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Hudson Valley Auctioneers LLC 


This report lists the lot numbers and their descriptions.

This list is for general reference only and is not meant to be an accurate description of each item, additions or subtractions might be made at any time. 
All items sold as found.

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Lot # Lot Description
1 Sextant, Heath & Co."Hezzanith" endless tangent screw, automatic clamp, in original box, nautical.
2 16" Octant, ebony & brass with bone scale, no case, maker plate missing, some loss, nautical
3 16" Octant, mahogany & brass with bone scale, with original stepped wood case, nautical
4 Brass sextant in case, Norie & Co, London, SN 874, with several brass eye pieces, lenses, nautical
5 Brass sextant, Warley Pickering, Middlesbrough, in case, with lenses, eyepieces, nautical
6 Brass sextant, Wilson & Gillie, Quay North Shields, in original case, with eyepieces, nautical
7 Sextant, Buff & Buff Mf. Boston, SN 13176 iron & brass, in original case, with eyepieces, lenses, nautical
8 Brass sextant, Hayes Brothers, Cardiff Barry & Port Talbot, in original case, nautical
9 Ships Two Day Deck Chronometer Watch, Double Cased (mahogany) Gimbaled, Hamilton Watch Co. Model 22, SN 535-1943, ovement SN 2F4759, Nautical, Running.
10 Large overhead 10" dial ships compass, A.A. & C.L. Lisboa, copper & brass, nautical
11 Russian, Soviet submarine clock, painted case, dial shows submarine, red star, diameter is 8", nautical
12 Chelsea US. Navy 24HR Ships Clock, SN 343365, Bakelite has been oversprayed with brass paint, Small crack in case back, running, 8" dial, Nautical
13 Medium Landing Compass, R.C.A.F. handheld compass with wooden handle, made in England No. 0451, in original case.
14 Surveyors Sighting Cross, No Maker, Wooden Display Base, compass
15 Robert Merrill Dry Card Azimuth Compass, New York, brass gimbaled suspended in wood case, nautical, c. 1860
16 Pantograph, wood (ebony ?) with various brass attachments, in case, no make
17 Keuffel & Esser brass pantograph in original case, used in the mapping of Colorado, Delta Museum piece, circa 1880
18 2 Barometers, 1)Barometer, Aneroid, Brass Standing, PNHB- Paul Naudet Holosteric Barometer, Dual thermometer, Centigrade and Fahrenheit French, Overbranded- T.S. & J.D. Negus Navigation Warehouse Water Street New York. 2)Barometer, Aneroid, Brass Hanging, French, Vintage
19 2 barometers, 1)Barometer, Aneroid,Brass Hanging Short & Mason, 2 thermometer, Centigrade and Fahrenheit, Overbranded- E.B. Meyrowitz & Pinkham & Smith Company. 8" dial. 2) Barometer, Aneroid, Copper Hanging, PNHB- Paul Naudet Holosteric Barometer, thermometer, Farenheit French, Overbranded- Pinkham & Smith Company, Boston 4.75" dial.
20 Dominion Barometer (drained) & Thermometer, P.A. Morley, London, wood, length is 41"
21 J.A. Seitz Boston barometer (drained) brass dial, wood case, case is 37.5"
22 Barometer, Drained, Timby's Ripple-front Rosewood Stick Barometer John Merrick & Co, sole Proprietors, Worcester Mass., length is 37.5
23 Barometer, J. Green, New York, Mathematical Instrument Maker, Fortran type Barometer, circa 1880, in case, length is 41 5/8"
24 Admiral Fitzroy Barometer, drained, stormglass empty, thermometer, glass front missing in Gothic style oak case, as found, length is 49" c.1880
25 French gilt & carved wood barometer, dial loose, thermometer intact, various carvings, musical instruments, bird, no tube, sold as is, length is 40.75"
26 4 brass carriage clocks, Waterbury Clock co, French made sub miniature, small French clock runs, rest sold as is, some glass missing, broken
27 4 brass carriage clocks, French & unmarked, includes jeweled case clock, various sizes, please see images, all running, with keys
28 Lecoultre Atmos clock, 1957, SN 94932, inscribed, "Yale Kneeland", Not-Running, in as is condition
29 Howard Miller Bracket clock, burl wood detail, brass dial, N0. 142H, model #612436
30 J.C. Brown Bristol paint decorated & mother of pearl inlaid paper mache mantle clock, time and strike. w/ pendulum
31 Seth Thomas Sonora Chime 4 bell Adamantine #7 runs intermittently and chimes
32 H&H French Beehive Inlaid mantle clock, various woods, brass feet, Pendulum and key, Running
33 Self Winding Clock Company, New York. Beat Rotary wind movement, wall clock with floral painted decorations, w/ pendulum.
34 Microscope, Cased, Bausch & Lomb Rochester NY SN 88694, 3 objective, c.1911
35 Microscope, Cased, A. Molteni 44 Rue Du Chateau d Eau Paris. 19th cent
36 Microscope, Cased, Bausch & Lomb Rochester NY SN 49137, c.1904
37 Microscope, Cased, George Wale, " The New Working Microscope" Brass and Cast Iron Dual Objective, c.1880
38 Spectrometer, Cased. Un-signed, Brass on iron stand, with prism, optical, scientific
39 Microscope Cased, W Klein Wetzlar microscope, vintage W. Klein, Wetzlar microscope, black lacquered body, in original case
40 Dixey microscope, Brighton, England, brass microscope in original case with slides, various eye pieces.
41 Stereo (binocular) Microscope, Cased, Henry Crouch, London & James W, Queen & Co, Philadelphia, Brass and cast Iron, various lenses
42 Hand powered Wimshurst machine, static electricity generator, black plastic plates, one belt is broke, sold as is.
43 Barograph, Short & Mason Antique recording barometer No A 6654, Mahogany hinged case with drawer stand, Running, working.
44 Barograph, Friez Instruments graphic recording Barometer, in grey finish, Friez Instrument division, Baltimore, Maryland, running, working
45 Casella London recording barometer, barograph, made in England, brass on wood base, with glass enclosure, case. running, working
46 Bubble type sextant, Bendix Aviation Company, model AN-5851-1, Eclipse-Pioneer Division, Teterboro, New Jersey, in original case
47 Instructograph machine for wireless (Continental) morse code, Chicago Illinois.
48 Renulife Violet Ray generator, Model R, vintage medical machine, quack electrotherapy device in case with various glass accessories.
49 Instructograph machine with paper ribbon, wood case, comes with 10 paper coils.
50 Apothecary Torsion Balance Scale, precision scale by The Torsion Balance Company, glass & metal, painted case.
51 Becker's Sons Apothecary balance scale, Rotterdam, brass balance scale in wood case with glass sliding front
52 Antique Henry Troemner Balance Scale, portable, breaks down, parts fit in bottom drawer
53 2 balance scales, folding gold scale with small weights & unmarked balance scale, incomplete.
54 Starter Cannon, Lavigne & Scott, Early 20th Century, brass on wood base, signed
55 Naval Company signal cannon, 10 gauge, 15" barrel, chrome patina with Naval Company, Doylestown PA plaque.
56 Cannon barrel & Black Powder. barrel in grey paint, no base, no markings, barrel is 10", comes with small black powder rifled, Spanish made
57 Spyglass, nickel plated, 4 draw + Objective draw shade with hinged cap, partial leather covering, no make 12.5" closed 44" open.
58 US Navy Spyglass, Quartermaster Mark II, 16 power, 1942, Hayward, Los Angeles, in original box.
59 2 early spy glasses, wood, one is octagonal, other is round, brass with partial wood outer covering, no make, in as is condition,
60 Brass & wood spyglass, brass lens cap, sliding eyepiece cover, no make
61 Telescope, Library/ Spotting on stand, Signed Jas Chapman, St. Catherine's London, Re-marked US NAVY II 840, c.1780, some small dents.
62 Army Medical kit, Surgical roll, in tole container, contains various surgical tools, by Arnold & Sons c.1900
63 Astro Compass MK II, by the W.W. Bros Co. , Dayton Ohio, in original case
64 The McCarthy Routine Cystoscope, American Cystoscope Makers inc, in original case.
65 Vintage Medical surgical head skull trepanation drill, with two bits, in original case, Marked Sklar Stainless USA, MD-USN.
66 Anemometer, Brass, Robinson 4 cup Unmarked, On plastic display base. c.1900
67 Time Lock, Sargent & Greenleaf Model 4, 46 hour dial SN 325 matching. 1 of 365 made, 15 of knowledge still to exist American Genius pp 196. Both movements running, Working.
68 Time lock, by The Mosler Lock Co Covington KY, SN 5098 Type 1 two movement, Both movements running, working brass housing, glass front.
69 Signal Electric Morse code key, on wood base, Menominee Michigan
70 Telegram send & receive apparatus, "Saltley JCT", with London Midland and Scottish Railway Company test label, with key & bell, wood case.
71 2 brass Specific gravity balance, (Hydrometer) one by marked Eimer & Amend, New York, both in box, some parts missing
72 W&L.E. Gurley transit in original box, Gurley 641840, optical, surveying instrument, c.1964
73 Transit, Cased, Buff & Buff Boston SN 7303, optical, surveying instrument c.1908
74 Berger & Sons transit, Berger No 4793, in Buff case, optical, surveying instrument. c.1904
75 Keuffel & Esser surveyors level in case, brass, as is, optical, surveying instrument
76 Bostrom -Brady surveyors level in case, Atlanta, GA, optical, surveying instrument
77 Surveyors Compass, Keuffel & Esser New York, SN 5308, Missing Needle-Replaced glass. c.1901, surveying, optical
78 Pixie Grippa portable gramophone, "The Grippa Portables", player, horn in compact case, horn has some dents
79 Edison Standard Phonograph, Model D, with crank, 4 cylinder rolls, as is condition.
80 Table top phonograph, mahogany case, no crank, no make
81 2 toy steam engines, Marvin Industries boiler & Wilesco steam engine in original box (box as is)
