prism, Royal Astronomical Society. Acquired by the RAS in 1871 by the Eclipse Committee, Sold in Durham England 1984. Listed on the historical archives of The Royal Astronomical Society Instrument Collection: 1827-1985.
48 Wall Phone, Kellogg Switchboard and Supply Company, Chicago U.S.A., Vintage, Internal Components Present, Bakelite Whole, Paint Drips, Frayed Wire, Dust and Dings
49 Candlestick Phone, Stromberg Carlson Tel. Mfg. Co. Rochester U.S.A. and Magneto, bakelite mouthpiece chip missing, wires frayed.
50 2 Dictograph System Substation, With Microphones and Earpiece, 1920's
51 Sextant, Schick Stadimeter, U.S. Maritime Commission, SN 1399-1942, WW2, Cased, brass, nautical, optical, navigation
52 Sextant, Keuffel & Esser, U.S.Navy, SN 36409, c. 1918, Also engraved US NAVY 3063, Cased, brass, nautical, optical, navigation
53 Sextant, Cornelius Knudsen L954 Kjobenhavn, last inspection 1948, Cased, brass, nautical, optical, navigation
54 Sextant, T. Cooke & Sons Ltd. Made For The Hughes Owens Co. Ltd. Montreal, Case signed N.W. Bigh.. -(barely visible, brass, nautical, optical, navigation
55 Sextant, G. Mayer Brake, Case signed A.V. Komer, brass, nautical, optical, navigation
56 Transit, Cased, WLE Gurley, painted Aluminum, surveying, optical
57 Transit, Cased, Brunson Instrument Co. Kansas City MO, Model 50, Compass needle missing, surveying, optical
58 Transit, Cased, C. L. Berger & Sons Boston USA, SN 16552, c. 1925-30, Green Enamel over Brass, w/ case key, surveying, optical
59 Transit, Cased, Keuffel & Esser WYE Level Model 5110, SN 18178, c. 1908, Instructions, Blue over brass, surveying, optical
60 Transit, Cased, Bostrom Brady No. 5 Convertible Level, surveying, optical
61 Microscope, Cased, Carl Zeiss Jena, Nr. 47899 5 objective 5 eyepiece, brass, optical, scientific
62 Microscope, Cased, Hofoptiker Spindler Stuttgart, 5 objective 3 eyepiece, brass, optical, scientific
63 Microscope, Cased, Bausch & Lomb, SN 54700 c. 1905, 3 Objective, 1 Eyepiece, Brass, Optical, Scientific
64 Microscope, Cased, C. Reichert Wein VIII. Bennogasse 26, 2 Objective, 2 Eyepiece, Brass, Optical, Scientific
65 Microscope, Cased, NYU Biol. # 50, c. 1900 Objective, Eyepiece, Brass, Optical, Scientific
66 Barometer, Vintage Large, Mercurial, Hass Bros. Altitude Testing Mercurial Barometer, Used to set altimeters to Airport runway altitude (Barometric Pressure). Aeronautical
67 Barometer, Mercurial, Welch Fixed Cistern, US Navy BU Ships, SN 3150 1943, Case -Painted Copper, WW2, Nautical, Military, Working
68 Barometer, Mercurial, H. Wehrle & Co. 82 Whitechapel London , Banjo Mother Of Pearl Inlay, Working
69 Barometer, Mercurial, Drained, Improved, INVt, TORRIGELLI, 1649, Thermometer Broken, Scientific Instrument
70 Barometer, Mercurial, Vintage, French.
71 Quack Medical Grouping, 3 machines, including Davis & Kidder's Patent Magneto electric machine; "Violet Ray" machine by Bleadon-Dun Company & Elec-Treat Mechanical Heart.
72 2- Antique Medical Syringe, with needles 1) Marked- J. Stevenson Long Lane London E.C. Box is poor 2) Unlabeled Brass, Boxed, Transfusion, Blood
73 4 Small New Haven Banjo Clocks," WINETKA" , pendulum, Time and Strike - Red and Green running, 2- brown not running As seen
74 2 Wag on wall clocks, Floral Patterns, 12" and 10" across 1) Taylor Pat Oct 1860- on bell, 2) -unmarked .No pendulums, or weights
75 Terry Clocks- 3 Cast Iron, all running for time, Small missing bell, Gold colored missing front glass alarm wind won't hold, Large- Alarm spring broken, no hands or alarm set wheel
76 Smiths Astral British Ships Clock, SN 15618, Running, takes full wind, runs fine, tells time, Nautical, Navy
77 400 day clock, domed, German, Suspension in place, 1 Pallet Fork Tine loose, not running
78 Tiffany Never Wind Domed Clock, tested and running at 4.5 volts. Old battery corrosion in base
79 Poole Electric (Battery) Dome Clock, tested and running at 4.5 volts, needs - negative terminal cleaned and wire replaced.
80 Poole Electric (Battery) Wood Beehive Clock, tested and running at 4.5 volts, Note wood crack at top, tape residue.
81 Atmos Clock, SN 463663, C.1976, Placard reads " Lyman E Wither 40 Years Loyal Service Uniroyal 1936-1976"
82 2 Brass Carriage Clocks, 1 Corner of side panel glass chipped, Running, keyed
83 Fusee Wall Clock, Pub, Railway, 8 day Fusee- Gut Cable. Key for Door and Face, Runs Fine, Keeps Time, No Front Glass, Wind Key Included
84 Clock Synchronized Self Winding 15" Metal Case, Convex glass.- untested
85 New Haven, Mini OG clock, Time and Strike, Takes full wind, runs fine, keeps time, Key Included
86 2 Steeple Clock, Ansonia and Gilbert, Time and Strike, Keys Included, running
87 2 Gingerbread Clock , Waterbury and Gilbert, Time and Strike, Key Included, running
88 Chelsea, Brass Ships Bell Clock, Mahogany Base Display, Time and Strike (4 hour watch chime), Takes full wind,runs fine, tells time, SN 709853 c. 1965-'69 Key Included
89 Ingraham Clock, "Doric", Balloon USA Flag lower panel , mantel clock, Time and strike, Takes Full Wind, Running Fine, Keeps time, Key Included
90 Welch, Italian #1 Calendar Clock, Time, Day Of Week, Month and Date Calendar, Takes Full Wind,Runs fine, Tells Time, Calendar works, day of week hand replaced. w/ Key. T.D.L. v.1 pp.76-78
91 Clock, Cupid Sharpening Arrow, Automation, Silk Thread Suspension, Skeletonized Dial with Gilt Brass Cupid sharpening his arrows leg and wheel stone automation on half and hour chime, Ebonized Wood, Marble, Brass, Takes a Full Wind Runs Fine, Tells Time and Chimes, Key Included
92 French Slate Pillar Clock, A La Benaissanei?, 49 Bould St Martin, Paris, Not Running- Holds wind- Suspension in place, Ticks off and stops
93 Clock, Ansonia Mantel, Marble, Open Escapement, Two Tone Copper / Brass Dial, Running, Time and Strike, Striking only once per hour, No Back
94 2 Seth Thomas Mantel Clocks, 1939 Console 6W, wind, 8 day, time and strike, 1950 Electric "Simsbury", Self starting electric, Westminster chime. Both Running fine, keeping time
95 Punch Card Time Clock, Central Time Clock Co. Inc. NYC, Not Running
96 International Time Recording Co. NY, Endicott, NY, Time clock, Not Running,
97 Seth Thomas, Adamantine Mantle Clock, "Dana # 4" c. 1913, 89c movement, Time and Chime on 1/2 hour bell- Hour on Cathedral bell (coil) Key Included, runs fine, tells time.
98 2 Seth Thomas , Mantel Clock, Column, 16 " tall, c. 1870, Time and Strike TDL v1 p..521-4 Running and Operating fine. Keys Included
99 Seth Thomas, City Clock Series, "Omaha", c. 1894, Time Strike and Alarm. T.D.L. v1, pg 202. running and operating fine. Key Included
100 Seth Thomas Mark 1 Deck Clock, Nickel Plated Brass with vibration reducing back 1941/1942, WWII, Takes a full wind, runs fine, tells time. Key Included
101 Queen Anne Tall Case Clock, Josiah Emery London, c. 1790, Running and Chimes date and seconds working, Issues- warped bottom panel, hood support gap, Chime control (chime/silent) connection rod missing
102 Clock, Waterbury No. 7 Pinwheel Jewelers Regulator, running w key. Notes: Sweep seconds hand, right side (as viewed) decoration replaced, Dents/dimples in pendulum.
103 Targeting Scope, J. Hicks 8,9,10 Hutton Garden,1904, London, With Cross Hairs, Cased, Optics Clear. British, Military, WW1, Spy Glass, Telescope, Brass, Optics, Nautical, Optical
104 Periscope, Battery Commanders , X6 Model 1918, Wollensak Opt. Co. Rochester N.Y. SN 1806, green paint over brass, Viewable,WW1,Military, Telescope, Optical
105 Spy Glass, Black leather over brass, U.S.N. High power 30 No. 100, 36 open, 10.5 Closed, Single Draw, 33" Open, Closed, WW2, Navy, Military, Optical, Telescope
106 2 Sputnik Weather stations, Temperature, Barometric Pressure and Hygrometer, Note crack in plastic, dusty
107 U.S. Original Patent Model, Aug 19, 1879, Manufacture of Ethyl Chloride, N.C. Grimes , No. 218, 671, From O. Rundle Gilbert's Collection
108 U.S. Original Patent Model, Aug 8th 1876, Drop Light Chandelier, Benj. Thsckara and G. F. Blaisse No. 180,961, From O. Rundle Gilbert's Collection
109 U.S. Original Patent Model, Aug 6th 1872, Slate Books, H. B. Barnes, No. 130,179, From O. Rundle Gilbert's Collection
110 U.S. Original Patent Model, May 25th 1875, Key Fastener, Howard Shetcher, No. ?163,822, From O. Rundle Gilbert's Collection
111 U.S. Original Patent Model, Oct 20 1863, Heaters, A. Weller, 1842, From O. Rundle Gilbert's Collection
112 U.S. Original Patent Model, Dec 2nd 1873, Heater for Steam Boilers, David Boughlin, No. ?45,095, From O. Rundle Gilbert's Collection
113 U.S. Original Patent Model, Sept 24th 1867, Mach(ine) for Nicking Screw Caps, G. E, Thompson and Wm Walker, No. 69,271, From O. Rundle Gilbert's Collection
114 U.S. Original Patent Model, Apr 15th 1890, Locks, John Satterstrom, No. 425,461, From O. Rundle Gilbert's Collection
115 U.S. Original Patent Model, Feb 12, 1842, Spark Arrester, N.C. Grimes , No. 2,455, From O. Rundle Gilbert's Collection
116 U.S. Original Patent Model, Aug 5th 1856, Bolt Vault & Safe Doors, Linus Yale, No. 15,500, From O. Rundle Gilbert's Collection
117 Spy Glass, LEREBOURS A. PARIS, 4 draw, 42" open, 11.5" Closed, Telescope, Brass, Draw, Optics, Nautical, Optical
118 Spy Glass, Brass and Leather over Wood (Leather stitching gone, Wood tube cracked), Single Draw, Rack and Pinion Focus, 49" Open, 37" closed, Unsigned
119 2-Spyglass, J. P. Cutts, London Day Or Night, single draw, 36" open, 20.5 closed Wood and Brass, Unsigned Wood and Brass, single draw, 34" Open, 18.5" closed
120 8 Spyglass Lot, Large-1) Black over brass, Marked Rifle Range, A. Bardoy, Paris 4 draw 36" open, 10" closed, 2) Nickel plate,4D, 39" O, 11" C, 3) Black 3D, 36" O, 11"cl Small- 4) 6 draw and lens shade, 24" O, 6" Closed, 5) 3 D, 23" O, 8" C, 6) 3 D, 20" O, 7" C, 7) 3 D, 17" O, 6" C 8) 3 D, 16" O, 5"\ C.
