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This report lists the lot numbers and their descriptions.

This list is for general reference only and is not meant to be an accurate description of each item, additions or subtractions might be made at any time. 
All items sold as found.

If you are only interested in certain items,  use the search option  to refine the list, you can print the (refined) list for your convenience.

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Lot # Lot Description
1 Ithaca Gun Company shotgun, double barrel shotgun, with scene of dog & starbursts,
2 Ithaca Gun Company shotgun, double barrel shotgun, New Ithaca Field Grade, serial 398-18-1027
3 L.C. Smith, Hunter Arms Company double barrel shotgun, fine decorated gun, decorated with duck & various curls,
4 Remington 870 Express Magnum 12ga shotgun, serial A295804M
5 Browning BT-99 12ga, special steel, Browning Arms Company, Morgan Utah, made in Japan/Miroku, serial 01123MT171
6 Kimber model 82 Government rifle, Kimber of Oregon, serial GM002722, with accessories.
7 Marlin rifle, model 990 D.U. Ducks Unlimited 22 caliber micro groove barrel, serial # 10431523
8 The A.J. Aubry rifle, genuine Armory steel, manufactured by the Meriden Firearms Company, stock has old repair
9 Belgian Browning patent shotgun, Fabrique Nationale D'Armes de Guerre Herstal Belgique, serial # 116500
10 Antique Nouman Bros. machine made rifle, double barrel gun with illegible writing on barrel, Cornelius von Ogden Mitchell, june 8, 1899 (?)
11 V. Chr. Schilling German hunting rifle, double barrel rifle, Valentin Christoph Schilling, Suhl, Germany.
12 Remington 22 short. long or long rifle, with scope, model 12A, serial number 520202
13 Winchester model 57 22 long rifle, model 25944
14 Rifle, rusted, 24R4.48, various numbers
15 Springfield model 120A 22 short, long or long rifle
16 Stevens Model 66 rifle, , J. Stevens Arms Company, 22 short long rifle
17 Russian 7.62x54R Mosin Nagant Rifle, M91/30, Russia serial number 052310, 1938
18 Hungarian rifle, model 1944, 7.62x54R, 1953, serial A2691
19 Russian 7.62x54R Mosin Nagant Rifle, M91/30, MH6428, Russia serial number 76048, 1929, hammer & sickle mark
20 Russian 7.62x54R Mosin Nagant Rifle, M91/30, Russia serial number 087498, 1936
21 Springfield Armory Rifle, model 1896, serial 105914
22 Springfield Armory Rifle, model 1896, serial 324983, monogram & "1901" on stock
23 Civil War, Poultney & Trimble Smith Carbine, antique black powder rifle, "Am. N M CH WKS", Springfield Mass.
24 Antique Smith?s Patent Carbine, made by Massachusetts Arms Co. of Chicopee Falls, Mass. Civil War, Poultney & Trimble Smith Carbine
25 US Springfield model 1884 rifle, serial 519711
26 Shotgun, black powder, no marks or maker, as is condition, pitted barrel, stock cracked
27 Spencer repeating rifle, Boston Mass. as found, rusted, needs restoration
28 Navy Colt in case, Samuel Colt Navy .44 caliber Navy Colt with Naval engagement on cylinder, in case with flask, bullets, serial number 89510.
29 Revolver, 19th Century, Navy model, Remington New York USA, octagonal barrel.
31 Black powder replica rifle, B.O. Bowes, 1978, serial number 60820
32 Black powder replica rifle, octagonal barrel, wood ramrod, "Liberty or Death"
33 Brescia Italian bolt action rifle, 1894, rust, with folding Bayonet
34 Hopkins & Allen rifle, The Merwin Hulbert & Co. Junior, Norwich CT.
35 Belgian rifle, "Fabrique Nationale D'Armes de Guerre, Herstal, Belgique, serial number 12014 Model 1949
36 U.S. sword, eagle & stars on hilt, no markings, sword in as found condition, blade is 29.25", tip sword broken, hilt bent.