82 Toy steam engine, by Fleischmann, brass tank, in original box, vintage
83 Vintage stick phone, Mesco nickel finish, wires worn
84 Independent System oak Wall phone with telescopic mouthpiece, crank powered, Bottom box needs to be re-attached.
85 Samson Transmitter, wall phone, oak case, crank powered, mouthpiece is there, but broken
86 Lalley Radio Receiving set, Type C.D. Manufactured by Radio Apparatus Division, Detroit.
87 2 Jefferson Golden Hour electric clocks, not tested, old wiring
88 Drop Dial E. Bauman, Pontypridd wall clock, rosewood case, with carved leaf decoration (one broken), Brass inlay w/ pendulum and key
89 French style brass wall clock, gilt painted, clock is 23.5", time and strike, no pendulum
90 Mantle clock, exotic wood case, dial has cracks, case is loose, pendulum, hands loose, needs repair
91 Telechron electric clock, by Warren Clock Co. Ashland Mass., painted wood case, 12" face
92 Brass Skeleton fusee clock. Glass enclosure, porcelain dial, polished brass, fine quality clock, no make, key. Vintage
93 Niagara Vintage battery operated wall clock, Niagara Clock Corporation, Buffalo, NY., 8" face with pendulum
94 Alidade, Cased, Keuffel & Esser, SN 52556, optical, surveying instrument, great condition with compass, c. 1927
95 Keuffel & Esser Co transit in case, optical, surveying instrument, serial 102328, c. 1948
96 Ultex reading glasses, lenses case with lenses, Cylindrical Concave, Cylindrical Convex, with reading chart, in wood case
97 Hauptner surgical amputation kit, various tools, saw, chisels, in wood case
98 Large boxing match bell, chrome bell on cast iron frame with pull cord, no make.
99 Humphrey's Specifics cabinet, original tole front and rear, multi drawer interior, oak case, small piece molding missing bottom right, cabinet is 20.25" by 8", height is 28"
100 J. White & son brass & iron balance scale, brass column, brass pans, scale is 31" tall, some dents in column, with brass weight
101 Race Pigeon timer, German, F.E. Benzig, wood case, with key and band boxes.
102 Brass ships portal, 16", window bronze fame, heavy, nautical
103 Knott?s Universal Galvanometer, Model 93-130
104 Tiffany never wind domed clock, electro-mechanical, tested and works at 4.5v
105 Poole Domed Clock, Ithaca NY, electro-mechanical, c. 1930
106 400 day clock, with dome and pendulum, Signed "D.R.G.M. Made In Germany" No suspension spring
107 Bulle clock, electro-mechanical 12" tall, convex glass, pendulum window
108 Tall Clock, Grandfather, William Breneisen, Reamstown. PA. Seconds, date, and phase. 14" face, 98.5" tall with feet to center finial. Weights and pendulum- running- date and phase not advancing. veneer chips, thin trim piece detached (included).
109 Photometer, Foote Pierson Sharp-Miller, With inspection and test papers, c.1915
110 Horolovar Dickory Dickory Dock Clock, Made in Germany, Key wind, Running
111 Self Winding Clock Company, Naval Observatory Western Union, Wood case, 14" face, 21 " overall, no pendulum
112 Johnson Empire OG, two door, with pendulum and weights runs intermittently
113 Vacuum Pump and bell jar, hand operated, Chicago Apparatus Company MFRS, 26"w, 10.5"d, 22"H
114 Cased US Navy electrostatic teaching kit. Navpers 70126
115 Vienna serpentine regulator, gridiron pendulum, late 19th cent, running
116 New Haven Banjo, Octagon head, Time, Strike, Chime. as-is
117 New Haven Vienna Regulator, Walnut, c.1890, running intermittently
118 Regulator, Mission, Clock, Arts and Crafts, running, 8"face, 41"tall, 24 hour wheel settable in 5 minute increments to close contacts.
119 Sessions Regulator wall clock
120 Seth Thomas, Large Master Clock, 17"w x 46" T Most likely produced by O.B Mcclintock, Frame separation, no pendulum.
121 Medical Teaching Skeleton and stand, Clay Adams Cat # S-6025 Human Muscular Skeleton with muscle origin, insertion painted on and labled. c. 1952
122 Wag on wall, brass faced, wood and brass movement, weights, no pendulum
123 Divers Helmet, Full size repro, 1970's
124 Bottle Radio, Sparkling Champagne Music", 27" tall, c.1950
125 Zeiss stereo microscope with case, Labeled Carl Zeiss Jena "Kornear Mikroskop"
126 Bendix radio, model 646a, c.1946, wood drop leaf table model
127 Eveready AC radio model 2, Cast aluminum body and legs lacquered in green, speaker. c.1928
128 4 opium scales, Wood fish cases, graduated bone, ebony, brass
129 23 inch brass sundial, Lobel Andrews, New York
130 Lead Sundial, 19 inch top to bottom, Marked DVM. LECIT. VTERE
131 Harpoon, nautical, whale hunting.
132 3 Brass Weight sets, 10 pc. Brass Victorian weight set 4lb- 1/4 oz, Nested Nuremberg weights complete 5 pc., 7 pc. 1 lb-1/4 oz. VR - Victoria Regina with crown, marked imperial Standard with brass stand.
133 German Cuckoo clock, Hunter, 24" tall, 19" across, weights, pendulum.
134 Map, Abraham Ortelius "Valentiae Regni olim Contestanorum Si Ptolemaeo, Edentanorum Si Plinio Credimus Typus", Calencia, Spain, map is 13.75" by 19.25".
135 Map, Johnson's Western & Eastern Hemisphere Johnson & Ward, 1861, plate 12, 15.5" by 27.5", some foxing, brown spots &
136 Map, ""Typus Orbis Terrarum", by Abraham Ortelius, plate size is 14" by 19.5", edition, age unknown, good condition
137 Silk pilot map, escape and evasion map, 1940s, Royal Australian Air Force (R.A.A.F.), map is 21.75" by 31.75", framed
138 Map, Willem Janszoon Blaeu, "Mappa Aestivarum Insularum Alias Barmudas", hand colored, map is 18.5" by 21.75", (viewable area)
139 3 maps, New York, North East, includes "Carte r?duite des c?tes orientales de l'Am?rique septentrionale : contenant celles des provinces de New-York et de la Nouvelle Angleterre, celles de l'Acadie ou Nouvelle Ecosse de l'?le Royale de l'?le St. Jean avec l'int?rieur du pays", stained, water damage upper margin, 24.25" by 35.25"; "Northern Section of the United States & Canada by John Melish, 1816" (copy from original, Old Sturbridge Village), 15.25" by 21" & "Johnson's New York, by Johnson & Ward" 1861
140 Muster Roll, 1864/1865, Captain John Ryan's, Company F of the Fourteenth Infantry Regiment of Wisconsin Veteran Volunteers, United States Army, fair condition, taped together, stained, total size is 21" by 30.5", civil war
174 Lalique art glass dinosaur or lizard & print, artwork on composite panel, signed illegibly (see images), lizard ism 6.75" long, green, in good condition, artwork is 13.5" by 6.5"
175 Painting, floral still life with poppies, oil on canvas, unsigned, 28.75" by 62.5"
176 Diamond Refrigerator pine ice chest or box, zinc lined, 31.5" by 21.5", height is 26.25"
177 Lot silver, Jacobs & Jenkins oval tray, '800 silver cup & two small frames. 12.9 troy plus the frames
179 Table lamp with reverse painted shade & base, painted with various landscapes, in good condition, no cracks.diameter is 20.5", height is 23"
180 Table lamp with reverse painted shade, tennis scene, diameter is 16.25", height is 21.5", shade good
182 Iron plaque, figure with grapes, surrounded by vines, fireback (?)
183 2 Mid Century stack tables, larger one black, smaller one white, scuff marks, one leg loose, sold as found, larger table has cut out and is 29.25" by 17.5", height is 23.25"
184 Vintage Italian Mario Babaglia and Marco Columbo Dove Lamp for Paf, c. 1980s
185 Pedestal, Cast Stone Pedestal. Height 31"
186 Antique Cast Stone Basket of Fruit Garden Sculpture, ex. Glenmere Estate, Chester NY. Height 18", Diameter 20"
187 Atmos clock by Jaeger-LeCoultre, brass case, Swiss made
188 LeCoultre Atmos clock, brass case, some pitting on patina, one hand loose, off.
189 Vintage gumball machine, Topper, with key.
190 Vintage gumball machine, "Acorn All Purpose", with key.
191 Vintage gumball machine, by Ford Gum & Machine Corp, base has dent, globe good
192 Vintage gumball machine, red & black base, partial paper label, Chicago, with key.
193 Beaver vintage gumball machine, patina worn, pitted, glass good, no key
194 Dak vintage gumball machine, as is, no lock, key
195 Vintage gumball machine, no name, with key, glass good, filled!
196 Vintage gumball machine, Chlorophyll gum, no key.
197 Vintage gumball machine, "Western Coin Operated Machines", glass as is, cracked
198 DAK ball Point pen vending machine, with key
199 Vintage gumball machine, Folz, no key, glass good.
200 Vintage gum vending machine, Wrigley's, plastic top, turn knob, with key.
201 Asian oxblood vase, signed, sang de boeuf vase, height is 7.5", in good condition.
202 Chinese porcelain vase, blue design on yellow background, no cracks, there is some odd blemish on side, nothing shows under blacklight, height is 10.5"
203 Chinese porcelain vase, pink on white, various leafs, figures, drilled, height is 8"
204 Early Chinese bronze figure, warrior, guard with spear standing on pedestal / stool, one leg on stool missing, height is 7"
205 Early bronze pot, cauldron, Asian (?), with single, square handle, diameter is 7 7/7", height is 5", on three legs with "paw" feet, has crack around one of the legs, handle is 4"
206 Early Flemish bronze cauldron, with 2 handles, on three legs, possibly 17th Century or earlier, 10 1/8"" tall, top diameter is 7 3/8", great old patina. <br> NOTE, this item came from a private collection of antiquities, mostly acquired during the 1980's , most items were Asian, Chinese, but there are fine examples of European, English & Flemish examples found as well
207 Early Chinese bronze single handle pot, saucepan style, 17t Century, possibly earlier, has designs on side, and on handle, on 3 feet, diameter is 8 3/8", height is 4", length handle is 10.25". <br>NOTE, this item came from a private collection of antiquities, mostly acquired during the 1980's , most items were Asian, Chinese, but there are fine examples of European, English & Flemish examples found as well
208 Large ancient Chinese cauldron, various designs on side, on 3 small feet, 2 handles, early!, pot is 11.5" tall, top diameter is 14.5"
209 Antique Flemish cauldron, bell bronze, with spiral wrought iron handle, 3 legs, one has been crudely repaired, possibly 17th Century, possible earlier., pot is 9" tall, opening in 8.25"
210 Antique Flemish cauldron, bell bronze, with 2 handles, on three legs, possibly 17th Century or earlier, 9" tall, top diameter is 8.5", several old repairs.
211 Early bronze colander or strainer , Asian appearance, (Japanese ?), dark patine, with hoop handles, 7.5" in diameter, height is 4". <br> NOTE, this item came from a private collection of antiquities, mostly acquired during the 1980's , most items were Asian, Chinese, but there are fine examples of European, English & Flemish examples found as well
212 Small cloisonne vase, red enamel over silver, decorated with cranes, has very small blemish right below top rim, vase is 4.75" tall.