127 Tole top tray table, faux bamboo base, floral painted tole tray, top faded, loss of paint, tray table is 30.5" by 27.25", height is 19"
128 Large Chinese bowl, paint decorated with gilt highlights, 15.75" in diameter, height is 4.75"
129 Pair Chinese lamped urns, white on off white decorations, on wood bases with quality linen shades, lamps are 38" tall, including shades.
131 Hepplewhite inlaid server, serpentine front, in mahogany triple drawer, server is 54" by 22", 34" tall.
133 Louis XV style beechwood bench with scrolled arms, striped upholstery, bench is 42.5" by 21.5", height is 27"
134 George III library cabinet, English late 18th Century, front doors with faux drawer fronts & decorative leather book bindings, 53.5" by 22.5", height is 76.25"
135 George III satinwood inlaid mahogany console table oval, banded inlay, 60.25" by 23 1/8", height is 32.5"
137 Pair of 4 drawer bachelor or silver chests, by Virginia Galleries, mahogany with brass hardware, each chest is 24" by 14.5", height is 23"
139 Tilt top candle stand, side table, scalloped top, 27" in diameter, height is 28.25"
141 Mahogany table, Duncan Phyfe style base, banded inlaid top, table is 40" by 30", height is 28"
142 George III antique mahogany sideboard with brass gallery, inlaid detail, 2 double wide drawers, sideboard is 7 feet long, depth is 29 5/8", height is 53.5" (including brass gallery)
143 Set of 12 Queen Anne style dining chairs, 10 side, 2 arm, in salmon color, carved wood legs.
144 George III double pedestal dining table with 2 leaves, with support brackets, table, without leaves is 73" by 54.5", height is 28.75", each leaf is 24.25", good condition.
145 Regency rosewood sofa table with drop leaf sides, 2 drawers, fake drawer fronts on opposite side, inlaid detail, table is 35" by 27" (58.25" with leaves up), height is 28.25"
146 Yew wood server, 4 drawers, brass hardware, server is 86" long, depth is 18.75", height is 33.5"
147 Antique tapestry, landscape with figures on horseback, falcon hunting, various animals, people swimming in pond, workers working the fields, dry, several tears, tapestry is 73" by 77.5"
148 Antique Persian carpet, carpet is 69.5" by 49"
150 Antique Paisley, size is 75" by 75", some small tears into the margins.
151 inlaid barometer by J W cox, Market Harborough barometer is 38.5" tall
153 Turtle clock, gilt & painted basin, Swiss made movement, turtle is missing, diameter is 8"
154 Sullivan's Galvanometer, H.W. Sullivan, London, No. 942, on wood base, height is 13"
155 Match dispenser machine by Advance Machine Co, 1 cent dispenser, 1916, cast iron base with glass dome cover, appears complete, but unsure, height is 17"
156 Weltron "Ball" stereo, 8 track stereo AM/FM Multiplex solid state AC/Battery, in white.
157 54 Edison Diamond Disk records, various titles, Toddle Along & more
158 2 trophies, Pharmacy & Coca Cola, "De Christopher's Pharmacy" silver toned bottle under dome & silver plated Coca Cola bottle on wood base with worn patina.
159 Antique Baltimore No. 10 letter press with assorted letters, cover, paint on handle flaking, rubber rollers are severely degraded,
160 Antique steam engine flywheel assembly with governor fly ball, on wood base
161 Optical instrument, part, appears part of transit, black painted copper construction with lenses.
162 Vintage portable "Mikky Phone" phonograph, made in Occupied Japan, no crank, record support, sold as is.
163 Brown & Sharpe set V-Blocks and Clamps, includes two No. 34 blocks & four #278 blocks, with matching clamps, complete set in original box, precision tools
164 Camera Lucida, brass adjustable optical prism sketching tool with clamp base, in original box, box as is.
165 4 high precision measurement instruments, includes NSK, Nippon Sokutei slide rule, "DSI" instrument in case, Keuffel & Esser Co. Paragon in case & Germer Graph Analogue, Model GA-103, in original case
166 two large coal drill bits, each with 3 cutting wheels, see images for measurements
167 Bausch & Lomb nickel plated and black painted cast iron rotary microtome, precision instrument in original case
168 Keuffel & Esser NY Pantograph No. 3104, in original case
169 Antique phone crank generator, with 3 bar magnets, bells, in wood case, 1884 patent
170 Negus Nautical instruments Azimuth Circle, optical instrument in original case, polished brass
171 Cary Le Locle precision watch instrument in case.
172 Optical, lens lot, Leitz Wetzlar optical accessorie & 2 Henri Hauser S.A. Swiss made microscope lenses, 50X & 100X
173 Boresight Telescope Mark VIII Model 6, in original case, decals
174 Chloride of Silver Dry Cell Battery, in wood case, original decals
175 Davis & Kidder's Magneto Electric Machine, "for nervous diseases", quack machine, with hand crank, wood case, original decal.
176 Fairbanks postal scale & Wesley Mfg. Co Indelible Check Perforator machine
177 3 instruments, MM Gauge & weight estimator, Model U.S. 72 by A.D. Loveridge; Volt meter by Sensitive Research Instrument Corporation & vintage Akron Brass Mfg. Co. in Wooster Ohio Pitot gage measuring instrument.
178 2 adjustable machine base plateaus with gradient scale, 2 pieces.
179 Junghans mantle clock, wood case, brass works, paint of dial is worn, no key.
180 Revere 2 chime tall case clock, diminutive size, electric, height is 6 feet, in working condition
181 Vintage stethoscope, Cammann Binaural
182 48 Edison diamond disc records, various titles, "Mule Mileage", "Medley of Southern Airs", "That Dixie Melody" & more.
183 Swiss music box, Thorens, "Blue Danube Waltz", "Tales of Vienna Weeds" & Artist's Life", works.
186 Mechanized trade sign, cow, farm scene, made by The Reinhold Studio, Revere Mass. original paint, needs new plug, not tested, 25" wide, 9" deep, height is 27.25"
187 Carnival or Circus Calliope or organ, in blue & yellow paint, brass pipes
188 Inlaid mandolin, rosewood case, new strings, 24" total length
189 Scherl & Roth cello in hard case, model R204E4, serial number R4983, made in China, 2008, case, body is 30", with 28" bow, unmarked, case by "Travelite"
190 Elaborate Chinese cart with figures, carved & gilt wood, horse drawn cart, drawn by 2 gilt horses, with noble figure on cart & servant, total length, as shown is 7 feet!
191 Large Japanese bronze vase with applied dragons, birds & floral decoration, vase is 21.5" tall, rim bent, dented, no bottom
192 Chinese vase, light green porcelain, no markings, height is 10.25", good condition.
193 Andrew Schroetter violin in case, body is 13.25", 1983
194 Yamaha flute in case, #281, Japan made
195 Music stand, bird's eye maple & brass, lyre back, adjustable, height is 41" (as shown)
196 Paint decorated Irish harp, diminutive size, on stand, height is 37.25"
197 Lyon & Healy tiger maple harp, paint decorated sound board, in good condition, by Lyon & Healy, Chicago, No 3628"
198 Martin & Co acoustic guitar, D18, serial 332525, in hard case, good condition
199 Gretsch drum set, 6 piece set, includes large 23" drum; 15.5" drum; 14.5" drum, 13.5", 16.5" & 12.5" drum, 3 drums come with covers.
200 Conga drum, black painted wood, height is 30"
201 Chinese porcelain vase, decorated with landscapes, various figures, in various colors, drilled, vase is 17 5/8" tall.
202 Chinese porcelain vase, square, decorated with floral scenes, calligraphy on sides, vase is drilled
203 Chinese porcelain umbrella stand, floral decorated, 18" tall, in good condition.
204 Asian porcelain bowls, octagonal blue & white with various symbols, 10.5" by 10.5" & small blue bowl, white edge & base, has chip.
205 Chinese porcelain flower vase, in blue & white, 6 openings, center height is 10", decorated with dragon, on wood base, very minor chip on one of the "teeth" of the center opening, otherwise in good condition.
206 Chinese porcelain vase, blue & white, various designs with vases, shapes, has repair to opening, height is 11 3/8"
207 Chinese porcelain "boat" bowl, in blue & white, unsigned, in good condition, 14.5" long, 5.25" wide, height is 5.75"
208 Chinese porcelain vase in blue & white, Delft style, floral decorated, vase is 17.5" tall, in good condition.
209 Large Chinese blue & white porcelain vase, floral decorated, drilled, height is 17 6/8"
210 Chinese blue & white porcelain vase with lid, decorated with figures, lid not original to vase, not signed, in good condition.
212 Porcelain Chinese dish, cloisonne (?), decorated with stork, trees & various designs, tray, dish is 7 3/8" by 7 3/8"
213 Chinese Champleve urn, decorated with winged creatures, has several ring handles, height is 12 7/8", signed
214 Pair Chinese porcelain bird figurines, exotic bird figurals, one is signed, in good condition, height is 17" & 18"
215 Pair cloisonne trumpet vases, decorated with birds & various designs, each vase is 13 3/8" tall.
216 Japanese bronze vase, decorated with dragon, dark patina, good condition, height is 12 6/8", vase is signed
217 Chinese export lacquered box, decorated with grapevines, brass paw feet, lion handles, box is 11.75" by 9.75", height is 4.75"
218 Porcelain export Samson bowl, 6", has hairline, repair, sold in as is condition.
219 2 glass snuff bottles, decorated with fish, chickens, with stoppers, spoons, one is signed.
220 Glass paint decorated snuff bottle, with stopper, spoon missing,
221 Pair gilt wall shelves, with decorative curls, , each bracket is 13" wide, 7.25" deep, height is 13", few small repairs visible
222 Delft, blue & white porcelain vase & stein, Delft vase decorated with landscapes, various designs, height is 9", has repair to top & German stein, blue & white with red & gilt detail, pewter rim, has hairline on bottom, repaired finial, both in as is condition.
223 Lundberg art glass bowl, gold toned Favrile type, bowl is 3 5/8" in diameter, height is 2.5"
224 Brass carriage clock, beveled glass, with alarm, brass case is 4 3/8" tall, glass good, with key, winds, but does not run.
225 17 Hummel figurines, German ceramic figures, toothache figure has repair, boy with lamb has chipped hat, bird on lectern has repaired wing, sold as is
226 17 Hummel figurines, "Out Of Danger", various titles, also includes 2 additional carved wood figurines.
227 Pin cushion, half doll collection, 29 dolls, various sizes, porcelain & pin cushion
228 Large Lladro figure, nude with peace dove on stretched out arm, porcelain figure is 20.75" tall, in good condition, no repairs, chips.
229 4 Lladro figurines, Spanish porcelain, includes lady with fruit basket; Woman with child, Boy with bird on shoe & Boy sitting on tree stomp, all in good condition.
230 5 porcelain figures, Royal Doulton & Goldscheider, includes "Southern Bell", "Buttercup", "Fair Maiden" & "Top of the Hill", all by Royal Doulton, and Lady with sewing machine, copyright "The Singer Mfg. Co.", fine china by Goldscheider.