37 Sword, with metal scabbard, no make, blade is 33", with guard
38 Francis Heiberger military sword, with metal scabbard, blade is 34", decorative blade, eagle, shield & "U.S."
39 Curved sword, marked 5.T.P. 6 12, metal scabbard, blade is 32.25", scabbard is marked Mfg. 90
40 Military leather belt with eagle buckle, leather dress sword belt with round brass buckle showing eagle, oak leaf edge.
41 Curved sword with Eagle hilt, leather scabbard, nicely decorated blade with gilt detail, blade is 29.75", no markings, scabbard is has separation in middle (see images)
42 U.S. military sword, brass hilt, leather over steel scabbard, leather as is, blade decorated, marked "U.S.", blade is 31.5"
43 Spartan etched dress sword, ornate etched blade, "U.S.", eagle etc. model 1902 dress sword with metal scabbard, (not marked Meyer), blade is 29.75",
44 Spanish colonial cavalry sword, machete style officers sword by Ferdinand Esser Elberfeld, warranted N186 with horse mark, carried by officers in the Caribbean, some nicks to blade, one half of guard is missing hoof, leather scabbard is original, missing brass tip, blade is 27.25"
45 French Napoleonic short sword, rare circa 1790's French Napoleonic Lions-Head infantry man short sword, cast brass hilt with lions mane, blade 23.5" #2264
46 Civil War officer's sword signed J.H. McKenney & Co. NY, decorative hilt with eagle, leather scabbard, scabbard as is, blade is inscribed "71st Veterans", blade is 29", about 3" of leather scabbard are missing
47 US 186 military sword, brass hilt, no scabbard, 32" blade, very tip is blunt.
48 Sword, steel hilt, scabbard, marked W.K....clean blade, 32", possibly German
49 Civil war era sword, marked US, 1862, solid brass hilt, leather scabbard, blade is 28", tip missing of both scabbard & sword.
50 WW2 Ceremonial Navy sword, N.S. Meyer Inc. fine quality decorative sword with scabbard and original dust sleeve, carrying case, gilt detail.
51 2 West Point Cadet swords, brass & steel, "U.S.M.A." inscribed on blade.
52 Two swords, Hartley Graham, New York, one with leather scabbard, bone handle, other unsigned, plain blade
53 Knights of Columbus sword, ceremonial sword with eagle on hilt, metal scabbard, 28" blade.
54 3 knives, James Roger, folding knife, bone handle & solid brass & steel knife or dagger, James Roger missing tip.
55 Weyersberg & Stamm Solingen military sword, brass hilt with eagle, nicely decorated blade, with metal scabbard, blade is 32.75"
56 4 bayonets, WW1 German Mauser Bayonet Ernst Busch Solingen, two unmarked & WW1
57 Civil war cap & bottle, 15th Regiment, cap with original strap & buttons & small wood carved bottle with lid, engraved "A.S.H. Co. C.N.J.V. 15th R., cap to bottle has split
58 U.S. Civil War Model 1860 Light Cavalry Sword, dated 1864, marked ADK, curved blade, 33.25", scabbard marked U.S. 1864 as well.
59 Wood bullet mold, West Point Foundry, "wood pattern for bullet manufactured at West Point Foundry for exhibition at the Putnam County Historical Society
60 8 horn powder flasks & 2 leather bags, 19th Century, some signed with initials.
61 10 leather & copper ammo flasks, various lead & black powder flasks, some with contents,
62 Leather ammunition case & leather ammo or black powder pouches, leather bullet or ammo bag with metal compartment insert, with contents.
63 3 leather holsters, U.S. includes 1944 model, 1918 "Warren Leather Goods" & illegible
64 Antique leather gun holster & buckle, leather holster decorated with silver (?) buttons & brass belt buckle decorated with Indian head.
65 Pre Civil War NY Militia belt buckle in brass, New York Militia belt buckle 1840-1850
66 1851 Belt Buckle plate, original leather belt, brass belt buckle with original brass buckle clasp, belt, showing NCO Eagle and silver wreath, all original and untouched.