213 Japanese painting, warrior on horseback, blossom trees, signed, painting, excluding border is 41.5" by 16.5"
214 Japanese painting, bird, blossom trees, signed, painting, excluding border is 50.5" by 16.5", foxing visible.
215 Japanese painting, various figures in interior, yard setting, unsigned, 43.25" by 24.25", unsigned, note, size given is total size.
216 Two Japanese prints, artwork, scene with creature & extensive calligraphy, 27" by 4.25" & figures by tree, with birds, wise man, unsigned, 21.25" by 8.5"
217 Two Chinese drawings, watercolors, children playing & "Playing at badminton with the fool", both signed, calligraphy.
218 Pair large Celadon planters, crackle green, each planter is 16 3/8" in diameter, height is 13.75", good condition.
219 Chinese triple drawer writing table, top is 38.5" by 22.25", height is 33"
220 Chinese cabinet in red paint, double door with interior drawers, cabinet is 41" by 20", height is 67"
221 Chinese coffee table, signed on bottom, table is 40" by 40", height is 16"
222 Woodblock, Paul Jacoulet, lady posing on chair , 1934, 16" by 10.75"
223 Woodblock, Paul Jacoulet, lady looking in vanity mirror, 1934, 16" by 10.75", some foxing.
224 Woodblock, Paul Jacoulet, lady holding fan , 1934, 16" by 10.75"
225 Woodblock, Paul Jacoulet, lady holding flower , 1934, 16" by 10.75", some foxing
226 Slag glass table lamp, green shade, 23.75" tall, glass in good condition, 1920 vintage
227 National Candy store cash register, marble shelf, ornate designs, serial number 1134324, 312.
228 Japanese bronze table lamp with frosted shade, decorated with faces, birds, height, as shown with shade is 36.25"
229 Berliner Gramophone & record case, National Gramophone Co, oak case, with horn, wind up mechanism, key, base is 9.75" by 9.75", leather connector from horn to reproducer not original, oak record case is 10.25" by 9.25", strap missing, includes 35 records, record case has small piece of molding, trim missing on side bottom.
230 Painting, Madonna & Child. Sight 18" x 13"; Framed & Glazed 23.75" x 18.75", watercolor, Italian School (19th century)
231 Pair bronze & marble candelabra on putti figural bases, 5 arms, candelabra are 18" tall, two cup inserts are missing
232 Pair small bronze dueling figures, two figures with swords, glove on ground, on velvet lined bases, height including base is 11.75", both sword blades are missing.
233 Pair bronze candelabra on marble bases, 15.75" tall, tops different (cups) than bases, arms are bent slightly inward, two cups have missing inserts.
234 French bronze & marble mantle clock, dore patina, putti with dove, in white marble with gilt bronze detail, paint decorated dial, with key & pendulum, rear glass door cracked, clock is 12" by 6.25", height is 16"
235 Bronze figure of Napoleon, J. Smith, 1901, on marble base, height is 15.75"
236 French figural bronze mantle clock, puttu holding rooster, mixed patina, painted dial, with key, pendulum, clock is 11" by 6", height is 15", rear glass door is cracked
237 Pair gilt bronze candelabra table lamps, decorative bases with figures & mythological birds, 3 arms each with center socket extension, with shades, lamps are
238 Renaissance revival humidor, zinc lined, decorated with various angels, lid adorned with carved lion, "Scul Bigagli Angiolo" spiral columns surround the humidor, base is 14" by 11.75", height is 16.5"
239 Crystal chandelier, 8 arms, various hanging crystals, chandelier is 36" tall, diameter is 31"some small strands, crystals are missing.
240 Set Blue Onion Royal Copenhagen porcelain, includes two oval dishes (one as is, chipped), teapot, sugar & creamer, footed bowl, 4 bread plates, pair nut dishes & 4 cups & saucers
241 Painting, French English battle scene in Zeeland, "Brune, Vainqueur des Anglais en Z?lande", mural type painting showing defeated English troops retreat in Zeeland, Netherlands, oil on canvas, 40" by 75"
242 Painting, twilight landscape, F. T. Sibley, 1894, oil on canvas, sloop, small boat in river with trees in background against sunset sky, relined, canvas is 48" by 32"
243 Painting, Henry Martin Gasser, hiker by rock, landscape, watercolor, 10.75" by 13 5/8"
244 Painting, Henry Martin Gasser, "Flatbrook Creek", Sussex County, N.J., oil on canvas board, 14" by 20"
245 Painting, portrait child, manner of William Prior, small oil on panel young girl, 5.5" by 4.25", folk art
246 Painting, Aaron Draper Shattuck (American 1832-1928), Oil on Canvas Mounted on Masonite, "Garden Study Near Moat Mountain, Conway NH", 10" x 7"; Framed 14" x 11.75". Estate Provenance Verso
247 Painting, German School (late 19th century) Oil on Canvas, Girl in White Frock Dress and Doll, Signed Upper Left. 26" x 20"; Framed 28" x 22"
248 Painting, Leon Devos (Belgian 1897-1974) Oil on Canvas, "Hedwige" Niece of Artist, Unsigned. 24" x 20"; Framed 29" x 25.5" Provenance: Monique Finley-Daughter of the Artist .(Inscribed on Stretcher)
249 Painting, Edith Penman (American 1860-1929), Still Life with Blue Vase & Daffodils, Signed. 14" x 18.75"; Framed & Glazed 19.5" x 23.5"
250 Painting, English School (early 19th century), Oil on Canvas, Portrait of a Young Girl with Dog. 30" x 25", Framed 36" x 31", Provenance: Property of Amy Dunbell (Label Verso)
251 Painting, Steamship on Choppy Seas, after the original. 25" x 37"; Framed 30" x 42", French School (20th century), Oil on Canvas
252 Painting, ?Viaduct at Starrucca, Pennsylvania?, J. Francis Cropsey oil on canvas. 18" x 27.5"; Framed 25" x 33.5", early stages of flaking
253 Painting, G.S. Vander Poel, Lily Pad Pondscape, Signed. 30" x 25"; Framed 33.25" x 28.5", (American, Early 20th century) Oil on Canvas: Exhibit: The Society of The Four Arts, Palm Beach Florida, Loan #64.044.2
254 Watercolor on Paper, Study of Lilies. Sight 23" x 18.75"; Framed & Glazed 31.5" x 27.5" American School (20th century),
255 Pastel, West Side Tenement, Attributed to William Glacken, Signed & Titled. Sight 15.75" x 21.5"; Framed & Glazed 23" x 29"
256 Set 8 Brno chairs, for Knoll, in black leather with steel chrome base, in excellent condition, 23" wide, 21" deep, height is 30.5", seat height is
257 Set 8 Brno chairs, for Knoll, in black leather with steel chrome base, in excellent condition, 23" wide, 21" deep, height is 30.5", seat height is
258 Mid Century Carlo Scarpa "Doge" dining table, brushed steel base with glass top, top is 10' long, 40" deep, height is 28", in excellent condition, glass has no chips, cracks.
259 Brueton style Cantilever coffee table, Mid-Century Modern, design by J.Wade Beam (1970), chrome corner base holding a glass top, glass is 48" by 48", height is 15", glass top has minute chips on corners.
260 Carlo Scarpa "Doge" coffee table, brushed steel base with glass top, glass is 61" by 44.75", height is 17.5", glass has one small chip.
261 Knoll style glass top & glass base dinette table, could be Pace Collection, or Ralph Lauren, unsure, all glass construction, glass X shaped base & round glass top, top is 48" in diameter, height is 28.5", in good condition, no chips, cracks.
262 Art Deco style brass patina rocker with brown tufted vinyl upholstery, wood rockers
263 Porcelain top iron base table, purportedly from QEII, Zebra pattern top, top is 20.5" in diameter, height is 24"
264 1980's tessellated bone curio cabinet, with white "tiles", brass trim, 4 glass shelves, 38.5" by 15", height is 81".
265 James Mont style table lamp, green base, with shade, height is 27.75" (incl. shade)
266 French Style Gilt Iron & Plate Glass Coffee Table, 20th century. Height 16", top is 23" by 48"
267 Designed Modern Beveled Edge Plate Glass Dining Table with (2) Marble Rectangular Shaped Column Pedestals, 20th century. Height 28"; Top 40" x 79"
268 Venetian glass lot, Blown Squat Bottle-Form Vases with Robin?s Egg Blue Applications, 20th century. Height 2.75"; Pair Venetian Glass Pedestal Goblets, height 7" & a pair of Venetian Pink/White Pulled Feather Design Flattened Vases, 20th century. Height 6.5".
269 Painting, August Albo (American 1933-1963) Oil on Canvas, Study of Watermelon & Grapes, Signed Verso. 18 x 24", Framed 24" x 30"
270 Warren Davis (American 1865-1928), Etching, Reclining Nude, Signed in Margin. Plate 6" x 8"; Framed & Glazed 12" x 14.5"
271 Watercolor ?The Umbrella?, David Levine (American 1926-2009) Catalog #2-335, Initial Signed & Dated 1958 with Davis Galleries/NY Information Verso. Sheet 6" x 6"; Framed & Glazed 10" x 10.5"
272 Two etchings, Lyman Byxbe & Alfred Hutty (American), Etching "Whaling Harps", Signed & Titled in Margin. Plate 5.5" x 7"; Framed & Glazed 14.75" x 11.75" & Alfred Hutty (American, 1877-1954), Etching, "The Bishop?s Gate", Signed with Snail Cypher. Plate 5.75" x 7"; Framed & Glazed 12" x 25.75", Inscribed verso: ?Etching by Albert Hutty - Entrance to His Studio in Charleston SC. Purchased during visit to Charleston in March 1939 at His Studio. "From Rob from Mary"
273 Painting, pasture with cows, unsigned, 19th Century oil on canvas, in gilt frame, canvas is 22" by 36"
274 Sicilian cart panel, hand painted & carved, paint is faded, panel is 21.5" high (posts), length is 46"
275 Queen Anne Style Mahogany Game Table, 19th century. Height 29.5"; Width 33"; Top/Open 35"
276 Antique mahogany bow front chest with brass hardware, chest is 43.25" by 22.5", height is 36.25", small piece of trim missing around front left leg, one brass pull missing.
277 French armoire, double door cabinet size is 55" by 24.5", height is 86.25"
278 2 over 4 chest, brass hardware, chest is 25.75" by 14.25", height is 43.25", rear foot is loose, cabinet itself is loose, needs tightening.