231 6 porcelain Beatrix Potter figurines, Royal Albert, England, includes Lady Mouse; Gentleman Mouse; Tom Kitten; Chippy Hackee; Lady Mouse & Pigling Bland
232 Lalique art glass vase & 2 signed crystal decanters, Lalique vase is decorated with birds, height is 6 5/8", in good condition, large decanter with stopper by St Louis, France, height is 16.6", gilt decorated decanter with stopper has sticker, "Martin, official Dealer, Brussels" and is signed ill. height is 9.5"
233 2 porcelain figurals, Dresden & Irish, dancing children & 2 ladies is elegant dresses, few minor chips on the "lace" dresses, otherwise in good condition.
234 Spelter figure, "Le Reveil", by Carrier Belleuse, green patina, height is 37.5"
235 Pair English Alton vases with bird decorations, in black with hand painted bird scenes & gilt decoration, with lids, repair to finial, height is 16.75"
236 2 Chinese porcelain figurals, Buddha figure, signed & large figure of a man holding child, with applied hair, on wood base, height is 24.75"
237 Pair bronze vases, Louis Coustaury, decorated with putti fighting dragons, height is 12"
238 Heavy bronze angel wall sconce, ex-Vanderbilt, angel with horn, tail end is loose, no shade, sconce is 16" tall, 20" deep.
239 Bohemian porcelain urn with painted scene, bronze base, handles, lid missing, signed "Baurens", height is 15.5". old repair near base
240 Painting, George Henry Bogert, Impressionistic landscape at dusk, oil on canvas, signed lower right, in gilt frame, canvas is 13.5" by 16.5"
241 Painting, American School impressionism landscape, oil on canvas, dated on reverse, 1871, 16" by 20", unsigned
242 Painting, figures in cart, Bernard Perlin, tempera on board, 10.75" by 14"
243 Painting, nude, signed illegibly, oil on canvas, 32" by 30"
244 Painting, "Fourg", signed Bouquet, oil on canvas, village scene, canvas is 18" by 21.5"
245 Painting, "Reverie" Estelle Ginsburg, signed with initials & om reverse, several woman seated, oil on wood panel, 21" by 26.5"
246 Pair Estelle Ginsburg artist proof prints, lithographs, identical, woman in front of mirror, each print is 20" by 26.5"
247 Print, "Mother", by Chaim Gross, trial proof edition, 1971, 15.75'' by 11.75'' NOTE: Shows water damage on reverse, but does not show in front
248 Peter Max lithograph, 182/250, peace dove, signed, 21" by 29", good condition, in original frame
249 Monotype print, Clifford Ross (Untitled) 24' by 17.75" signed in pencil with O'Reilly Salandar gallery label
250 Pair paintings, ballet, by Yury Iosifovich Galetsky, on canvas, both signed, paintings are 39.5" by 31.5" & 40" by 30"
251 Painting, winter scene, Warren Kleinfelter, oil on panel, figure on bridge, 17" by 21"
252 Watercolor, by Rodin, "Sketch of Isadora", painting, watercolor on paper, signed, 11.75" by 8.75"
253 Painting, Lemuel Wilmarth, "Invoking the Muse", self portrait of the artist in his studio, oil on canvas, canvas is 10.25" by 8", signed in front, titled on reverse, original condition.
254 Painting, Lemuel Wilmarth, portrait lady with letter, signed initials "L.E.W.", (Lemuel Everett Wilmarth), dated 1866, oil on panel, 12.75" by 9.5", good original condition.
255 Painting, "Mercy's Dream", by D. Huntington, oil on canvas, 10" by 8", unsigned.
256 Mid Century upholstered "Tet a tete sofa, with tufted seat & back, in salmon pink, sofa is 79" by 32", height is 28"
257 Inlaid marble top stand, brass base with mother of pearl inlaid Taj Mahal scene, pietra dura top with various floral scenes surrounding the Taj Mahal, top is 21.5" in diameter, height is24.75"
259 Large oak hall seat, large mirrored back in carved oak, hooks are missing, lift top seat, spiral columns, 54" wide, 18" deep, height is 87.5"
260 Antique carved Gothic cabinet, 18th century with later modifications, angled front with various carved figures, lower shelf, gallery & carved doors, cabinet is 53" wide, 23" deep, height is 75.5"
261 Carved oak china cabinet, curved glass, carved lions, claw feet, glass shelves, Horner quality, china cabinet is 65.75" tall, 49.75" wide, depth is 19.5".
262 Victorian horn loveseat, upholstered seat, horn back rest, 14 horns form part of the upper back, decorative, loveseat is 57" long, 25" deep, height is 44"
263 Pair mahogany chests by Landstrom, 4 drawers each with leather covered slide out shelf, bow front, each chest is 32" by 20.5", height is 35", some scratches, especially tops, 2 pulls missing from pull out shelves
264 Williamsburg gilt mirror, carved & gilt wood mirror with eagle decoration, Williamsburg Looking Glasses, mirror is 41.25" tall, width is 21.5"
265 2 armchairs, rush seat, decorative backs, rear legs on one chair are extended, repaired.
266 4 drawer silver chest, burl wood, chestis 30" by 14", height is 31.5"
267 English slant front desk, burl wood with inlaid detail, desk is 27" wide, 17" deep, height is 40.25", hardware marked "T&G Ipswich"
268 Kittinger tilt top candle stand, diamond shaped top, top is 19.75" by 19.75"
269 Tilt top table, pie crust top, table is 32" in diameter
270 Empire console, game table, carved base, top is 35.5" wide, 18" deep (closed), height is 30",
271 Koch & Lowy marble desk or mantle clock, Monticello Clock Collection, design by Piotr Sierakowski, clock is 21.15" wide.
272 Memphis style dog bank, Italian made in black & yellow, height is 12.25", has a very small glaze chip on cheek
273 "wheat" table lamp & hanging fixture, carved wood & metal hanging fixture, gilt wood center with 6 arms, gold painted table lamp
274 Wheat table base, painted metal table base with wheat stalks, height is 16", no top.
275 Gustavsberg Grazia vase & Danish tea set, black on white floral decorated Swedish vase by Gustavsberg & 3 piece Danish ceramic tea set, glazed terra cotta, bowl, creamer & teapot, teapot has chipped spout
276 Karl Springer table with drawer & lower glass shelf, table is 29" wide, 20" deep, height is 28" tall, textured
277 Murano "Salviati" art glass charger with double fish, fine MCM art glass charger decorated with two fish in base, signed "Salviati, Venezia", 18", in good condition.
278 Pair Caldwell wall sconces, in urn form, silver patina, double arm, 11" wide, height is 8"
279 Icart etching, "Four Dears", 1929, signed, some staining on matting, print is ok, 21.25" by 15" (image)
280 2 paintings, Kristian Kodet, 2 figures, oil on board, 9.75" by 7.75" (sight only) & oil on canvas, abstract, 9" by 12"
281 Round brass base glass top side table, top is 24" in diameter, height is 23.5"
283 Widdicomb dining table, burl wood with 2 leaves, table is 72" by 45", height is 29.5", each leaf is 24"
284 Koch & Lowy floor lamp & side table, brass Mid Century Modern triple spotlight floor lamp by Koch & Lowy, height is 58.5" & two tier side table with white Formica top.
285 Large art glass bowl, signed Shaw (? unsure), with purple swirl decoration, good condition, 9.75" in diameter, height is 9"
286 Mid Century chest, 2 over 3, angled drawer fronts, chest is 36" by 21.75", height is 35.25"
288 Mid Century wall unit, Frankart Furniture Inc. "Royal System", two drop front cabinets with woven fronts, 4 shelves & 4 rails
289 Mid Century cabinet, teak, triple door with faux slate top, chrome legs, legs are a bit loose, top is 61.25" by 18", height is 32.25"
290 Mid Century lamp with large crystals, 3 tier base, each tier holds 3 teardrop shaped "bubble" glass crystals, with shade, lamp is 50" tall.
291 Pair framed needlepoints, boy pouring wine & boy with stick, each scene is 17.5" by 16"
292 Early needlepoint scene, courting scene with figures, framed, fabric worn, 17.5" by 41.5"
293 Trumeau mirror, landscape decorated, carved 7 painted, mirror is loose, overall size is 60" by 42.5"
294 Arts & Crafts, "Monk" decorated hearth set, andirons & set with fireplace tools, arts & crafts andirons decorated with brass monk heads, early 20th Century, one handle of tools is loose
295 Art glass vase, phoenix or consolidated glass, diameter is 7.5'' height is 6.5'' has a crack
296 Tiffany Studio's book, "Memorials in Glass & Stone", in original box.
297 Clewell copper clad vase, has crack in copper
298 Owens "Utopia" portrait vase, "Has-Tin-Nez, Navajo, art pottery vase with various repairs, sold as is, height is 12"
299 Roseville vase, Jonquil, floral decorated art pottery, double handle, paper label, good condition, height is 9.25"
300 Roseville vase, Sunflower, floral decorated art pottery, in good condition, height is 8"
301 Art pottery, Jervis Pottery pitcher, in deep blue with decorative border, good condition & Jervis vase in yellow green.
302 Two figural bronzes,Corinne Hardley, toddlers, children.
303 3 Murano art glass figurals, 2 birds, doves & bunny, bunny by Gambaro & Poggi, gold speck glass, bunny has green details & orange carrot, all in good condition.
304 3 stuffed animals by Steiff, Knopf Im Ohr, includes teddy bear, small deer & little lamb
305 9 porcelain figurines, various putti figures, King's, Capodimonte & other, one has repaired head
306 4 porcelain figures, Danish figure of a girl in dress holding flowers; porcelain baby holding basket with flowers, unmarked; Royal Worcester figurine of a girl in floral dress & German porcelain figure of a mouse on a corncob.
307 Herend porcelain figures, Chinese sleeping boy under gilt decorated blanket & small girl holding a doll, girl figure is repaired.
308 Needlework panel, beaded embroidery, man & woman, fabric dry, fragile, has tears, 34" by 28"
309 Santos figure & small carved religious plaque, Santos is 13.5'' tall, Plaque is 3.25'' by 2.5''
310 Set Royal Doulton dinnerware, "Tonkin", includes 11 cups & saucers plus extra saucer (one cup has hairline), 12 bread plates, 12 cake plates & 12 dinner plates
312 Set Minton dinnerware, "Haddon Hall", floral decorated, dinner plates, salad & bread plates, teapot, serving dishes, will upload detailed contents later.
314 Painting, men with helmets, oil on panel, 3 figures, soldiers with helmets, panel is 6" by 4.5", unsigned.
315 Painting, portrait officer, signed "Reforek"??? Czech school, oil on canvas, man in uniform holding a cigarette, see images for signature, canvas is 36" by 28", various ink stamps on reverse.
316 Painting, impressionist seascape, coastal scene, ocean, rocks, unsigned, oil on canvas, canvas is 19.25" by 27"
317 Painting, still-life bread, A. Mesa, oil on canvas, gilt frame, 23.75" by 31.75"
319 Painting, waterfall & figures with cattle, oil on canvas, unsigned, waterfall in stream with figures visible on bridge with cattle, canvas is 18" by 24"
320 Painting, landscape, Edward Gay, oil on canvas showing country road with rolling hills, 6.25" by 9"
321 Painting, landscape, Charles D. Hunt, watercolor on paper, country road next to stream, 6.75" by 9.25" (visible art)
322 Soviet bronze, "Good Defeats Evil", slaying the nuclear threat, St. George on horseback stabbing Pershing 2 nuclear missiles on the ground, edition 14/160, signed lower left, base is 29.25" by 16", height is 38" (base to top spear)<br>Based on the original "Good Defeats Evil" which was presented by the Soviet Union in 1990, on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the United Nations. Created by Zurab Tsereteli, a native of Georgia, the sculpture depicts St. George slaying the dragon. The dragon is created from fragments of Soviet SS-20 missiles and United States Pershing nuclear missiles that were destroyed under the terms of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty of 1987.