67 Original Fugio Cent, 1787, designed by Benjamin Franklin, links on reverse represent the original 13 colonies
68 Th. Jefferson Peace and Friendship medal with neck sash, 3" medal & embroidered neck ribbon in red & white.
69 Lot Civil War photographs, tin types, ambro & several others, 12 pieces,
70 Cotton lithographed presidential campaign kerchief in black ink with portraits of James Garfield and Chester Arthur within a figure-eight; above is an American-bald eagle, laurel branches, and four state flags; below are two vignettes depicting a river boat and a commercial-shipping boat divided by an American flag armorial; border of red and blue stars and crossed American flags in red and blue at the four corners, 17" by 17.5", stained (see images)
71 Presidential campaign silk, 1888, "True Blue", Benj. Harrison of Indiana & Levi P. Morton of New York, portraits of the two candidates surrounded by US flags, eagle & stars, dated 1888, fold marks, no stains, 19.25" by 19.25", note, vertical blank area in center, silk was folded slightly when printed.
72 Remember the Maine silk textile, printed in red, blue, and black on a white silk cloth. ?The Maine Well Remembered? appears on a scroll above the top vignette featuring an image of McKinley. Image of Dewey and another military figure appear below, surrounded by flags and militaria. 18.75" by 18", some staining.
73 NYPD lot, 2 caps, handcuffs, various buttons, "James M. Walsh, Lieutenant of police, special duty officer"
74 Lot military photographs, various portraits of soldiers in uniform, photos of General Marshall, Chester Nimitz etc.
75 Malard Verdier Paris trunk, as is condition, Military maker 30" x 17" x 17 1/2"
76 1803 New Hampshire Militia document, Nathaniel Colby, Captain of the Second Company in the Twenty First Regiment of Militia in the State of New Hampshire.
77 Photograph, Flagship "Chicago", in oak frame, photograph is 13.75" by 19", foxing.
78 Civil war Rogers Group statue, "Wounded to the Rear, One More Shot", minor chips, height is 24"
79 Pair Civil War statues "Army", "Navy", pair Spelter figures on wood bases, each statue is 18" tall.
80 Antique New York militia jacket, dark blue & white, gilt buttons "71", early 1900's
81 Large lot military & militia buttons, various buttons in brass, silver tones, eagles.
82 Bayonet & compass, 1895 Krag Bayonet & 1918 brass engineer corps compass.
83 M31 Grenade & radio antenna kite, inert practice Grenade, G981 Grenade Rifle, Practice, in original tube & folding antenna kite in original tube.
84 Leather chaps & stirrups, engraved nickel plated stirrups, leather chaps with copper buttons, circa 1900
85 German Nazi lot, hat, vanity kit (Einsatz 3, scheren, pinzetten, L?ffel), "Meine ehre hei?t Treue" belt buckle, fabric panel with German eagles & Frankfurt map.
86 German Rifle Bayonet, taken from the body of a German soldier by Sgt. Gaetano G. Bibbo of the 548th field artillery Battalion-Ninth U.S. Army, more details with lot on paper.
87 4 bayonets, British P 1876 Martini Henry Zulu War Socket Bayonet with leather & brass scabbard, leather as is, broken, part missing, blade is 21.5", comes with 3 WW1 bayonets, unmarked, pair with spring & single
88 6 bayonets, F.W. Holler Solingen dress Bayonet with leather scabbard (21.75" blade), Swedish EJ AB crown Bayonet with wood handle, 2 Asian (?) Japanese bayonets with wood handles & 2 all steel bayonets, one marked U.S. (21.25")
89 Machete, ax lot, includes 7 large machetes & knives & one ax, Kiffe, Legitimus Collins & Co, 1942, J. Dumas & more
90 7 bayonets, 1907 pattern with wood handle, 2 M.K II Indian bayonets, 2 German "Waffenfabrik Neuhausen" bayonets & 2 unmarked, no handles
91 6 bayonets, British No7 MK & unmarked (both without scabbard), 2 unmarked bayonets with wood handles & scabbards, Swedish EJ AB crown Bayonet & unmarked.
92 4 bayonets, 1930's Gebr. Heller, Jos. Corts w. Bakelite grip & 2 wood handle C.S.Z. Czech bayonets, all with scabbard, greased blades.