279 Camphor chest, metal corner brackets, chest is 38" by 18.25", height is 18.75", in good condition.
280 Cockfight chair, in red vinyl covering, chair is 26" wide, 19" deep, height is 32.25", vinyl worn, tear in seat
281 Pair antique Chippendale chairs with needlepoint seats, strong ball & claw feet, in mahogany, needlepoint seats show bird scenes.
282 Antique Chippendale side chair, ball & claw feet.
283 Edwardian parlor set, loveseat & two chairs, various old repairs, arms, legs, bench is 55" by 21", height is 34.25"
284 French "Sacristo" cabinet, mid 19th Century, with carved doors, top, raised panel sides, top has sliding doors, cabinet is 69" by 19", height is 79", in good condition.
285 Rosewood needlepoint footstool, X base, stool is 19" by 15", height is 16.75"
286 Slant front desk, Chippendale style, 4 drawers, 36" wide, 18" deep, height is 39.5"
287 Carved English oak 17th Century armchair with later repairs, back is carved with portrait & armorial, coat of arms, chair is 25" wide, 23" deep, height is 46.25"
288 Set (8) Biedermeier Fruitwood & Parcel Gilt Lyre-Back Chairs including (6) Sides & (2) Arms, 19th century
289 Louis XVI Style Gilt Bronze Mounted Mahogany Marquetry Writing Desk, 20th century. Height 27"; Width 43"
290 Federal Cherry & Bird?s Eye Maple Veneer Bow-Front Bureau, attributed to Spooner & Fitch, Athol Massachusetts, 1805-1813. Height 36"; Width 42"; Depth 22"
291 19th century tilt top table, walnut top, 31" by 30", height is 29", top split
292 Queen Anne walnut bureau, slant front desk, early 18th Century, 38.5" high, 36" wide, 21" deep, purchases at Christy's for $3000, 4/20/1985
293 Pair Knoll chairs, dark blue vinyl on chrome legs
294 Set 4 Italian MCM chairs, black vinyl seats, one seat has small tear, chairs sold as found.
295 Pair portraits on porcelain, by Limoges, signed Carmona, in ebonized frames, 5.75" by 4 1/8" (sight)
296 Lot misc sterling flatware, various spoons, forks, tongs, 15 troy plus handles.
297 Set Towle sterling flatware, "Old Master Pattern", 56 troy plus knives.
298 12 silver cups, India, sterling, 27 troy
299 Lot sterling silver trays, plates, 16 pieces, total weight is 304 troy, monogrammed, diameter is 12 3/8"
300 Lot sterling silver napkin rings, 15 count, 12 troy
301 Tiffany & Co sterling flask, dated 8/6/82, monogrammed, 4.5 troy
302 Set sterling flatware, "Burgundy", by Reed & Barton, service for 12, 72 troy plus knives
303 Set sterling flatware, "Burgundy", by Reed & Barton, service for 12, 71 troy plus knives, this set is missing one luncheon fork
304 Pair sterling candelabra by Grand, Argento Massiccid, 128 troy, height is 18 7/8"
305 Sterling flatware, Royal Danish, service for 16 with 4 sterling handled serving pieces & 6 solid serving pieces, 114 troy
306 Set sterling flatware, "Avanti", by Celsa, Mexico, 74 troy including knives, (4 troy correction made for knives).
307 Sterling serving knife & crumber, crumber is hallmarked, 17 troy.
308 Sterling silver lot, salts, pair weighted candle holders, miniature tray, match holder, approx. 6 troy
309 Pair sterling candelabra, weighted, Kirk & Son, height is 12.25"
310 Blue Topaz 14K gold earrings & pendant, custom made. 13.5 grams total weight
311 Sterling silver Audubon plates, various birds, ducks, etched in sterling silver, 8", 26 troy
312 Chinese Ebonized Teak Wood Ornately Carved Stand, 19th century, Height 22"; Top/Diameter 22"
313 Chinese vase, green exterior, white celedon interior, repaired, as is, square design, vase is 20.75" tall, signed.
314 Austrian Art Deco Painted Bronze of a Dancer on a onyx plinth, c.1920. Height 9"
315 Indo-Persian Tabriz Style Rug, 20th century. 5' x 7'7"
316 Semi-Antique Caucasian Runner, 20th century. 2'8" x 11'5", ends are stained
317 Fine Antique Persian Bidjar Carpet, c.1930. 12'3" x 9'4"
318 Antique Kashan Carpet, c.1930. 10'1" x 13'6"
319 Semi-Antique Central Persian Rug, 20th century. 3'10" x 4'11"
320 Central Persian Rug, 20th century. 2'6" x 4'4"
321 Antique Kashan Carpet, c,1930, 10' x 13'4"
322 Alixandre Fur coat
323 Alixandre Fur coat
324 Room Size carpet, silk, light colored, carpet is 12' by 8'10", carpet is worn, needs cleaning.
325 Turkish, caucasian carpet, 10'3" by 7'4", good condition.
326 Pakistan Classic Persian Knot carpet, ivory field, center medallion, 9'3" by 12'6, minor wear, indentation from heavy table visible.
327 Tribal rug, brown & blue, carpet is 72" by 42", in good condition
328 Room Size carpet, ivory field, 11'6" by 8'1", some moth damage, see images, sold as is.
330 Silk carpet, in pink, excellent quality, good condition,not old, carpet is 9'9" by 6'7"
331 Scatter rug, in blue & red, marked "Hereke", carpet is 67" by 47"
332 Carpet bag, Persian carpet & flatweave back, 21" by 22"
333 Silk scatter rug, light blue, pink & ivory, moderate wear, carpet is 78" by 48", foundation shows in several places (see images)
334 Silk carpet, in red, some color differences, possibly uneven dye, carpet is 10'11" by 7'8"
335 Wool mid Century carpet, in red, high pile, some wear, carpet is 11'5" by 8'2"
336 Antique Sarouk Rug, 20th century. 2' x 4'1"
337 Semi-Antique Central Persian Rug, 20th century. 4'1" x 6'
338 2 small Chinese Peking Pictorial Rugs, 20th century. 2'6" x 5?; 2'4" x 4'
339 Pair Fine Antique Caucasian Soumak Saddlebags, 2'2" x 5'2"
340 Spanish colonial carved wood panel, 12 diamond pattern carvings over double panel base, panel is 78.25" by 52.5"
341 Flip glass vase, grape leaf etched edge, vase is 10" tall, opening is 7", good condition.
342 Pair 18th Century brass pricket candle holders, height is 10.5", some loss on decorative edge.
343 Brass claret , 17th / 18th Century, with decorative handle, face of bearded man on body below handle, height is 11.75", some damage, loss at bottom edge.
344 Roman British greyware flagon, Roman bottle,1st Century A.D. from Scott collection, excavated in Broad street, two small holes, chips around rim.
345 2 vases, Roman flagons, England, stoneware, earthenware flagon bottles, Romano British, 3rd Century, one repaired, 6 5/8" & 7 75" tall, smaller bottle has several lines of text, hard to read.
346 Etruscan Bucchero ware bowl, 5th Century BC, repaired, bowl is 5 5/8" in diameter, height is 4 1/8"
347 English Tiger ware flagon, brown stoneware, small chip on side, otherwise in good condition, height is 10 3/8" tall.
348 Early redware jar with lid, glazed, some chips on lid, jar is 7" tall, lid not original.
349 Lot early English Roman artifacts, small bowls, 2 small vessels, one is as is, top broken, bowl has one handle broken, 5 piece lot, sold as is.
350 Wallpaper box, in dark blue, decorated with urns, trees, landscape, with lid, box is 21" by 16", height is 12.75", edge of lid partially loose.
351 Domed wallpaper box, floral decorated, box is 19.5" by 11.75", height is 12"
352 Folk art whirligig, sailor figure holding paddles, height is 17.25" (base to top hat)
353 Antique Pillar & Scroll clock, eglomise panel, painted wood dial, replaced works (wind up mechanism), clock is 30.75" tall, small piece of trim missing.
354 19th century carved wood relief, Baron von Munchausen, painted & carved wood showing the baron on his cut horse, size is 29.5" by 40.5"
355 19th century carved wood relief, Baron von Munchausen, painted & carved wood showing the baron flying on a cannonball, 29.5" by 38.75", panel has two splits, cracks upper edge
356 Tole coffee box, original gilding and some later paint 3 compartments, box is 11.25" by 8.75", height is 27"
357 Firkin with lid, red paint, "Sugar", with carrying handle, 12" tall, base diameter is 12.25"
358 Early rocking horse, carved & painted wood, gesso, paint worn, length rockers is 50.25", height is 27.5", has old repairs, ears missing.
359 Immigrants trunk, in blue paint, dated 1874, domed lid, trunk is 23.75" by 43.5", height is 22.25"
360 Continental antique paint decorated horse sleigh, leather seat & tufted back, paint decorated exterior, iron rails appear to be replaced, sleigh is 36.5" by 50", height is 36.5"
361 Painting, sailboats, Donald Purdy, oil on Masonite showing sailboats in bay, 36" by 24"
362 Painting, "Suburban Bridge", by Schoulberg, oil on canvas, 24" by 30"
363 6 photographs, Timothy Hearsum, "Body Heat" series, various nude scenes, Antelope Canyon & others, 1990's. lot includes 5 photographs by Hearsum & one additional photograph by Elizabeth Little.
364 Painting, houses, town, by Donald Purdy, oil on Masonite, 29.5" by 24"
365 Painting, abstract, Alice Forman, oil on canvas, Camino Gallery label, canvas is 40" by 36"
366 Painting, figures, Coleccion Antonio Souza, signed illegibly (Corgal ??, see images) Mexican school, oil on canvas, 25.5" by 22"
367 Painting, Paris scene, Andre Gisson, oil on linen, Place de la Concorde, 12" by 16"
368 Drawing, stylized portrait, Ron Avery, lady with cape, holding wine glass, manner of Erte, 29.25" by 21.25"
369 Lot (7) Early Silver Print Photographs, c.1910, Yoho National Park, British Columbia & Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Sight 20" x 16" or 15.25" x 19.25", Framed & Glazed Framed 2.75" x 20.75" & 20.25" x 24.25"
370 German Baroque Carved Walnut Armoire, 18/19th century. Height 74?; Width 60?; Depth 24?, raised panel doors, drawers in base.
371 Pair large carved stone garden urns missing plinth bases, 18th Century, one has loss, repairs, urns are 25" tall,
372 Pair Cast Stone Bacchus Figures, ex. Glenmere Estate, Chester NY. Height 61", Note to be picked up at location, Chester New York, approximate weight 300 LBS each.