324 Venetian table lamp with applied art glass leaves & shade coverings, pink, purple, white & green glass, lamp is 24.5" tall
325 Brass & glass Venetian table lamp, solid brass base with three arms, each arm has a hanging socket with art glass grape cluster covering, lamp is 24" tall
326 Painting, woman by fountain, signed ill. oil on canvas board, has faint writing on reverse, painting is 11.75" by 9.5"
327 Painting, lady on bench, by H.H. Cobely, oil on canvas, gilt frame, canvas is 12.75" by 9.75"
328 Painting, "The Postman", by Kerber, oil on canvas, 16" by 12"
329 Painting, cows in stream,figure by small dam, unsigned, oil on canvas, 25" by 19"
330 Painting, boy with dog, Anna Lindner, 1869, oil on canvas, 16" by 14"
331 Paint decorated marble top linen chest, double door exterior with interior drawers, marble repaired, paint decorated with figures, flowers, chest is 54" by 22", height is 36"
332 Pair of paint decorated cabinets (old vanity sides), each cabinet is 18.75" deep. 18.5" wide, height is 30.5", with slide out shelves.
333 Pair mirrors, paint decorated frames, each mirror is 33" tall, 16" wide.
334 French chifferobe, mirrored & gold fabric door, has 8 interior drawers, with carved side columns, cabinet is 34" by 21.25", height is 60.5"
335 Mahogany bronze mounted desk, decorative applied medallions to doors, desk is 32" by 20", height is 48.75"
336 Paint decorated sideboard, carved legs, paint decorated drawer, has three drawers, some veneer los, 72" by 23.25", height is 38.5"
337 Paint decorated secretary, double door top & bottom, 34.75" wide, 18" deep, height is 77, some veneer loss.
338 Upholstered French settee & side chair, carved frame, tufted back loveseat needs to be reupholstered, chair is in good condition
339 2 carved chairs, Art deco chair, carved wood frame with floral carvings, & arm chair with carved figures, both need to be restored.
340 Carved & inlaid round side table, ornately carved stretcher base with fruit basket, table is 24" in diameter, height is 30.5"
341 2 French stands, marble top 3 drawer inlaid stand & small single drawer stand with slide out shelf, ( top is loose)
342 Marble top carved base chest, 3 drawers, top is 24" by 16.25", height is 35.75"
343 Marble top console table, inlaid bronze mounted base, top is 38.5" by 16", height is 32.25"
344 Round marble top side table, brass gallery edge, green marble, table is 26" in diameter
345 Lot vintage new old stock lighters, Tiki, Camel, Winston & Salem
346 Silver Judaica candelabra, three arms, various inscriptions, height is 19.25"21 troy
347 Early spice tower, silver (?) 2 bells missing, height is 10"
348 Early brass Menorah & lot of Hebraica & Judaica catalogues, magazines
349 Early brass Menorah, signed B. Buch, decorated with lions, complete.
350 Pair 18th Century brass candle holders, 9" tall, one has slightly uneven base.
351 Russian lacquered box with Troika scene, horse drawn sleds in winter scenes, box is signed, 6.5" by 2 5/8", height is 1.5"
352 Pair miniature portraits in bone covered frames, 5.75" by 5"
353 Art deco bronze statue, exotic dancer, on onyx base, unsigned, of the period, height is 12"
354 Spelter figure, "Amour Irresistible, after Marie Cassaveti, salon des Beaux Arts, on marble base, height is 26"
355 Decorative candle hanging fixture, metal with floral & leaf decoration, old gilt finish, worn patina, has 6 arms, 29" tall
356 Bronze fish shaped wall sconce, socket in mouth, unusual light fixture
357 Mont Blanc Meisterstuck ballpoint pen, in original case, good condition.
358 Dunhill cut crystal Cognac snifter, engraved with equestrian scene, in original box.Schonwalder Kristall, West Germany
359 Vintage Dunhill smoke set, ashtray, tobacco jar & small jar (matches ?) leather applied ceramic, leather is loose on some corners and has some loss, as is condition.
360 Silver plate cigarette box & Eneret, Astral bowl, cigarette box has dual lids.
361 Silver lot, Metropolitan Museum reproduction, Gorham jar with lid & small tea caddy like cannister, total weight is 10 troy
362 silver lot, several dishes, trays, approx 11 troy
363 Silver lot, arts & crafts dish 7 tea spoons, leaf shaped dish, total weight is 6 troy
364 Large set Royal Danish sterling flatware, International Silver, 144 troy plus knives
365 800 silver lot, various small boxes, miniatures, ornate serving fork, includes miniature chairs , figure riding carriage, match holder, 6.5 troy.
366 Silver bowl on stand, '800 silver, bowl is 7.75" wide, height, on base is 9.5", 23 troy
367 Silver oval bowl with reticulated edge, 16 troy, '800
368 Cloisonne bowl, decorated with dragon, signed on bottom, bowl is 8" wide.
369 Two Chinese marble top plant stands, each stand is 12.25" by 16.5", height is 32", with lower shelf, minor differences.
370 Chinese rosewood plant stand or side table, carved decorative skirt, top is 15.75" by 15.75", height is 29", several joint are loose, needs tightening.
371 4 Chinese archer rings, carved jade, stone, one wood, various designs
372 3 African bronzes, two antelope figures & figure of man with shield & spear, man is 11.5" tall.
373 African bronze face mask with woven grass collar, 15" tall
374 African bronze figure holding horn, with headdress, height is 28"
375 Bronze African chair decorated with various figures, , chair is 49.5" tall
376 Large African bronze figure, life size kneeling figure with neck bands, height is 48"
377 Ethnic leather shield & 2 brushes, African (? unsure), shile is conical shaped, diameter is 18.5"
378 Trophy, copper bowl, Weller & Roseville pottery & cast iron floral doorstop, "Fifth Flight Winner" silver plated trophy (dented), bowl on copper & brass base, Weller art pottery vase & Roseville Cornucopia
379 Porcelain lot, parrot, bowls, box, includes Sevres box, Royal Worcester bowl for Richard Briggs, Boston, porcelain parrot, two cups & saucers, Bavarian & Sevres.
380 Lot Pickard porcelain, gilt decorated, includes 8 piece tea set & trumpet vase, tea pot has missing lid, cups have no saucers.
381 Set Coalport dinner plates, English porcelain, 10.5", set of 12, used condition.
382 8 Meissen porcelain luncheon plates decorated with courting scenes, reticulated edge with floral detail, each plate is 8.5", one is as is, repaired, two have different marks and have slightly different border with blue flowers..
383 Equestrian lot, pair horse bookends, small horse statue all silver plate) & large collection of various equestrian ribbons, mostly 1930's, 40's
384 Glass lot, Steuben Vaseline glass tray with candle holders in yellow, gilt decorated trumpet vase & purple art glass vase with applied blue & white glass decoration.
385 Pair Heisey type candelabra, trip arm with hanging crystals, some missing, each candelabra is 13.5" wide, height is 15"
386 Cloisonne & carved stone miniature planters, Chinese on wood base, various stone carved flowers in cloisonne planters
387 2 figural lamps, silver plated & bisque, silver plated lamp with birds & bisque lamp with putti & basket planters, has art nouveau style slag glass shade
388 Scatter rug, 2 diamond center, border, carpet is 5' by 3'
390 2 pictoral Peruvian rugs, figure working by river with cattle, 81" by 51" & large scene with village, figures & herd, 80" by 117"
391 Chinese scatter rug, orange field with floral decoration, green border, 45.5" by 23.5"
392 Runner, carpet, in red, blue, rug is 9'1" by 23.5"
393 Small silk scatter rug, 40" by 25.5"
394 Small silk scatter rug, signed, light colors, carpet is 60" by 37"
395 Small scatter mat, rug, caucasian, brown, 22.75" by 18"
396 Iron bench, Stewart Iron Works, Cincinnati, Ohio, old red paint, bench is 71.5" long
397 3 piece iron patio set, pair chairs & loveseat, loveseat is 43" wide, good heavy quality, some surface rust
398 Lead figural fish fountain, 3 fish, base is bend, needs straightening, will fall over, height as shown is 30"
399 Lead sculpture of a fish, height is 23"
400 Pair Russell Woodard iron mesh arm chairs, distressed paint, MCM design
401 4 piece wicker set, loveseat, pair of arm chairs & round table, table is 31" in diameter, top needs work.
402 Wicker lot, loveseat, rocking chair & library table with lower shelf & glass top, library table is 48.25" by 30.25", height is 30"
403 Mahogany bookcase, secretary cabinet, double door top with drawers on double drawer base, signed bottom drawer, "T. Bailey", cabinet is 35 3/8" by 17", 65.5" tall,
404 Pair of Mid Century upholstered chairs with leaf shaped backs, black upholstery, good condition.
406 Brass banded cellarette on stand, with green painted tole insert, 24" by 18", height is 19.5"
407 Leather sofa, light brown beige, by Pottery Barn, in good condition, sofa is 86" long, depth is 32.5", height is 34.25"
408 Chippendale child's armchair, upholstered seat, chair is 12.5" by 16.5", height is 24.5", seat height is 12"
409 Pair child sized Chippendale arm chairs, carved mahogany frames, upholstered seats, each chair is 11.25" by 14.5" (seat), height is 26.25", seat height is 12.5"
410 Carved mahogany desk, kidney style, triple drawer sides with center drawer, desk is 44" by 19", height is 30", one pull missing.
411 Demi lune console, two drawer, inlaid & paint decorated, one pull incomplete, some veneer loss, chest is 44" by 20", height is 34.5"
412 Pine 4 drawer chest, 38" wide, 16.25" deep, height is 33.75"
413 Deco console, sofa table, mahogany finish with metal sides, table is 58" by 15" (top), height is 27"
414 Display or china cabinet by Stanley furniture, burl wood doors with brass hardware, two double doors on top section, top painted black, china is 55.75" by 16", height is 82"
415 Round mission oak table, arts & crafts design, top is 36.25", height is 29.75"
416 3 cranberry glass shades, for gas fixture, 4" ring, in good condition.
417 Lot of early glass including a covered bowl, two salts and two footed bowls, Minor chips on the salts
418 Carnival glass, 2 bowls, Dragon & Rose and Lion pattern, Fenton carnival glass, 7.25" & 9", both in good condition.
419 Cut crystal table lamp with cut glass base and shade, good condition 17.75" tall; shade is 10.25"
420 Pair French art nouveau bronze wall sconces, double arms, old patina, sconces are 15.25" tall.
421 2 ships lanterns, electrified, converted to lamps, Simes Co, N.Y.C. & Burkee, Staten Island
422 Gilt frame, carved & gilt wood, gesso, opening is 6.5" by 10.5"
423 Carved oval walnut frame, opening is 24" by 20", decorated with carved oak leaves
424 Pair bronze wall sconces with gilt detail, triple arm, sconces are 14" wide, 11" deep.
425 Majolica vase with figural base, decorated with female figures, signed illegibly, "H. Bouldnor Bonet ???" 1/2000, see images, has various repairs, some loss at base (see images), height is 19.5"
426 Giraffe shaped metal art ashtray stand, paint decorated, on wood base, giraffe is 30.25" tall
427 2 bone covered miniature frames with portraits, frames are covered in bone & exotic wood, one has some loss, each frame is 5 5/8" by 4 6/8"
428 3 miniatures, in bone covered frames, portrait of a young girl, 6 5/8" by 5 7/8"; Lady with bonnet, 5.75" by 5" & portrait of a lady, 5.25" by 4 3/8"
429 Signed print, Christo Vladimirov Javacheff, "Surrounded Islands", 31.5" by 26.5"
430 Ai Weiwei tea towel, "Dropping a Han Dynasty Urn (from Triptych), 27" by 19.25"
431 2 bird prints, Falcon, hand colored etching, 13" by 10" & "Alca", or razorbill, seabird, early 19th Century engraving, 9" by 7.25"
432 2 prints, Boulanger and Theroux, includes lithograph 141/200 girl with a toy kitten by graciela Rodo Boulanger & "Precious Sleep" by Carol Theroux,
433 2 prints, children, James Chapin & Francois Bonvin,includes child in chair peeling an apple, by Francois Bonvin & young boy, by James (Ormsbee) Chapin
434 Pastel, portrait of a little girl in blue dress (unsigned) 16'' by 12''
435 2 paintings, little girl with basket, unsigned oil on canvas, 10" by 8" & oil on canvas, figures in water, signed Henry Benson, 14" by 18"
436 2 paintings, portrait child, baby, watercolors, girl by desk, unsigned & baby signed Michaels, in gilt carved frame
437 Painting, "Langde Child", Jo Sherwood, oil on linen, signed.
438 Photograph litho, Carl Mydans, "Child protects her brother from a stranger with a camera, Tsingtao, China, 1949, edition 43/250, print made in Time Life Photo lab, 1999, 16.75" by 11 5/8" (image only), in good condition.
439 Painting, portrait girl holding flower, folksy watercolor, young girl in pink dress with flowers, necklace, 17.5" by 12.5"
440 Painting, portrait child with caged bird, unsigned, canvas is 18" by 14"
441 Painting, 3 children in yard, oil on paper, laid down on board (painted print ?? unsure), appears a9th Century, painting is 33.5" by 28"
442 Grant Engard sculpture, girl reading book, molded cardboard with composite (??) finish, floral paint decorated dress, height is 18".
443 Grant Engard plaque, mother & child, composite reinforced with wood, diameter is 31
444 Grant Engard sculpture, man reading, molded cardboard, sculpture is 27" tall
445 Photo print, Mary Pickford, signed, margin stained, scene is ok, no glass, image is 7.25" by 9.25"
446 Art lot, small painting, oil landscape, watercolor, still life onions & Victorian watercolor, lady leaning on chair
447 Painting, sail ships at sea, A. Nelke, oil on canvas showing two German sail ships, "The Preussen" & "Potosi" at sea with full sails, canvas is 30" by 52"
448 Painting, Sailship, A. Nelke, oil on canvas, showing the "Gorch Fock", a German naval training ship at sea with full sails, 18" by 24",
449 Painting, "The Preussen" at sea, A. Nelke, oil on canvas showing 5 masted sail ship "Preussen", a steel hulled sail ship with full sails at sea, canvas is 24" by 36"
450 Pair paintings, Rupprecht, German landscapes, oil on canvas, "Sommer Landschaft" & "Winter Landschaft", 16" by 20"
451 Lot sterling silver, bowl, salt pepper & more, 34 troy
452 10 sterling sorbet cups, with glass inserts, one glass has chip, 12 troy
453 Tiffany & Co sterling silver bowl, spiral decoration, Mexico, 19 troy
454 Sterling silver lot, bowl, salt & pepper, various spoons, 25 troy, includes some '800 spoons
455 Lot sterling flatware & salt & pepper shakers, "Prelude" flatware by International Sterling, 72 troy plus knives & servers, includes 9 dinner forks, 12 lunch forks, 20 small spoons, 13 soup spoons, 11 knives, serving pieces & 4 salt & peppers
456 weighted sterling silver lot, pair candlesticks & two part candelabra, as is.
457 Large lot of costume jewelry earrings, showcase filled, case not included
458 Large lot of gold toned costume jewelry, includes various necklaces, pins, bracelets & more.
459 Large lot of custom jewelry including beaded & hardstone necklaces, showcase filled, showcase not included.
467 Bronze sculpture, torso, by A. Sasso, on marble base, height is 12.25"
468 Bronze figures, A. Sasso, figure of an "armored" man, black & polished brass patina, signed, height is 11"
469 Bronze figures, A. Sasso, figure of an "armored" man, black & polished brass patina, signed, height is 11"
470 Carved wood Quan Yin statue on wood pedestal, old paint, statue is 46" tall, base is 30.5" tall.
471 Pair Chinese French bronze mounted vases, floral decorated square vases, bronze trim, both repaired, vases are 12.25" tall
472 Large lot Herend "Rothschild" porcelain dinnerware, hand painted with bird scenes, includes footed vegetable dish, see images for list, note, one plate is cracked, one small dish has a chip
473 Royal Copenhagen "Flora Danica" reticulated platter & bowl, bowl has chipped flower, oval platter is 11.75" by 9.75"
474 Set of Ginori porcelain dinnerware, red & gold decorated, covered vegetable dish, 3 oval serving plates (largest one is chipped), salt & pepper, gravy boat, 12 salad plates, 23 dinner plates, 12 deep plates, 13 small bowls, square serving s=dish & 12 small dishes
475 Miniature marble top chest, inlaid 2 drawer, 19th Century, fine quality construction, good condition, chest is 9 5/8" by 4 5/8", height is 6 7/8"
476 3 drawer diminutive chest drawers, chest is 17" by 8.5", height is 15.25"
477 Mahogany blockfront double chest, 3 large center drawers flanked by small drawers, chest is 67.25" by 20.5", height is 32.5"
478 Leather top double pedestal desk, clean, desk is 50" by 25", height is 30.25"
480 Small side table, scalloped top, carved base, top is 21" by 26.75", height is 20"
481 Collection of Victorian whites, 4 pairs of pantaloons and 13 white Victorian skirts some stains, etc..
482 Collection of approx. 35 pcs Vintage childrens clothing & doll clothing, some stains and tears
483 Collection of Early blouses, lace, Victorian whites, 12 pcs total.. various condition issues, small tears, staining,
484 Clothing 2 pc silk skirt & jacket & 5 white dresses, Victorian, whites, some stains and tears.
485 Vintage clothing lot, pair of satin shoes, two antique hats, Victorian jet black mourning glass beaded jacket & velvet child's jacket, beaded jacket is dry, torn, as is condition.
486 Collection of Victorian mourning clothes, 8 pcs to include beaded jacket, lace jacket, velvet pieces, see images. velvet coat, velvet skirt, 1 dress, 1 scarf, 1 lace top, 2 jackets & 1 camisole , all pcs have some condition issues
487 Pair decorative iron table lamps with floral & leaf decoration, in white paint, no shades, height is 26", excluding socket extension.
488 Carved alabaster figural, 2 children by campfire, boy & girl, on seperate alabaster base, marked Italy, height as shown is 19.75", fingers girl on right hand missing, small chip on hat.
489 Bronze mounted lamp, bisque bust & gilt eagle, green marble table lamp with rams heads, gilt & carved wood eagle & small bisque bust of Mozart.
490 Andy Warhol coloring book & book, "Warhol's Jews, Ten Portraits", 2008
492 Limoges France Cranberry Ground 2 handled Cup with floral decorated underplate, guilt detail in good condition.
493 2 art glass vases, multi colored ewer or pitcher on black base, height is 18.25" & red bottle form vase with white interior, height is 17", both unsigned and in good condition.
494 Libera art glass vase & bowl, MCM design, in deep blue with green, white & orange designs, bowl is 14.25" in diameter, vase is 9 5/8" tall, in good condition.
495 Lot wall sconces, pair & two single, includes pair of brass double arm sconces, candle sleeves missing, single brass walls cance with double arms & single candle wall sconce with porcelain floral decoration.
496 Lot of sconces, includes 2 red painted tole sconces, one double arm and one single arm, & a pair of aluminum finished double arm sconces, one has a loose shade, needs repair
497 Two carved wood plaques, Czech, one is signed "Hra D. Jablko" & "Konecny", other is marked "Darek Orig", see images for spelling, signatures.
498 2 colleges with Czechoslovakian medals, documents, includes 6 medals & 2 documents
499 Large Czech stamp collection, many 1960's & 70's Century First Day of Issue envelopes, 3 boxes filled, LARGE COLLECTION!
500 5 Books, Architecture & Buildings including: "Historical Building Construction" by Donald Friedman, "Recording Historic Buildings" by Harlee J. McKee (1970), "Preserving Porches" by Renee Kahn and Ellen Meagher (Slight Water Damage), "Restoring Houses Of Brick & Stone" by Nigel Hutchins (1971).
501 2 Books, Architecture & Design including: "Sir Edwin Lutyens Designing in the English Tradition" by Elizabeth Wilhide (foreword by Candia Lutyens), "Thomas Jeckyll Architect and Designer, 1827-1881" by Susan Weber Soros and Catherine Arbuthnott.
502 Book, Interior Design, "Saarinen House and Garden a Total Work of Art" (1995)
503 Book, Architecture & Biography, "Living Architecture a Biography of H.H. Richardson" by James F. O'gorman (1997)
504 Book, Architecture, "The Architecture Of Delano & Aldrich" by Peter Pennoyer and Anne Walker (2003) (AUTHOR SIGNED)
505 Book, Architecture and Carpentry, "The New York Apartment Houses of Rosario Candela and James Carpenter" by Andrew Alpern (2001)
506 Book, Architecture, "The Architect & the American Country House" by Mark Alan Hewitt (1990)
507 Book, Architecture, "Richard Norman Shaw" by Andrew Saint (1976)
508 2 Books, Architecture in Long Island including: "Beaux-Arts Estates a Guide to the Architecture of Long Island" by Lisa and Donald Sclare (1980), "Long Island Country Houses and Their Architects, 1860-1940" (1997)
509 4 Books, Architecture and Interior Design including: "Recreating the Historic House Interior" by William Seale (1979), "Restoring Old Buildings For Contemporary Uses" by William C. Shopsin (1986), "Splendid Survivors San Francisco's Downtown Architectural Heritage" (1979) (Book has Unidentified Signature), "Salvaged Treasures Designing and Building with Architectural Salvage" by Michael Litchfield and Rosmarie Hausherr (1983).