373 Japanese temple bell, modern style, iron base, 4" by 4" posts, height, as shown is 62"
374 Patinated iron Armillary., sundial, height 66"; Diameter 29"
375 2 Antique cast iron planters, urns, Painted Garden Urn. Height 17": Diameter 18.5" & Antique Cast Iron Planter, Washington Iron Works, Buffalo NY. Height 36" Diameter 27"
376 vintage Terra cotta keystone, 19" tall, neoclassical head
377 Found Metal Object sculpture, Cast Iron Garden Figure of a Crane. Height 52", signed Keiso 9??)
378 Set (3) Gloster/Smith & Hawkins Teak Garden Furniture including Bench, Length 58"; Armchair & Low Table
379 French Art Deco Burl Wall Tall Chest, c. 1920. Height 53"; Width 23"
380 Bronze base pedestal, unusual cherry or maple stand with carved hooks, pedestal or stand is 31.75" tall, top is 15.5" by 15.5"
381 Vintage shoe rack on casters, 5 shelves, rack is 38" by 17", height is 63"
382 Barrister oak bookcase, 4 stack plus top & bottom, one door has glass missing, partially spray painted, height as shown is 59.25"
383 Barrister oak bookcase, 3 stack plus top & bottom, Globe & Wernicke Co. height as shown is 49.25"
384 vintage Oak file cabinet, Globe-Wernicke, 5 drawer, two small top drawers.
385 Pair Gunlocke chairs, 1965, in green & blue. Mid Century
386 Pair Old Hickory Indiana rockers & hickory chair frame, rocking chairs have minor bark loss and bad seat on one, single chair not signed.
387 Koch & Lowy chrome Swing-Arm Telescopic Reading Floor Lamp,
388 4 deco style pine bar stools, one has tear in seat
389 Stickley Audi prairie style settee, L&JG copy, signed, sofa is 84" long (7 feet), depth is 37.5", height is 29", some scratches,several back panels are cracked, in used condition.
390 Curved oak china cabinet with wood shelves, claw feet, cabinet is 40.75" wide, 16.25" deep, height is 64", one front leg is loose
391 Set (4) Dakota Jackson Vik-ter II Cushioned Counter Bar Stools.
392 Mohtashem Kashan scatter rug, 6'6" by 4'5", dry, some tears on sides, purchased at Sotheby's 6/4/1988 for $3000 (lot 168), sold as is, as found.
393 Matador, bull fighting lot, cape, sword & oil painting, portrait, cape in pink, with yellow interior lining, sword with red scabbard.
394 Kachina figure, native Indian, with bird mask, painted & applied fabric, fur, height is 13"
395 The Columbia Dictionary Stand, cast iron base, one leg is repaired, original decal.
396 Large forge bellows, leather, oak & iron, bellows are 57" long, 36" wide set in wrought iron frame
397 Linen table cloth with gilt embroidered detail,93" by 167" (14 feet), some stains, needs cleaning.
398 Pottery, wood bowl, Navajo pottery vase signed Susie Crank; pottery vase signed Komalestewa (?), has chip on rim & mixed wood bowl signed M. Ray.
399 Jemerick art pottery vase, manner of Grueby, Metropolitan museum reproduction, 12" tall, in good condition
400 Jemerick art pottery vase, manner of Grueby, Metropolitan museum reproduction, 10 5/8" tall, has very small chip on one of the ribs.
401 5 vintageJapanese rice molds, various designs, sizes,signed
402 Asian totem temple pole, figural wood carving, pole shaped carving with figure of a man leaning on stick, height is 80" including base old and weathered
403 3 piece mantle clock set, yellow marble, gilt metal decoration, paint decorated porcelain dial, with urn garnitures.
404 Gilt Spelter figural clock under dome, on white alabaster, glass dome on wood base, height is 18", dome in good condition.
405 Lalique Antille Frosted Ice Bucket, crystal, France, 10.5" by 8.25", in good condition, no chips.
406 Crystal regulator with faux mercury glass pendant, French style case, height is 15.25"
407 Chinese table screen & wood vessel with lid, screen painted tile front with various scenes, lacquered back, has lacquer loss & peeling lacquer on reverse, 18" tall, 4 panels
408 Albert Carrier-Belleuse Rembrandt bronze, Rembrandt seated with easel at his feet, old patina, height is 15.5"
409 Venetian Carved & Gilt Reticulated Frame with beveled Mirror Plate, 19th century. Overall 20.25" by 19"
410 Gilt Full-Bodied Copper Running Horse zinc head Weathervane, 19th century. Height 21"; Length 32"
411 Half-Hull Ship Builder?s Model, New Bedford Whaler, 19th century. Length 49"
412 1864 Springfield .58 caliber Musket & Indian War Bayonet & Scabbard, 2 piece lot
413 Antique Thai Carved Stone Steele. Height 26"
414 Antique Thai Carved Stone Steele. Height 26"
415 Jadeite carved Asian figure, woman & child, height is 5 7/8" interior fractures and chips
416 Carved marble head of Buddha, height is 16"
417 Chinese Imperial Yellow Incised Bowl, Bearing Hung Chih Mark. Diameter 6"
418 Art Deco White Alabaster Figure of a Standing Nude, Signed Prof. G. Besfi. Height 12.25"
419 Art Deco Bronze Dancing Nude on Marble Base, Unsigned, early 20th century. Height 18"
420 Art Deco Draped Nude Mascot in Opalescent Glass "Isadora" By Lucille Sevin for Etling of Paris, France, Signed Etling France 50, c.1925. Height 8"
421 Lalique art glass lot, Opalescent Glass "Chrysis" Hood Ornament, 20th century. Height 5.5" , Lalique France Opalescent Glass Anemone Ouverte Element & triple Anemone Candlestick, 20th century. Height 5.5"
422 Italian Pietra Dura Plaque, Young Ladies Strolling in Square, #6925, Signed Musiva. 7.5" x 5.25"; Framed & Glazed 12" x 9.75"
423 2 Contemporary pottery vases, including a Glazed Pottery Vase with Abstract Decoration, Signed & Dated 1988. Height 11" & Glazed Pottery Vase, Signed Feni 1988. Height 10.5"
424 Lot (4) Sterling Frames Including London/Keyford, Burmingham, Italian and Reed and Barton
425 Lot (5) Ancient Roman/Middle Eastern Iridescent Bulbous-Form Squat Vases, Height 2"? 5" (1/as is)
426 Lot art glass, Art Deco 800 Silver Mounted Vase, and Engraved Iridescent Vase. Height 6,25" plus 3 Art Glass Vases. Height 3.25" x 8.25" (1 with chip)
427 Carved minerals & scrimshaw Whale?s Tooth, tooth is Signed Lahaina Maui, 20th century. Height 3.5"" & 7" Carved Hardstone pieces Including Agate, Lapis Lazuli and Marble
428 Pair Ashanti/Ghana Carved Akua?Ba Statues. Height 11?, on Lucite base
429 Lot (3) African Carved Passport Masks Including Dan & Mossi/Bukina Faso, 19th century. Height 5" & 4"
430 Lot (2) Mossi/Burkina Faso Including Heddle Pulley & Carved Female Statue, 19th century. Height 11" & 13"
431 Benin Nigeria Bronze Head of an Obi. Height 13"
432 Painting, portrait, Edward Firn, full body portrait of a lady in silk Asian style robe, oil on canvas, canvas is 44.25" by 34.25"
433 6 Venetian oil paintings, 2 large, 4 small, various Venetian canal & street scenes, unsigned, large ones are 15" by 19.75", smaller ones are 10.25" by 13 3/8" (sight), appear 19th Century.
434 Painting, "Kaiser", by Frederick Albert Clark, 1902, horse portrait, oil on canvas, has small hole upper right quadrant, 20" by 24"
435 Painting, Mildred Bailey Carpenter, woman with child, baby, watercolor on paper, 10" by 7.5"
436 5 early engravings, 2 hand colored, 4 black & white, "Place de L'Eglise de St. Marc" & L'Int?rieur de L'Abbaye de Westminster" (both colored) plus three black & white scenes of Venice, 18th Century, all framed.
437 Print, Philibert Louis Debucourt, after Carle Vernet, "Dogs Having Lost the Right Scent", 23" by 29.25"
438 18th Century engraving, The prodigal son as a swineherd Filius prodigus qui pascit porcos , The prodigal son in frayed clothing, with shepherd's staff in hand, sitting among the pigs, colored detail, 19.25" by 26.75", well framed, in good condition
439 Map, "London in Miniature with the Surrounding Villages. An Entire New Plan in which the Improvements both present and intended are actually reduced (by permission) from the surveys of the Several Proprietors. The whole laid down from the best Authorities and Carefully corrected to the present time, total size is 24.75" by 45"
440 Pair soldier prints by Armand Dumares, 1858 & 1856, showing soldiers in uniform, each print is 22.25" by 14.75"
441 Audubon engraving, "Golden Eagle, Aquila Chrysaetos", Female adult, Engraved, Printed & Coloured by R. Havell 1833, 36.75" by 24.5"
442 Paintings, cottage scenes, H. Butler, oil on canvas, pair of cottage landscapes with figures, in gilt frames, each painting is 12" by 20"
443 Painting, bear on frozen lake, nocturnal folksy scene, oil on canvas, unsigned, 24" by 32"
444 Painting, Chickens, signed, oil on panel, signature illegible, panel is 8.25" by 10.5"
445 Contemporary chandelier, hanging fixture, diameter is 23.5", by J.T. Roselle Home Lighting.
446 Upholstered dog bone pouf, bench, 1990's, 7 feet long, height is 20" cushion on solid base
447 Lameck Bonjisi stone carving, "Metamorphosis", African, Zimbabwe, face carved out of stone, back unfinished, polished front, unsigned, height is 27.25", in good condition.
448 Stone sculpture, Brazilio Chayabandi, "Chief", springstone, African Shone sculpture, height is 21.5", in good condition.
449 Charlie Miner Cast glass bowl, Tesuque glass works with carved fish, bowl is 10" in diameter, 12" tall, small chip on edge,
450 Poster, Ben Shahn, Jester, 1955 exhibition poster, 27.5" by 19"
451 Acadia Tea & Coffee Service, Castor-Cooper Collection, edition 176/500, one foot on platform loose, broken, missing lid, various dents, set sold as is.
452 Brad Copping art glass vase, frosted glass cylindrical sculpture with spiral interior, height is 16.75", diameter is 6 5/8"
453 Art glass sculpture, Donald Robertson, "Moulage a la Cire Peidge", 1999, has one popped air bubble, otherwise in good condition.
454 Large art glass bowl by Louis Via, in shades of orange, blue, green & red, bubbles, bowl is 13" in diameter, height is 7.25", in good condition
455 Silver plated punch bowl with underplate & ladle, plate is 17" in diameter, unmarked, spoon is marked Dansk
456 Set 4 Tri-Mark design chairs, tubular frame with suede upholstery, manner of Milo Baughman, in used condition, some stains.
457 Chrome & brass glass top coffee table with stretcher base, top is 36" by 36", height is 16"
458 Brass tea cart, glass shelves, 2 section unit, inner section swings out, tea cart is 31" by 16", height is 29"
459 Pair deco blue leather chairs, chrome base, leather good, worn, but no tears, one chair has rewelded seat support
460 Mid Century chair, manner of Baughman, in white leather on steel chrome base chair is 29" by 20" seat, height is 28"
461 Mid Century chair, Danish (?), rush seat & back.
462 Louis Vuitton carry-On luggage bag, with pull out handle, leather side handle has rip, worn, otherwise in good condition, 18" by 10", by 27".
463 Louis Vuitton carry-On luggage bag, with pull out handle, leather side handle has rip, worn, otherwise in good condition, 18" by 10", by 27".
464 Louis Vuitton folding garment bag, luggage
465 Louis Vuitton Damier folding garment luggage
466 Hermes scarf, in original box, in excellent condition.
467 Inlaid linen press, converted to TV cabinet
468 Marble top French console table, small
469 Pair Brno chairs, MCM, steel chrome & upholstered, good condition
470 Ancient Chinese terracotta figural vessel, Eastern Han, 25-220 AD, early cup on figural base, with traces of old paint, vessel, cup is 10 5/8" tall. NOTE, this item came from a private collection of antiquities, mostly acquired during the 1980's , most items were Asian, Chinese, but there are fine examples of European, English & Flemish examples found as well.
471 Pair Yuan / early Ming Cizhou Bowls, paint decorated terracotta bowls, glazed, with brown decorations, each bowl is 8 3/8" in diameter, in good condition. NOTE, this item came from a private collection of antiquities, mostly acquired during the 1980's , most items were Asian, Chinese, but there are fine examples of European, English & Flemish examples found as well
472 Early Chinese ceramic pillow, in white with black decoration, repaired, various old breaks, 9" by 7.5", height is 4 3/8". <br>NOTE, this item came from a private collection of antiquities, mostly acquired during the 1980's , most items were Asian, Chinese, but there are fine examples of European, English & Flemish examples found as well
473 Ancient polychrome terracotta pot, redware clay, extensively decorated, restored, many old repairs, origin unknown, 13.5" wide, height is 11.25". NOTE, this item came from a private collection of antiquities, mostly acquired during the 1980's , most items were Asian, Chinese, but there are fine examples of European, English & Flemish examples found as well
474 Early carved Asian stone basin, mortar like vessel, carved brown stone, carved detail & heads on sides, has repair to one set of legs, 8.5" by 5.75", height is 7". NOTE, this item came from a private collection of antiquities, mostly acquired during the 1980's , most items were Asian, Chinese, but there are fine examples of European, English & Flemish examples found as well.
475 Pair ancient Chinese tomb figures, grey clay with red patina, one has repaired leg, other has repaired ankle, height is 23.5". NOTE, this item came from a private collection of antiquities, mostly acquired during the 1980's , most items were Asian, Chinese, but there are fine examples of European, English & Flemish examples found as well.
476 Ancient Chinese polychrome vase, on three legs, extensively restored, old patina, traces of old red painted designs, vase, vessel is 12.5" tall, top diameter is 9 5/8". NOTE, this item came from a private collection of antiquities, mostly acquired during the 1980's , most items were Asian, Chinese, but there are fine examples of European, English & Flemish examples found as well.
477 Early Chinese Cizhou ware, conical bowl, northern Song, glazed earthenware, in ivory, bowl in good condition, diameter is 7 5/8", height is 3 1/8". NOTE, this item came from a private collection of antiquities, mostly acquired during the 1980's , most items were Asian, Chinese, but there are fine examples of European, English & Flemish examples found as well.
478 Early decorated Chinese glazed charger, plate, decorated with flowers & leaves, repaired, diameter is 12". NOTE, this item came from a private collection of antiquities, mostly acquired during the 1980's , most items were Asian, Chinese, but there are fine examples of European, English & Flemish examples found as well.
479 Antique Chinese bowl, terracotta with green drip glaze, line decoration near rim, bowl is 6 7/8" in diameter, height is 3.75", has old repair. NOTE, this item came from a private collection of antiquities, mostly acquired during the 1980's , most items were Asian, Chinese, but there are fine examples of European, English & Flemish examples found as well.
480 Antique terracotta tomb figure, old red paint, figure is 11.75". NOTE, this item came from a private collection of antiquities, mostly acquired during the 1980's , most items were Asian, Chinese, but there are fine examples of European, English & Flemish examples found as well.
481 Two early Chinese bowls, green / grey, tang (?), 5 1/8" & 6 7/8" in diameter, smaller bowl has small hairline. NOTE, this item came from a private collection of antiquities, mostly acquired during the 1980's , most items were Asian, Chinese, but there are fine examples of European, English & Flemish examples found as well.
482 Early terracotta pot, in grey, extensively restored, top diameter is 6 5/8", height is 7 5/8". NOTE, this item came from a private collection of antiquities, mostly acquired during the 1980's , most items were Asian, Chinese, but there are fine examples of European, English & Flemish examples found as well.
483 Chinese terracotta lot, 3 pieces, small footed cup / bowl, bowl with rope design edge & partially glazed lid. NOTE, this item came from a private collection of antiquities, mostly acquired during the 1980's , most items were Asian, Chinese, but there are fine examples of European, English & Flemish examples found as well.
484 Chinese western Han joined stoneware jar with small bird finials on lids, 8" by 8" approx. NOTE, this item came from a private collection of antiquities, mostly acquired during the 1980's , most items were Asian, Chinese, but there are fine examples of European, English & Flemish examples found as well.
485 2 Chinese terracotta bowls, one has exterior decorations, smaller bowl has single handle, has hairlines, bowl is 7.25" in diameter, height is 3 7/8", large bowl has two handles & exterior decoration, 7 3/8" in diameter, height is 6.25". NOTE, this item came from a private collection of antiquities, mostly acquired during the 1980's , most items were Asian, Chinese, but there are fine examples of European, English & Flemish examples found as well.
486 2 antique Chinese pottery jars, Eastern Zhou, warring states period, grey impressed designs, chips, smaller jat is 6.5" in diameter, height is 4 5/8", larger jar is 6 5/8" in diameter, height is 5.25". NOTE, this item came from a private collection of antiquities, mostly acquired during the 1980's , most items were Asian, Chinese, but there are fine examples of European, English & Flemish examples found as well.
487 2 Chinese dishes, Northern Song / Jin, 11th / 13th Century, Cizhou ware dish & footed dish, cracked, dish is 7 1/8", footed dish is 6". NOTE, this item came from a private collection of antiquities, mostly acquired during the 1980's , most items were Asian, Chinese, but there are fine examples of European, English & Flemish examples found as well.
488 Early Chinese terracotta warrior figure, large, warrior in armor holding spear (spear missing), various old repairs, height is 19 5/8". NOTE, this item came from a private collection of antiquities, mostly acquired during the 1980's , most items were Asian, Chinese, but there are fine examples of European, English & Flemish examples found as well.
489 Early Chinese terracotta figure, dancing woman, old patina, various old repairs, head sits loose in neck, height is 17.75". NOTE, this item came from a private collection of antiquities, mostly acquired during the 1980's , most items were Asian, Chinese, but there are fine examples of European, English & Flemish examples found as well.
490 Early Chinese terracotta figure / warrior holding shield, traces of old paint, head is loose, height is 18.5".
491 2 terra cotta vases, Asian (?), tall grey vessel with two small handles, height is 14 3/8", red terracotta footed bowl with two handles, has chipped rim,
492 3 grey earthenware vases, "Warring States, Western Han vase with two handles, 4.75", with designs, footed bowl marked "Korea", 7" tall, diameter is 7" & pitcher style urn with single handle, line design, 9.5" tall, origin unknown.
493 Two early terra cotta vases, vessel, one with lid, origin unknown, vase in black with lid ism 7.25" tall, diameter is 5 5/8", smaller red brown bowl is 2.75" tall, 6.25" in diameter, has small piece missing.
494 Large Asian stoneware bowl with various designs, on 3 figural legs, bowl is 16 1/8" in diameter, in black, dark grey.
495 2 small terra cotta teapots, one with fish shaped spout, various decorations, other with wavy pattern, Asian
496 Early earthenware pot, on three (loose) feet, appears Chinese, 17th Century, possibly earlier, diameter is 13.5", height 78.75" (height without feet.
497 Lot (3) Arts & Crafts Glazed Tiles Depicting Birds, Artist Initialed Verso, c.1920, (2) Square 6" x 6": (1) Oblong 12" x 8"
498 Massive French Yellow Faience Art Pottery Urn, late 19th century, signed Laurin, Height 16"; Diameter 12" (Cracks)
499 Lot (6) Chinese Middle Kingdom Monochrome Porcelain Bowls and Vase, (one is as is)
500 Wrought Iron Tile Top Stand. Height 19.25"; Top 17" x 17"
501 Lot (3) Including Grueby Tile, Colonial Woman, with Original Paper Label, c.1920. 6" x 6"; (2) Dutch Tiles, 18th century. 5 x 5"; Framed 6.5" x 6.5"
502 Moorcroft Pottery "Poppy" Lamp Base with seperate Chinese base Signed, Paper Label, 19"
503 2 porcelain table lamps, Large Satsuma Pottery Vase with Sparrows & Chrysanthemums, 19th century, Height 28" (Vase is Not Drilled, Mounted as a Lamp) & turquoise colored Asian style porcelain table lamp, 23.5" tall, both with shades
504 Bose Lifestyle 20 Music System, with Acoustimass Module, Lifestyle Music Center, pair double Jewel Cube Speakers, remotes, working condition.