510 3 Books, Architecture firm McKim, Mead & White including: "Triumvirate McKim, Mead, & White Art. Architecture, Scandal, and Class in America's Gilded Age" by Mosette Broderick (2010), "A Monograph of the Works of McKim Mead & White 1879-1915 New Edition Four Vols. In One" by Benjamin Blom (1973), "The Houses of McKim Mead & White" by Samuel G. White (1998)
511 Book, Architect C.F.A Voysey, "C.F.A Voysey" by Wendy Hitchmough (1995)
512 Book, Architect H.T. Lindeberg, "A Domestic Architecture of H.T. Lindeberg" (1996)
513 7 Books, Japanese Art & Architect including: "Japanese Gardens For Today" by David H. Engel (First Edition, 1959), "The Women of the Pleasure Quarter Japanese Paintings and Prints of the Floating World" by Elizabeth de Sabato Swinton (First Edition, 1995),"The Japanese Influence in America" by Clay Lancaster (1963), "Body Isek Kingelez" by Sarah Suzuki (MoMA) (2019), "ISE Prototype of Japanese Architecture" by Kenzo Tange and Noboru Kawazoe (1965), "Shigeru Ban Paper in Architecture" by Riichi Miyake (2009), "History of Japanese Art" by Penelope Mason (1993)
514 3 Books, Architect Frank Lloyd Wright MoMA including: "The Show to End All Shows Frank Lloyd Wright and The Museum of Modern Art, 1940" by Kathryn Smith and Peter Reed (2004), "Falling Water A Frank Lloyd Wright Country House" by Edgar Kaufmann Jr. (1986), "Frank Lloyd Wright Unpacking The Archive" by Barry Bergdoll and Jennifer Gray (MoMA 2017)
515 Book, Temple's & Architecture in Khmer Empire, "Angkor Celestial Temples of the Khmer Empire" by Jon Ortner (2002)
516 6 Books, America & interior design/ Modern Art Including: "Guide to Easier Living" by Mary and Russel Wright (2003), "George Nelson: The Design of Modern Design" by Stanley Abercrombie (2000), "Russel Wright Creating American Lifestyle" by Donald Albrecht (2001), "Depression Modern The Thirties Style In America" by Martin Green (1975), "Design Since 1945 Philadelphia Museum of Art" (1983), "Livable Modernism Interior Decorating and Design During the Great Depression" by Kristina Wilson (2004)
517 Set of 2 Books, La Ville Moderne Collection Including: "La Ville Moderne Visions Urbaines D'Artistes Et D'Architectes 1870-1996" (Exposition A)
518 Book, Italian Design in MoMa, "Italy: The New Domestic Landscape" by Emilio Ambasz (1972) (Slight tear on the front of the book sleeve)
519 2 Books, New York City Including: "Picturing New York The City From Its Beginnings To The Present" by Gloria Deak (2000), "Art and the Empire City" by Catherine Hoover (2013)
520 Book, Architect Wallace K. Harrison, "Wallace K. Harrison, Architect" by Victoria Newhouse (1989)
521 2 Books, Architecture and Design Including: "The Architecture of Additions Design and Regulation" by Paul Spencer Byard (1998), "Architecture of the Night The Illuminated Building" by Dietrich Neumann (2002)
522 Book, Josef Frank, "Josef Frank Architect and Designer" by Nina Stritzler-Levine (1996)
523 Book, Interior Architectural Design, "The Elements of Style A Practical Encyclopedia of Interior Architectural Details From 1485 to the Present" by Stephen Calloway and Elizabeth Cromley (1991)
524 Book, Otto Wagner Architecture, "Otto Wagner 1841-1918 The Expanding City The Beginning Of Modern Architecture" by Heinz Geretsegger and Max Peintner (1979)
525 Book, Architecture Paul. R Williams, "Paul R. Williams, Architect a Legacy Of Style" By Karen E. Hudson (1993)
526 6 Books, Metal and Architecture Including: "Cast-Iron Architecture In America the Significance of James Bogardus" by Margot Gayle and Carol Gayle (1998), "A History of Building Types" by Nikolaus Pevsner (1979), "Architects' Dream Houses" by Jean-Claude Delorme (1996), "Metals in America's Historic Buildings Uses and Preservation Treatments" by Margot Gayle and John G. Waite (1980), "Twentieth Century Engineering The Museum of Modern Art" by Arthur Drexler (1964), "Ornamental Ironwork Two Centuries of Craftsmanship In Albany and Troy, New York" by Diana S. Waite (1990) (Unknown Message on Page One)
527 Book, Bernard Maybeck Architecture, "Bernard Maybeck Visionary Architect" by Sally B. Woodbridge (1992) CONDITION: Front Sleeve has minor scratches and is slightly dirty. Build is excellent.
528 Book, Alexander Jackson Davis (Architecture), "Alexander Jackson Davis American Architect 1803-1892" by Amelia Peck (1992) CONDITION: Cover is in excellent condition, but it has some minor scratches. Build is excellent.
529 Book, Architect Eric Mendelsohn, "Eric Mendelsohn Architect 1887-1953" by Regina Stephan (1999) CONDITION: Sleeve has minor scratches. Slightly folded along the top edge. Build is fine.
530 Book, Twentieth Century Architecture, "Architecture in the Twentieth Century" by Peter Gossel and Gabriele Leuth?user (1991) CONDITION: Original Sleeve has some minor scratches and folds. Build is fine.
531 2 Books, Architecture, French, including: "Les Architectes Celebres 1" by Pierre Francastel (1958) CONDITION: Missing Book Sleeve, side of cover is damaged and feels very fragile. "Les Architectes 2" by Pierre Francastel (1959) CONDITION: Has book sleeve, and the build is better than the first book.
532 2 Books, Auguste Rodin the walking man (Both books are the same) including: "Auguste Rodin: L'homme Qui Marche- Man Amarch" by Camille K.G. Sonneborn (1940). CONDITION: Missing sleeves, Bottom Pages are ripped up,. both have masking tape keeping the spine together.
533 4 Books, American architecture including: "Richard Morris Hunt" by Paul R. Baker (1980) CONDITION: Paperback Book, spine has a long crevice. Has a price tag on the back. Build is fine. "A Field Guide To American Architecture" by Carole Rifkind (1980) (AUTHOR SIGNED) CONDITION: Paperback book, feels old and fragile, slight scratches,some dirt on front cover. "American Vernacular Interior Architecture 1870-1940" by Jan Jennings and Herbert Gottfried (1988) CONDITION: Paperback book, (Unknown Signature), "Design In America the Cranbook Vision 1925-1950" by the Detroit Institutes of Arts and the Metropolitan Museum of Art (1983) CONDITION: Paperback book, build is fine.
534 8 Books, Architecture in South America & Europe including: "Puerto Rico 1900" by Jorge Rigau (1992) CONDITION: Front sleeve has minor scratches, "Arquitetura Do Ferro No Brasil" by Geraldo Gomes Da Silva (1988) Condition: Excellent, slightly dirty. "Arquitectura en San Juan de Puerto Rico (Siglo XIX)" by Maria De Los Angeles Castro (1980) CONDITION: Excellent, slightly dirty and has minor scratches. "Portrait of a Great Country Brazil" by Ellen Bromfield Geld (1959) CONDITION: Book sleeve is ripped up in a few places. "The Lost Houses of Ireland A Chronicle of Great Houses and the Families Who Lived There" by Randal MacDonnell (2002), "A Guide to Finnish Architecture" by J.M. Richards (1966), "National Technical Museum in Prague" by Anon (1997), "Portrait of Cuba" by Wayne S. Smith (1991)
535 3 Books, modern world architecture including: "Architecture USA" by Ian McCallum (1959) CONDITION: Original Sleeve is dirty and old, has cosmetic damage like minor scratches and tears. Build is fine. "Architecture For a Changing World" by James Steele (1992) CONDITION: Sleeve is in excellent condition, build is in excellent condition. "The Details of Modern Architecture" by Edward R. Ford (1990) CONDITION: Sleeve is used and old and it has a tear on the front cover. Build is fine.
536 3 Books (Collection), Architecture Dictionary Including: "A Dictionary of Architecture and Building A-E" by Russell Sturgis (1901) CONDITION: Missing Sleeve, Damaged Spine, First Pages are loose, pages are old and yellow, "A Dictionary of Architecture and Building F-N" by Russell Sturgis (1901) CONDITION: Damaged Spine, pages are old and yellow. "A Dictionary of Architecture and Building O-Z" by Russell Sturgis (1902) CONDITION: Damaged spine, first two pages are ripped out, Pages are very old and yellow. **ALL THREE BOOKS ARE VERY FRAGILE AND OLD**
537 Book, Russian Architecture, "A History of Russian Architecture" by William Craft Brumfield (1993) CONDITION: Book sleeve is folded on the inside, and is slightly scratched up and bent. The build is fine, though a bit dirty.
538 Book, Architect Mies Van Der Rohe, "Mies In Berlin" by Victoria Magnago (MoMA) (2002) CONDITION: Book sleeve has slight cosmetic issues like dirt and scratches but is otherwise fine. Bottom cover is slightly bent.
539 Book, Architecture & Landscape, "Landscape Design a Cultural and Architectural History" by Elizabeth Barlow Rogers (2001) CONDITION: Original sleeve is slightly dirty and folded near the edges. Has minor scratches. Build is excellent.
540 5 Books, Long Island design including: "Windmills of Long Island Society For the Preservation of Long Island" by Robert J. Hefner (1983) CONDITION: Original Sleeve is bent, build is fine. "Long Island Is My Nation the Decorative Arts & Craftsmen 1640-1830" Dean. F. Failey (AUTHOR SIGNED) (1976) CONDITION: Original Sleeve has a small fold at the bottom of the front cover. Build is excellent. "Weekend Utopia Modern Living In the Hamptons" by Alastair Gordon (AUTHOR SIGNED) (1999) CONDITION: Original Sleeve is slightly wrinkled, build is fine. "Guild Hall Of East Hampton" by Enez Whipple (1993) CONDITION: Sleeve is MISSING, book is fine, though worn down along the cover's edge. "Long Island Modernism 1930-1980" by Caroline Rob Zaleski (Author Signed) (2012) CONDITION: Excellent, Original Sleeve is shiny and clean, though it has a very small stain on the front cover near the spine. Build is in excellent condition.
541 2 Books, Architecture Eero Saarinen including: "Eero Saarinen Shaping the Future" by Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen and Donald Albrecht (2010) CONDITION: Original Sleeve is in excellent condition, no visible dirt, but there are notices of it being used like very minor scratches. Build is excellent. "Eero Saarinen" by Jayne Merkel (bent book sleeve) (2005) CONDITION: Original sleeve is folded over and has some crevices. The sleeve also has a price tag on the front cover. Build is fine.
542 5 Books, Architecture different styles including: "Scully: The Shingle Style" by Vincent J. Scully, JR (1955) CONDITION: Missing Sleeve, pages are slightly yellow. Structure is fine. "The Architecture of the American Summer the Flowering of the Shingle Style" by Vincent Scully (1989) CONDITION: Original Sleeve is dirty, structure is fine. "The American Bungalow 1880-1930" by Clay Lancaster (1985) CONDITION: Original Sleeve is dirty, and it has a crevasse in the middle of the cover. Structure is fine. "The American Country House" by Clive Aslet (1990) CONDITION: Original Sleeve is slightly dirty, and it has a small tear on the backside. "The Victorian Country House" by Mark Girouard (1971) CONDITION: In original sleeve, but it has a price tag on the inside of book. Mostly clean but slightly dusty.
543 Book, Design in Scandinavia, "Scandinavian Design" by Charlotte & Peter Fiell (2002) CONDITION: Good, structure is in excellent condition.
544 Book, Interior Design of Josef Hoffman, "Josef Hoffmann Interiors 1902-1913" by Christian Witt- Doerring (2006) CONDITION: Good, Book sleeve is slightly wrinkled at the top of the book
545 Book, Roy Lichtenstein (Art), "Roy Lichtenstein Drawings and Prints" by Diane Waldman (1970) CONDITION: damaged spine, stained, missing sleeve
546 Book, "The Invention of Biedermeier Simplicity" by Hans Ottomeyer, Klaus Albrecht Schroder and Laurie Winters, Milwaukee Art Museum, (2006) CONDITION: Mint Condition, unopened plastic
547 Book, Interior Design, "Domicilium Decoratus" by Kelly Wearstler (2006) signed by author, with original sleeve, CONDITION, good.
548 Book, Ralph Lauren Fashion, "Ralph Lauren" Limited Edition MMVII (2007), in original "alligator" sleeve CONDITION: Excellent
549 Book, Architecture Pritzker Prize and famous Architects, "Architect: The Work of the Pritzker Prize Laureates in their Own Words" by Ruth Peltason and Grace Ong-Yan, (2010). CONDITION: Excellent, still has original sleeve. Sleeve is slightly dirty.
550 Book, John Pawson architecture and design, "John Pawson Works" by Deyan Sudjic, (2005). CONDITION: Excellent, in original sleeve. Cover is slightly dirty. **SIGNED BY JOHN PAWSON
551 3 Books, famous Architects such as Oscar Niemeyer including: "Philip Johnson Life and Work" by Franz Schulze (1994). CONDITION: Good, in original sleeve. Cover is slightly dirty and page ends are worn down. "Mizner's Florida: American Resort Architecture" by Donald W. Curl (1986) CONDITION: Good, original book sleeve is present and slightly dirty. "A Arquitetura de Oscar Niemeyer" by Lionello Puppi (1987). CONDITION: Good, Book sleeve is slightly dirty. First Book Page is stained. Author Signed (?).
552 2 Books, Architecture, including: "Greene & Greene" by Edward R. Bosley (2003) CONDITION: Excellent, sleeve is slightly dirty. "Toward a Simpler Way of Life: The Arts & Crafts Architects of California" by Robert Winter (1997). CONDITION: Excellent.
553 Book, Architect Louis Comfort Tiffany: "Louis Comfort Tiffany and Laurelton Hall: An Artist's Country Estate" by Alice Cooney Frelinghuysen (2006) CONDITION: Excellent, price tag on cover.
554 Book, Design of Lights: "1000 Lights 1879 to 1959" by Charlotte & Peter Fiell (2005). CONDITION: Good, cover is slightly dirty.
555 Book, Architect and designer Burle Marx: "Roberto Burle Marx: Brazilian Modernist" by Jenns Hoffman & Claudia J. Nahson (2016) CONDITION: Excellent
556 4 Books, Architecture and design, including: "High Styles: Twentieth-Century American Design" by Lisa Phillips (1985) CONDITION: Good, but the adhesive holding the spine together is starting to wear down. "Donald Deskey Decorative Designs and Interiors" by David A. Hanks & Jennifer Toher (1987) CONDITION: Good, cover is slightly dirty. "Twentieth-Century Building Materials: History and Conservation" by Thomas C. Jester (1995). CONDITION: Excellent, price tag on back. "Decorative Art's 1920s" by Charlotte & Peter Fiell (2000)
557 3 Books, Architecture and architects, including: "SOM Architecture of Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill, 1950-1962" by Ernst Danz (1963). CONDITION: Fair, book sleeve is torn at the bottom, and it is dirty. "Louis Sullivan: The Function of Ornament" edited by Wim De Wit (1986) CONDITION: Excellent, small ink stain on the last page of the book. Appears to have a water stain on the corner of book. "The Architecture of Bruce Goff: 1904-1982" by Pauline Salgia and Mary Woolever (1995). CONDITION: Excellent, slightly dirty.
558 2 Books, Architecture and 21st century, including: "International Style: Modernist Architecture from 1925 to 1965" by Hasan-Uddin Khan (2009) (25th Anniversary). CONDITION: Excellent, book sleeve is slightly dirty and slightly bent at the top of the cover. "Next Houses: Architecture for the Twenty-First Century" by Ron Broadhurst (2009). CONDITION: Excellent.
559 Book, Asmara Architecture: "Asmara: Africa's Secret Modernist City" by Edward Denison, Guang Yu Ren, & Naigyz Gebremedhin (2003) CONDITION: Excellent, book sleeve is slightly dirty and has very minor bents & crevices along the top and bottom.
560 Book, Architecture & Apartments: "Directory to Apartments of the Better Class on the North Side of Chicago" (1979) CONDITION: Excellent, slight dirt on cover. AUTHOR SIGNED (?)
561 Book, Architect Yoshio Taniguchi: "Yoshio Taniguchi Nine Museums" by Terence Riley (2004) CONDITION: Excellent, Front and back sleeve are slightly dirty.
562 Book, Pierre Chareau Architecture: "Pierre Chareau: Modern Architecture and Design" by Esther Da Costa Meyer (2016) CONDITION: Excellent.
563 Book, Architect Henri Labrouste: "Henri Labrouste: Structure Brought to Light" (MoMa) by Corinne Belier & others (2012) CONDITION: Excellent, very light scratches on front sleeve.
564 Book, Architect William Lescaze: "William Lescaze, Architect" by Lorraine Welling Lanmon (1987) CONDITION: Excellent, slightly dirty and has sticky notes.
565 Book, Architect Oscar Niemeyer: "The Work of Oscar Niemeyer" by Stamo Papadaki (1951) CONDITION: Good, Adhesive on spine is worn down.
566 Book, Architecture & tiles: "Guastavino Vaulting: The Art of Structural Tile" by John Ochsendorf (2010) CONDITION: Excellent.
567 Book, Le Corbusier architect: "Le Corbusier: 1946-52" by Le Corbusier (1953) CONDITION: Structure is good. Book Sleeve is ripped and torn in some areas. Dirt is visible.
568 Book, Rene Herbst Design: "Rene Herbst: Pioneer of Modernism" by Guillemette Delaporte (2004) CONDITION: Excellent
569 Book, Architect Louis C. Tiffany: "Louis C. Tiffany and the Art of Devotion" by Patricia C. Pongracz (2012) CONDITION: Excellent
570 Book, Architect Fletcher Steele: "Fletcher Steele, Landscape Architect: An Account of the Gardenmakers Life, 1885-1971" by Robin Karson (1989) CONDITION: Excellent, price sticker on back.
571 Book, Architect Grosvenor Goodhue: "Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue" by Richard Oliver (1985) CONDITION: Excellent.
572 Book, Architect Auguste Perret: "Auguste Perret" by Karla Britton (2001) CONDITION: Excellent, price sticker on front cover
573 Book, Architect Charles A. Platt: "Charles A. Platt: the Artist as Architect" by Keith N. Morgan (1986) CONDITION: Good, has a sticky note.
574 Book, Architect Ernest Flagg: "Ernest Flagg Beaux-Arts Architect and Urban Reformer" by Mardges Bacon (1986) CONDITION: Excellent, has a price tag on back
575 Book, Architect Ezra Stoller: "Ezra Stoller Photographer" by Nina Rappaport and Erica Stoller (2012) CONDITION: Excellent
576 Book, Architecture Brighton: "The Making of the Royal Pavilion Brighton" by John Morley (1984) CONDITION: Good, book sleeve has a small rip on the top of the cover.
577 Book, Decorator Dorothy Draper: "In the Pink: Dorothy Draper America's Most Fabulous Decorator" by Carleton Varney (2012) CONDITION: Excellent.
578 Book, Composer Kurt Weill: "Kurt Weill: A Life in Pictures and Documents" by David Farneth & others (2000) CONDITION: Excellent.
579 3 Books, Architecture & Design including: "The Only Proper Style" by Calder Loth & Julius Trousdale Sadler Jr (1975), "Ogden Godman and the Decoration of Houses" by Pauline C. Metcalf (1988), "The Origins of Cast Iron Architecture in America" by W. Knight Sturges (Has some tears on book sleeve).
580 5 Books, Architecture & New York City including: "Architectural Visions: the Drawings of Hugh Ferriss" by Jean Ferris Leich (1980), "The Building of Manhattan" by Donald A. Mackay (1987), "Fifth Avenue, 1911 From Start to Finish" by Christopher Gray (1994), "Unbuilding" by David Macaulay (1980) (Book sleeve is torn on back), "1084 fifth Avenue From Mansion to Museum" by Andrew S. Dolkart (2010)
581 2 chairs, Georgian style open arm chair & Queen Anne style desk chair.
582 2 chairs, George III upholstered armchair with carved frame & Chippendale style painted base side chair in green upholstery with cross stretcher base.
585 Brass table lamp, with tole shade, lamp is 26" tall.
586 Jacobean carved chest, with carved armorial figures, lift top & side doors, carved oak, chest is 50" by 22.25", height is 22"
586 Spode ironstone Well & Tree meat platter, floral decorated, 20.25" by 15.5"
588 2 Lladro figures, man with violin & woman on chair with needlework, lady in chair has repair to chair
589 Brass dresser box & shell "purse", box has glass lid, hinged crudely repaired, shell in good shape
590 Ainsdale Royal Doulton porcelain tea set, 6 cake plates, 6 cups & saucers & teapot
591 Royal Doulton & Royal Dux figurines, 3 porcelain Royal Doulton figures, "Top O' the Hill", "Eventide" & "Schoolmarm" plus two Royal Dux figurines, woman & man and woman, all in good condition.
591 Large silver plate tea set & lot of flatware, tea set consist of large serving tray, teapot on stand, coffee pot, tea pot, sugar, creamer & covered bowl, plus bag with misc. flatware, serving pieces
593 4 large brass column lamps with shades, one shade cracked, height lamps including shades is 33.5"
594 Pair pot metal mcm table lamps, brass patina, finish, height is 34", including harp
595 Wood painted sign, "WR Cottage", red with gold lettering, 23.75" by 8.75"
596 Mid Century desk & chair, no name, desk is 46" by 17.75", height is 30"
597 Mid Century chest with mirror, triple drawer chest is 32" wide, 17.75" deep, height is 30.25", with mirror 75"
598 Marble top Mid Century side table, teak & white marble insert, table is 30.25" by 25.25", height is 20", damage on one corner
599 Mid Century vinyl tufted back desk chair, "Avant Designs", by Kroehler, on swivel base
600 Mid Century server or double dresser, white formica top, 3 by 3 drawers, chest is 52.25" by 17.5", height is 30.25"
601 Mid Century chest & desk, white formica tops, 4 drawer chest, 36.25" by 17.5", height is 36.25", desk is 40" by 20", height is 30.25"
602 Teak Danish desk & Hovedstadens arm chair, desk is 47.25" by 26", height is 28.5", Danish armchair with paper label, "Hovedstadens Mobelfabrik, Kvistgaard, Danmark, in teak & black vinyl.
603 Pair Chinese side chairs, carved backs, with cushions, each chair is 17" by 18" (seat), height is 36.75"
604 Mid Century desk chair, Swan style, black upholstery on chrome swivel base.
605 Fairbanks scale & Rosewood corner cabinet
606 Gilt mirror with carved frame, carved floral top, mirror is 43" tall, width is 29.25"
607 Large gilt mirror in carved frame, mirror is 43.25" by 51.25"
608 Decorative oval gilt mirror with carved ribbon decoration, various flowers, mirror is 41" tall, width is 20"
609 Carved gilt mirror with oak leaf & wheat decoration, mirror is 43" tall, width is 32.5"
610 Pair gilt metal candle sconces with mirrored backs, each sconce is 21" tall.
611 Mahogany side table with spiral legs, brass claw feet, stick & ball skirt, table is 23.5" by 23.5", height is 29"
614 Pair Renoir etchings, "Le Chapeau Epingle" & "Sur la Plage", Pierre Auguste Renoir, 4.75" by 3.5" & 5" by 3.75"
615 Lithograph, Amsterdam, by John Haymson & Paris print, Amsterdam scene, "Oudezijds Voorburgwal", edition 218/350, framed (glass has crack) & Paris print, Place du Tertre, Montmartre, Maurice Unilla (?), Amsterdam litho is 23" by 18", Paris print is 17.75" by 23"
616 Asian art, Chinese landscape on silk (?), signed, print, woman with parasol & print, flower & butterfly.
617 Chinese embroidery & 2 Japanese woodblocks, Chinese embroidery on silk with various figures, framed, silk panel is 25.75" by 13.25", woodblock prints are 9.75" by 14.5", figures traveling & snow scene.