505 Pair Klipsch speakers, Forte, 1985, teak cabinets, 16.5" by 12", height is 35.5"
506 Gilt metal planter with zinc insert, planter is 37.5" wide, 8 5/8" deep, height is 23.5" Mid Century
507 Bronze lamp on marble base, hoof feet, gilt detail, height is 17.5"
508 Pair bronze hanging wall sconces, wall mounted, hanging candelabra style 3 arms each, with shades, 18" high (top bracket to bottom candelabra)
509 Pair porcelain figurines, woman holding face mask & woman holding hammer & chisel, some minor chips, hair, toe, sold as found, height is 6.5", signed
510 Pair marble, bronze mounted garnitures, urn shaped with angel figures, height is 10"
511 Art nouveau bust of a lady, patinated white metal Spelter, "La Mondaine", height is 16.75"
512 Pair gilt bronze candle holders, oversized, decorated with heads, height is 9.5"
513 Set 11 Chinois plates by Coalport, "Chinese Willow", two are cracked, 9"
514 Set 4 silver plated wall sconces, urn shaped, each sconce has two arms, height is 13.5"
515 Pair earlier iron lanterns with handles, electrified, 17.5" tall.
516 Early wood & iron candle fixture, wood center with iron arms holding tole candle cups, fixture is 41" in diameter (approx) & height is 20"
517 Hooked rug with star shaped pattern, has damage (holes), as is, rug is 70.5" by 68"
518 Bronze figure, tall bronze female figure on slate base, bronze is unsigned, height is 15" possibly antique
519 Folk art carved wood Whimsey, interlocking.
520 Lot baskets, Gerry Williams basket & 7 stackable Vietnamese baskets
521 Art Glass & pottery lot, Steuben art glass vase, Monica Johnston art pottery bowl & Robinson art pottery bowl in blue.
522 Inlaid panel, Omar Khayy?m quote, scene, "?Ah, my Beloved, fill the Cup that clears To-day of past Regrets and future Fears --Tomorrow? -- Why, To-morrow I may be Myself with Yesterday's Sev'n Thousand Years.?, rosewood panel inlaid with exotic woods, bone, panel is 13.75"by 26 7/8"
523 Inlaid Indian coffee table, rosewood inlaid with exotic woods, showing herds of elephants in landscape, comes with glass top (has small chip on corner), top table is 14 3/8" by 50"
524 Town of Somers NY street sign, "Deans Bridge Rd"
525 2 clocks, OG clock & metal front mantle clock with figures.
526 Large custom dining table table lacquered mahogany, banded inlay, with 2 leaves, table is 8 feet by 4 feet, each leaf is 18", few minor blemishes, in good condition.
527 Set of 8 chairs, upholstered seats & back, blond wood frames, some stains on upholstery, side chairs are 19.25" by 18" (seat), height is 33"
528 Pair upholstered armchairs, white painted frames, chairs are 26.5" wide, 24" deep, height is 35"
529 Pair marble top single drawer stands with brass gallery, lower shelf, stands are 24" by 16", height is 27.25"
530 Bronze mounted marble top bombe chest, two over two, chest is 50" by 25.5", height is 32.5"
531 Bronze mounted marble top chest, French, marble repaired, cabinet is 65.5" by 17", height is 33"
532 Trumeau mirror, carved & painted top with gilt detail, mirror is 57.25" by 31"
533 Painted & upholstered settee, French style, in white with pink upholstery, loveseat is 48" wide, 22" deep (seat), height is 34"
534 Green vinyl arm chair, carved wood frame, French style with green vinyl back & seat
535 Three part custom Hepplewhite dining table, drop leaf center with two end table, inlaid detail, drawers, end tables are 20" by 48", center is 22" by 48", when set up table is 8'8" long.
536 Mahogany sideboard, center drawer flanked by two doors, sideboard is 72.5" by 27.5", height is 38.5" Sheraton style
537 Country chest, pine, in red paint, some repairs, chest is 42" by 19", height is 40.5".
538 Large pine country store counter, late 19th Century, multidrawer back, wainscoting front, top is 8 feet by 31" deep, height is 34"
539 Oak store counter top showcase, slanted front, sliding doors, case is 69.25" long, 22.5" deep, height is 11 7/8"
540 New Jersey jelly cupboard, single door over 2 door cabinet, with backsplash, cabinet is 46.25" by 15.25" old surface
541 Table & 8 chairs, Anglo-Indian, round table is 59" in diameter, height is 31.5", with 8 barrel back style, caned seat chairs.
542 Upholstered end of bed bench, carved legs, in light green paint, bench is 57"
543 Carved Oak Revolving Hat / Coat Stand, 19 / 20th century. Height 67"
544 Chinese Carved Hung Mu style Altar Table, 20th century. Height 32"; Top 14" x 54"
545 Japanese/Sumi, Watercolor & Gold Ground on Paper, 4-Paneled Screen, Mandarin & Geisha Girls in Court Garden, c.1920. 48" x 94", paper faces wrinkled
546 Japanese woodblock, Yoshitoshi, "A famous Jockey at Shokonsha", published by Tsunashima in 1881, 6.5" by 8.5"
547 Chinese framed art, stamps, Hong Kong, includes 4 sets of framed postage stamps, "Year of The Snake"; "Historical Chinese Costumes"; "Hong Kong Birds" & Historical Scenes of Hong Kong"; also includes framed Asian textile & floral watercolor
548 2 Russian, Soviet maps, 1970's
549 4 paintings, figures, landscapes, unsigned, watercolors, 17" by 23.5" each
550 2 paintings, Jean Tori & Adrian Murphy, gouache & watercolor, "Fan, Feather, Fish, 1979", by Jean Tori, 16" by 16.25" & "Untitled, 1980", by Adrian Murphy, 16" by 13"
551 Art lot, posters, "Lettuce Romance"; "Ontani" & "Mark Rothko"
552 Large Japanese woodblock, Masami Teraoka, "Kunisada Eclipsed", from the Hawaii Snorkel series, 1993, 25.75" by 45", hand colored
553 Giovanni Bruno drawing (?), shades of grey, 1982, 27.5" by 40"
554 2 paintings, abstract scenes, A. Thijssens 1989, acrylic on canvas, geometric figure, 40" by 28" & unsigned, green abstract, 40" by 30"
555 Screen print, Frank Auerbach "Seated Figure", edition 43/70, 31" by 22.75"
556 Woodstock art lot, oil painting "Kitchen Harvest", by Mary Anne Erickson, 20" by 16"; collage, "Moses Received" by Dan Gottchall & drawing, woman with two horses, Leslie Bender.
557 Painting, dancing nudes, Miller, October 1961, oil on canvas, 24" by 20"
558 2 paintings, Nudes, by Brock, watercolor on paper, nude studies, both signed Brock, one has stains
559 Painting, portrait, att. to Ammi Phillips, oil on canvas, restored, relined, canvas is 32" by 27.25"
560 Signed poster, New York City Ballet, signed by Wendy Whelan & Philip Neal, poster is 23.75" by 16.75"
561 Odd Fellows, Fraternal, Masonic, vintage,(4) Long velvet & embroidered robes, interior label The Ward-Stilson co. MFRO. Society Goods New London, Ohio. Conductor & Priest, good condition
562 Odd Fellows, Fraternal, Masonic, Vintage robes, (4) interior label The Ward-Stilson co, warden, Goliath, Jesse, overall good condition
563 Odd Fellows, Fraternal, Masonic, Vintage robes, (3) long blue robes, embroidered interior label The Ward-Stilson co, Supporter to Vice Grand, & Vice grand
564 Odd Fellows, Fraternal, Masonic, Vintage robes, (4) embroidered, Priest, Assistance Priest, overall good condition
565 Odd Fellows, Fraternal, Masonic, Vintage robes, (2) Guard, inside Guard, eye "FLT" overall good condition
566 Odd Fellows, Fraternal Masonic, Vintage robes with leggings, outside conductor, overall good condition
567 Louis XV Style Carved & Gilt Shaped Mirror, 20th century. Height 56", Width 25.5"
568 Mirror, decorative carved frame, urn finials
569 Gilt mirror & gilt marble top pedestal, carved detail on pedestal, height is 39.5"
570 Biscuit Parian porcelain figure of a boy with backpack, feather on his hat has been repaired, height is 17.25"
571 Ice Shaving machine,painted cast iron, "Made in Taiwan"
572 Antique boot scraper & brass tie backs, cast iron boot scraper with round floral decorated basin & 4 brass tie backs ( 2 pair)
573 Map, Dept. De L'Isere, France, in walnut frame, map is 11.25" by 16.25", current region of Auvergne-Rh?ne-Alpes
574 Pair bronze chenets, curved, French style, 13" wide, 15" tall.
575 Lot iron window weights, chains & tassels
576 Copper & brass balance scale on black marble base, 29" tall, arm is 18.5"
577 Cat lot, doorstop, porcelain, 3 pieces, includes cast iron Cat doorstop, 11.75" tall; Royal Copenhagen Porcelain of a Sleeping Cat, Marked iv #422 with original stamp label, P Continental Virgin Islands. Diameter 5", Bin; Ernst Bohne Porcelain Figural Grouping, Mother Cat with Kittens, Hallmark & Incised Mark ?EBS?, 19th century. Height 8"; Width 9.5" (Restored)
578 Lot (3) Clear Glass Flips, early 19th century. Height 5.75", in good condition
579 6 Assorted Paperweights Including Vintage Millefiori, Contemporary and Murano
580 Sheraton Style Carved and Inlaid Mahogany Settee, Hickory Chair Company, Length 52"
581 Federal Style Satinwood Inlaid Mahogany Demi-Lune Card Table, 20th century
582 Hepplewhite Style Rosewood Inlaid Lift-Top Game Table, c.1880. Height, 30.5"; Width/Top Closed 30"; Depth 12.5"
583 Upholstered chair & small stool, Harden Company Queen Anne Style Upholstered Armchair & French Style Carved Walnut Upholstered Footstool, 19/20th century
584 Federal Inlaid Mahogany Breakfront/Bookcase, Centennial style, early 20th Century, veneer loss.
585 Hepplewhite Mahogany Dresser with (4) Graduated Drawers, c.1810. Height 36.75", 43" wide
586 Federal Carved Cherry Chest of Drawers, c.1810. Height 40"; Width 45", new legs,restored
587 Chippendale Carved Pine Lift-Top Blanket Chest, Pennsylvania, c.1800, Height 25.75"; Length 49"; Depth 21.25"
588 Country Butternut Step-Back Cupboard, c.1800. Height 80.5"; Width 37.5"
589 Antique stand & side chair, Federal Carved Mahogany Side Chair, c.1800 & Chippendale Mahogany Candle Stand, 18th century. Height 27 1/2"; Diameter 18"
590 2 Chippendale side chairs, Chippendale Mahogany Carved Side Chair, Centennial 19/20th. C. & Baker Chippendale Style Carved Mahogany Splat-Back Side Chair.
591 2 antique stands, Federal Maple & Mahogany Carved Workstand, c.1810. Height 29"; Top & Federal Pine Single-Drawer Workstand, c.1810. Height 28.5"; Top 16.5"x 19"
592 Federal Mahogany Drop-Top Desk/Cabinet, 19thc. Height 50"; Width 37.5"
593 Oak Hadley Style Carved Lift-Top Chest, Hathaway & Company, c.1910. Height 25"; Width 48"
594 Oak Hadley Style Carved Chest, Hathaway & Company, c.1910, Height 25", Width 32"
595 George III Style Carved Mahogany Upholstered Armchair
596 Georgian Style Carved Mahogany Framed Mirror, 20th century. Overall 41.5" x 22.75"
597 Pair green terra cotta brick planters from old Brooklyn theater, some chips, flaking, decorated with lions, each planter is 18" by 18", 35.75" tall, on metal bases
598 French Style Inlaid Mahogany Card Table, 20th century. Height 30.5"; Width 36?; Depth 17.5"
599 Italian bronze mounted marble top chest, bombe style, with bronze pulls & corner decoration, top is 53" by 19.75", height is 34.5"
600 Lot (4) Assorted Decorated Imperial Satsuma Vases, 19/20th century. Height 3" ? 6.25", one vase has minor chip on foot and a small hairline
601 2 Satsuma vases, Japanese Satsuma Pottery Mei?ping-Form Vase, Signed, late 19th century, Height 7" & 8.5" Japanese Satsuma Pottery Mei?ping-Form Vase, Signed, late 19th century.
602 Japanese Satsuma Gilt & Hand Decorated Vase, Signed, 19/20th Century, height is 12"
603 Chinese Porcelain Peach Bloom Glazed Amphora Vase, Bearing Kangxi Mark. Height 7"
604 Chinese Tang Style Buff-Glazed Pottery Figure of a Prancing Horse with Stand, 19th century. Height 14", various repairs.
605 Chinese Style Blanc de Chine Glazed Pottery Wine Ewer. Height 17.5"
606 Chinese Style Flambe Glazed Pottery Wine Ewer. Height 13"
607 Chinese Tang Style Glazed Pottery Wine Ewer. Height 15.5"
608 2 Chinese vases, Chinese Tea Dust Blue Glaze Vase, 19/20th century. Height 18? & Chinese Tea Dust Blue Glazed Porcelain Vase, Ching Lung Period, 18th century with Dealer Paper Label. Height 10"
609 Lot (5) Chinese Blue Glazed and Incised Conical Bowls. Diameter 9"
610 Chinese Export Reverse Painting on Glass, c.1850. Period Hardwood Frame, 16" by 11"
611 Royal Jackson Fine China dinnerware, ivory with gold rim, includes 10 dinnerplates, 11 bread or salad plates, covered vegetable bowl, sugar & creamer, 12 small bowls, gravy boat, 11 cake plates, 12 saucers & 10 cups plus 10 double handled soup bowls.
612 Large lot Rosenthal porcelain & stemware, includes silver rimmed ivory dinnerware with cups, saucers, plates, serving bowls, tea pot & more (see images with detailed list) & a large assortment of Rosenthal stemware 5 different types of stems, all in good condition.
613 (5) Pair Assorted Brass Candlesticks, 19th century. Height 8.25" by 10.75"
614 (12) Chinese Glazed Pottery Mud Figures, early 19th century. Height/Largest 8"
615 2 Chinese figures, Chinese Carved Boxwood Figure, Quan Yin, 19/20th century. Height 15.5", (Gourd Damaged) & Chinese Glazed Pottery Figure of Guanyin with Child. Height 16"
616 Japanese Lacquered Carved & Wooden Seated Figure of Buddha, 19th century. Height 8.5"
617 Chinese Glazed Flambe Centerbowl, Signed, 18/19th century. Diameter 10.5"
618 Lot (5) Treenware Including (4) Covered Containers, 19th century, Height 3.5" by 9", wood carvings
619 Asparagus Ceramic Covered Jar & three Pottery Vegetable Vases, gourds.
620 Bronze. Mask of a Woman, Signed Barger Roma on Marble Base, 20th century, Height 9"
621 Pair Vintage Painted Cast Iron Garden Cranes. Height/Tallest 20"
622 Painting, Florence Kroger (American 1897-1980) Oil on Canvas, The Parrot Hat, Signed. 24" x 20"; Framed 27.5" x 23.5"
623 Painting, Dunes, English School (19/20th century) Oil on Canvas,12.5" x 18.75"; Framed, 14.5" x 11"
624 2 paintings, Circus scenes, watercolors, Circus Fairground, Signed Valianos. Sight 6" x 8", Framed & Glazed 11.25" x 14.5" & Watercolor, Circus Tent, Signed John Steuart Curry. Sheet 11.5" x 14.5" Framed & Glazed 16" x 20"
625 2 etchings, Joseph Gray (Scottish, 19/20th century) Etching, "The Frontier", Signed in Margin. Plate 11.5" x 11.5" Framed & Glazed 20.75" by 16" & Gerry Pierce (American 1900-1969), Etching, "Arizona Evening", Signed & Numbered #12/50. Plate 9.5" x 14.25"; Framed & Glazed 19" x 23.25"
626 Two etchings, French School, L.G. Gerard, early 20th century) Etching ?La Cigarette?, Signed, Artist Stamp & Numbered #27/100. Plate 11.75" x 9"; Framed & Glazed 20.5" x 16.5". Gallery Label Verso: Philip Suval, 823 Madison Ave. New York & Lovers in Bed Chamber, Signed Illegibly, Plate 11.75" x 10.5"; Framed 21.75" x 18.25"
627 Fashion lot, purses & boots, talian Barry Kieselstein Cord Black Leather with Alligator Charm, 1993 #L.229 with Green Suede Lining and Original Felt Storage Bag; LaTour Eiffel Paris Brown Synthetic Leather Fashion Handbag #5074, (Ink Stain Inside Pocket) & Pair Ferrigamo Brown Leather Ankle Boots, DU24922 47. Size 8.5", (Gently Worn-Like New)
628 White Fur coat, Made in Canada
629 Brown Fur coat, Garfinckel's
630 Designer clothing, (12) pcs, Giorgio Armani 6 pcs, Escada jacket & skirt, TSE dress 8, Ellen Tracy 10 jacket & skirt 12, Ralph Lauren shirt 10, Sandy Starman jacket & dress M, & Faconnable Tailleur jacket 46
631 French Style Gilt Wood Oval Wall Mirror, 19th century. Height 43"; Width 22.5"
632 2 figural bronzes, Pompeian Bronze Art Deco Figurine, 1939 World?s Fair Egyptian Female Nude Holding Duck-Form Tray. Length 13" & Contemporary Bronze Figure of A Nymph. Height 13"
633 2 vases, Samuel Alcock Porcelain Gilt & Decorated Commemorative Vase, Signed & Titled, 19th century. Height 7.25" & Mortiz Gouda Decorated Pottery Vase #105, Signed. Height 7.75"
634 Pair Brass Imperial Russian Candlesticks with Crest & Seal, c.1900. Height is 10.5"
635 Art lot, Japanese Serigraph Fan, Miharu Lane (Japanese/American 20th century), "Joy of Meeting" #303/350. Framed & Glazed 17.75" x 24"; Oil on Card Stock, Tropical Beach, Pencil Signed Verso Wickey. 10" x 8.25"; Framed & Glazed 21.75" x 18" & Watercolor (American 20th century) "Great White Heron", Study of U.S. Postal Service Wildlife Stamp Series. 5.5" x 7.5"; Framed & Glazed 22" x 17.5"
636 Francois Etienne Villeret (French 1800-1866) Watercolor on Paper, European Cathedral, Signed & Dated 1841. Sheet 8.25"x 11.75"; Framed & Glazed, 18.25" x 22"
637 Painting, William Dec, St. Thomas Beachscape with Boats, watercolor, Signed. Sight 13" x 18.75"; Framed & Glazed 20.5" x 26.75"
638 2 folk art carvings, Hand Painted Cat with Broom Stick Tail, Signed L. Nichols, 1987. Length 22" & Carved & Stained Elephant with Trunk up, early 20th century. Height 8"; Length 16"
639 Art glass lot, Kosta Art Glass Carved and Engraved Glass Vase, Standing Nude, Signed 2X, labeled with Engraved Signature #2376. Height 11.5"; Galle Art Glass Vase, Peaches. Height 8.5" & Swedish Art Deco Clear Intaglio Cut Glass with Kneeling Nude Figure, Signed Leerdam Meydam #6015009 #7/506. Height 11"
640 Art glass & porcelain lot, Murano Style Art Glass vase, Height 13"; Royal Doulton Hand Painted Figurine, Reflection Collection "Enigma" HN3110 with Original Tag, Modeled by Robert Jefferson, c.1986. Height 13"; Steuben Clear Art Glass Center Bowl with Quatrefoil Base, Signed; Vintage Baccarat Etched Liquor Decanter, Signed. Height 11" &Lot (4) Iridescent Art Glass Goblets, Signed Strini. Height 9.25", diameter 10"
641 2 paintings, Aristotele Vicenzi (Italian 1879-1916) Oil on Artist Board, Study of a Seated Woman with Fur Coat, Signed. 15.25" x 11.75"; Framed 21" x 17" & Misseri Vittorio (Italian 20th century) Oil on Board, View of Naples, Label Verso. 4 5/8"x 7 1/8"; Framed & Glazed 9.5" x 11.5"
642 Marilyn Monroe photograph, Vintage Silver Print, Philippe Halsman (American 1906-1979), Marilyn Monroe 1952, Halsman Studio Stamp, c.1970. 10" x 8" Framed & Glazed 17" x 14"
643 Painting, Tarryl Gabel (American 20th century) "Vanderbilt Overlook", Signed & Titled. 12" x 24"; Framed 18.5" x 30.5"
644 Victorian Style Cast Iron Figure Pedestal Bird Bath. Height 24"; Diameter 16"
645 3 etchings, Morris Henry Hobbs (American 1892-1967), Etching "Patio of the Daniel Clark House, Old New Orleans", Signed in Margin, ed/200. Plate 8.75" x 6.25"; Framed 18.75" x 14.75"; Eugene E. Loving (American 1892-1967) Etching "Pirates Alley in New Orleans", Ed. 200. Plate 9.75" x 7"; Framed & Glazed 19.75" x 14" & Walter Ronald Locke (American 1883-1949), Etching, "In Beaufort SC", AAA Edition, Signed & Dated 1939. Plate 12.5" x 8.5"; Framed & Glazed, 20.75 x 16.75"
646 French Bronze Casting of a Rabbit, Signed J.P Le Verrier, 19th century. Length 6"
647 Hand Painted & Carved Decoy with Glass Eyes "Black Brant", Garret Terpstra,
648 Lot silverplate flatware, serving pieces, forks, spoons, napkin ring etc. & Tiffany & Co bracelet


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