618 Print, face & birds, by Ben Shahn, 21.5" by 20.5"
619 2 paintings, Dutch or Flemish town, harbor scene, unsigned oil on board & portrait of a woman on chair, oil on canvas signed Bernal
620 Painting, girl with mandolin, putti, signed W. Littell, oil on canvas, 51" by 28"
621 Decorative gilt frame with oak leaf pattern, with landscape with small lake, trees, unsigned, oil on canvas, as is oil, several tears, frame in good condition, opening is 22" by 36"
622 Painting, folksy winter scene, signed "C'L", oil on canvas, 24" by 20"
623 Painting, impressionist landscape, signed ill. as is, partially restored, oil on canvas, 25" by 30"
624 Painting, portrait girl, Alice Hendee Price, oil on canvas, 22" by 18"
625 Painting, "Steady Boy", N.L Niedentohl, 1937, canvas is 15" by 11"
626 5 Books, Architecture & New York City including: "New York City of Cities" by Roberty Footner (1937) (Worn Down), "The Last Rivet" by Merle Crowell (1940) (worn down), "Architecture in New York" by Wayne Andrews (1969) (sleeve is torn), "Gramercy Park" by Stephen Garmey (1984), "Lost New York" by Nathan Silver (1967) (sleeve is torn).
627 2 Books, Culture & Art including: "Fin-De-Siecle Vienna Politics & Culture by Carle Schorske (1980) (Cover is torn), "The New Woodcut" by M.C. Salaman (1930) (Spine is destroyed, front cover is present but ripped off)
628 5 Books, Architecture & Design including: "The House Dignified" by Lillie Hamilton French (1908) (Worn down), "Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres" by Henry Adams (1957), "Metal Crafts in Architecture" by Gerald K. Geerlings (1929) "Lucifer: A Theological Tragedy" by George Santayana (1899), "Examples of Plastic Ornament: Catalog of the Voigt Company" (1928).
629 3 Books, Architecture & Design including: "Eileen Gray: Architect Designer" by Peter Adam (1987), "Marcel Breuer: Sun and Shadow" by Peter Blake (1955), "Gabo" by Herbert Read & Leslie Martin (1957)
630 2 Books, Famous Photographers including: "Heinrich Kuehn and His American Circle" by Alfred Stieglitz and Edward Steichen (2012), "Marc Riboud in China" by Jean Daniel (1997)
631 6 Books, Architecture & Design including: "The Opulent Interiors of the Gilded Age" by Arnold Lewis (1987), "New Port Preserved: Architecture of the 18th Century" by Desmond Guinness (1982), "American Castles" by Julian Cavalier (1973) (Ripped Sleeve), "The Architecture of Frank Furness" by James F. O'Gorman (1973), "Marble Halls" by John Physick and Michael Darby (1973), "The American Renaissance 1876-1917" by Michael Botwinick (1980)
632 2 Books, Art and Artists including: "From Klint to Klee: Masterworks From the Serge Sabarsky Collection" by Renee Price (2001), "Klee and America" by Josef Helfenstein (2007).
633 2 Books, Architect Guimard including: "Hector Guimard" by F. Lanier Graham (1970) (2 Copies of same book)
634 3 Books, Art & the MoMa including: "Gauguin Metamorphoses" by Starr Figura (2014),"Chagall and the Artists of the Russian Jewish Theater" by Susan Tumarkin Goodman (2009), "Matisse Picasso" by Elizabeth Cowling & others (2003).
635 Book, Modern Art: "Post Impressionism: The Rise Of Modern Art" by Thomas Parsons and Iain Gale" (1992)
636 3 Books, Art & Architecture including: "Ornamental Posters of the Vienna Secession" by Horst-Herbert Kossatz (1974), Josef Hoffmann: Architect and Designer" by Christian Meyer (1981), "Prague: Fin De Siecle" by Petr Wittlich (1992)
637 6 Books + Wrapping Paper, Architect and Design including: "East European Modernism" by Wojciech Le?nikowski (1996), "The Golden Age of Shop Design" by Alexandra Artley (1976), "Pierre Chareau: Designer and Architect" by Brian Brace Taylor (1992), "Mackintosh Architecture" by Jackie Cooper (1978), "The Weissenhofsiedlung Experimental Housing Built for the Deutscher Werkbund, Stuttgart 1927" by Karin Kirsch (1993), "London Deco" by Thibaud Herem (2013) (First Edition), Wrapping Paper by Josef Hoffman
638 3 Books, Art & Architecture including: "Art and Architecture in Italy 1600-1750" by Rudolf Wittkower (1958), "Classical Swedish Architecture & Interiors 1650-1840" by Johan Cederlund (2006), "Elements D'Architecture Classique" by George Gromort (1927) (Spine is falling apart, pages are falling out).
639 4 Books, Architecture & Design including: "Architectural Monographs John Soane" (1983), "The Conran Directory of Design" by Stephen Bayley (1985), "American Airport Designs" by Dominick A. Pisano (1930), "Building for Air Travel" Architecture and Design for Commercial Aviation" by James N. Wood (1996)
640 5 Books, Design & Art including: "Batchelder Tilemaker" by Robert Winter (1999), "California Design 1910" by Timothy J. Andersen & others (1974), "The Newark Museum Collection of American Art Pottery" by Ulysses G. Dietz (1984), "Women Artists of the Arts & Crafts Movement" by Anthea Callen (1979), "Art Nouveau" by Klaus-Jurgen Sembach (2007).
641 6 Books, American Architecture including: "George Howe: Toward a Modern American Architecture" by Robert A. M. Stern (1975), "Raymond Hood: Architect" by Walter H. Kilham Jr (1973), "The Architecture of New York City" by Donald Martin Reynolds (1994) (Front Cover is ripped), "Monuments and Masterpieces" by Donald Martin Reynolds (1988), "The Skyscraper" by Paul Goldberger (1981) (Cover is ripped), "Skyscraper Style: Art Deco New York" by Cervin Robinson (1975) (Author Signed, small rips on front cover).
642 Book, Architecture & Design: "Richard Meier Houses" by Paul Goldberger (1996)
643 2 Books, "Sargent" by Carter Ratcliff (1982), "White Women" by Helmut Newton (1976)
644 Book, Art & Ceramics including: "Hungarian Ceramics from the Zsolnay Manufactory" by Eva Csenkey (2002) (Book spine is damaged and falling apart)
645 Book, Artist Magritte: "Rene Magritte" by Jacques Meuris (1995) (Front cover has a tear)
646 Book, Artists Alexandre & Modigliani: "The Unknown Modigliani" (1993)
647 2 Books, Architects Olbrich & Urban including: "Olbrich" by Ian Latham (1980), "Joseph Urban" by Randolph Carter (1992)
648 Book, Furniture & Appliance Design: "American Streamlined Design" by David A. Hanks and Anne Hoy (2005)
649 2 Books, Architecture and Design including: "Design in America" by Robert Judson Clark (1983), "20th Century Decorating Architecture & Gardens" by Mary Jane Pool (1980)
650 Book, Fashion & Chanel: "Chanel and Her World" by Edmonde Charles-Roux (1979) (Front sleeve is torn, Author SIGNED)
651 2 Books, Art in 1900's including: "L'Art 1900" by Maurice Rheims (1965) (Plastic cover is ripped), "1900 Art at the Crossroads" by Robert Rosenblum (2000)
652 Book, Artist Da Vinci: "Leonardo Da Vinci on the Human Body" by Charles D. O'malley and J.B. de C.M. Saunders (1952)
653 2 Books, Art Deco including: "Art Deco Sculpture" by Alastair Duncan (2016), "Tulsa Art Deco" by David Gebhard (1980) (Front cover is torn).
654 Book, Artist Pergay: "Maria Pergay" by Suzanne Demisch & Stephane Danant (2011)
655 2 Books, American Machine Age, including: "Craft in the Machine Age: The History of Twentieth-Century American Craft" by Janet Kardon (1995), "The Machine Age in America: 1981-1941" by Richard Guy WIlson & others (1986)
656 Book, toy trains: "A Century of Lionel: Timeless Toy Trains" by Dan Ponzol (2000)
657 Book, artist Benton: "Thomas Hart Benton" by Matthew Baigell (1973)
658 Book, designer Patou: "Jean Patou: A Fashionable Life" by Emmanuelle Polle (2016) (Small red stain on pages)
659 6 Books, Art & Glass including: "Venetian Glass" by Rosa Barovier Mentasti (1992), Lalique Magazines, "Emile Galle" by Philippe Garner (1976), "Antique Colored Glass" by Keith Middlemas (1971), "Deco Lalique: Creator to Consumer" by Carolyn Hatch (2006), "Perfume Lalique Bottles" by Mary Lou and Glenn Utt (1985)
660 Book, Art & Design: "Knoll Design" by Eric Larrabee Massimo Vignelli (1981)
661 2 Books, the arts, including: "Carved & Decorated European Art Glass" by Ray and Lee Grover (1970), "My Time at Tiffany's" by Gene Moore and Jay Hyams (1990)
662 Book, Architect Saarinen: "Eero Saarinen On His Work" by Aline B. Saarinen (1962)
663 Book, Art Deco: "Art Deco" by Jean-Paul Bouillon (1989)
664 Book, American Design: "Norman Bel Geddes: Designs America" edited by Donald Albrecht (2012)
665 Book, Architect Garnier: "Tony Garnier Une Cite Industrielle" edited by Riccardo Mariani (1990)
666 Book, illustrated Bauhaus movement: "The Bauhaus" by Hans M. Wingler (1969)
667 2 Books, Decor & Art including: "The Encyclopedia of Decorative Arts" by Philippe Garner (1978), "Victorian and Edwardian Decor" by Jeremy Cooper (1987)
668 2 Books, Artists and Architects including: "Max Ernst" by Edward Quinn (1976), "Antoni Gaudi" by Rainer Zerbst (1999)
669 2 Books, Modern Design including: "Gilbert Rohde: Modern Design for Modern Living" by Phyllis Ross (2009) (front cover has slight tear), "Design 1935-1965: What Modern Was" by Martin Eiderling (1991)
670 Book, Artist Salvador Dali: "Dali: Das Malerische Werk" by Robert Descharnes and Gilles Neret (2003)
671 2 Books, Art and Architecture, including: "L'Architecture de I'Art Rouveau" by Sous La Direction de Frank Russell (1979), "Art Nouveau Architecture" by Frank Russell (1987) (TWO EDITIONS, One french and one english)
672 5 Books, Art and Architecture, including: "The Architecture of Bridges" by Elizabeth B. Mock (1949) (Book has some tears and rips in the Book Sleeve", "Bohuslav Fuchs: The Lifework" by Los Crhoner (1995) (Unknown Signature), "Hans Poelzig: Reflections On His Life and Work" by Julius Posener (1992), "Joze Plecnik Architect: 1872-1957" by Francois Burkhardt and others (1989), "Gwathmey Siegel: Buildings and Projects" by Peter Eisenman (1993) (Unknown Signature).
673 3 Books, Art and Architecture, including: "200 Years of American Architectural Drawing" by David Gebhard and Deborah Nevins (1997), "Historic Houses of Philadelphia" by Roger W. Moss (1998), "The Early Architecture of Western Pennsylvania" by Charles Morse Stotz (1936) (Water Damage, Front cover is ripped)
674 3 Books, Architect Mies Van Der Rohe, including: "Mies Van Der Rohe" by Philip C. Johnson (1947) (Paper around spine is ripped, paperback book), There is a second copy of this book, second edition with fabric cover & "Mies Van Der Rohe: Drawings in the Collection of the Museum of Modern Art, New York" (1969)
675 Large lot Asian, Chinese & Japanese auction & art catalogues, catalogues from Sotheby's & Christies, including bronzes, porcelains, furniture & much more, mostly circa 1990's, all in excellent condition, great reference material.


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