93 4 U.S. Marine bayonets & dagger, includes two US Marine M5 model bayonets, one U.S. A.F.H. Bayonet & WWII US Marine Corps Fighting Knife, Camillus
94 12 No4 MKII Spike bayonets, Enfield, English, all with scabbards
95 12 No4 MKII Spike bayonets, Enfield, English, all with scabbards
96 2 WW1 German bayonets, 1915 S98 & 1917 S98/05, both with scabbard, S98 has decorated 20.75" long blade
97 French Mle 1874 Gras Bayonet & Scabbard for the Mle 1874 Gras Rifle, with scabbard, blade is 22.25", brass handle
98 Winchester 1873 Bayonet, Marked M 409, 20"
99 4 bayonets for the M1903 Springfield rifle, all bayonets are dated 1908, 1903 (two) & 1900
100 3 US M1892 30/40 Krag Bayonets, model 1898, model 1899 & illegible.
101 4 US Krag Bayonets, 1895, 1899, 1902 & 1908, no scabbards.
102 1918 brass knuckle sword & Pattern 1913 Bayonet made by Remington, with scabbard, knuckle sword has 29" blade.
103 M8 1944 Bayonet & M4 U.S. Knife, USM8 Bayonet with scabbard & knife with leather sheath
104 The Citadel 1842 Military College of South Carolina Hat & U.S. regulation copper bugle, mouthpiece missing
105 48 star United States Flag & swagger stick, 51st. Sig Det, Korea, 65-66, Donald van Pernis
106 Dutch Delft liberation plate & sterling WPMA napkin ring, "Herrijzend Nederland, naar vrede en welvaart".
107 Large lot vintage ammunition & leather ammo pouches, variety of caliber, many still in original box, please refer to images for additional information on this lot.
108 Large collection of medals, military insignia mostly U.S. including Bronze Stars, Good Merit, Asiatic Pacific Campaign, WW1 & WW2 medals, a 14K Dutch medal "Daughters of Holland Dames", Republic of Vietnam service, lots of pins, button & more, please see images for more info on this large lot.
109 Spanish American war medal & GAR badge, Spanish American war Veterans Cross, all original & GAR badge.
110 Imperial service Medal, head of King George V, , attributed on edge to John David Parker Tillotson, on original ribbon,
111 1880 medallion, Francois Louis Teissedre de Fleury at Stony point, engraved by Benjamin Duvivier, dated 1880, 1.75"
112 RAF pilots wing & Royal Artillery brooch, Royal Air Force pilots wing silver sweetheart brooch inlaid with blue enamel, makers mark TLM ( Thomas Lynton Mott) & Ubique Royal Artillery Brooch highlighted with blue enamel.
113 WW1 era photo, Camp Sherman, OH. circa 1918, before review by Governor James M. Cox who formed the historic Commission of Ohio, charged with collecting photos documenting Ohio's role in WW1, 4.75" by 6.5"
114 Legion of Merit Commanders medal, WW2 era, United State, bronze & enamel
115 6 WW2 German medals, includes NSDAP lapel pin, 2 war merit crosses, civilian war merit medal,
116 2 WW2 German Nazi belt buckles, SS aluminum belt buckle by Overhoff, marked RZM SS 35.36, "Gott Mit Uns" & "Meine Ehre Hei?t Treue"
117 German WW2 lot, Nazi armband, civilian ribbon bars & set of Olympic games photographs, 1936, complete.
118 WW2 Spanish Civil war Nazi pin, "Black" wound Army badge, presented to the wounded German volunteers of the legion of Condor, the German forces that participated in the Spanish Civil war on the side of Franco.
119 Japanese scarf or flag, central red sun motif, signed (printed ?) with various Japanese characters, stamped with seal, 25" by 16.5"
120 Lot of Military & civilian currency, Japanese, Germany, Algeria, 10 notes
121 Nazi Swastika banner, 3 pins are pinned to the center, bronze star "Joel M. Adeles", Rifle pin & "75rh Div." button. Banner is 14'3" long, 53" wide, some hand stitched repairs.
122 Nazi flag with swastika, 69" by 41"
123 German field phone, in wood case, with original (chipped) mouthpiece & strap
124 WW2 "souvenir" lot, photographs of Paris, France summer of 45, various photographs of US soldiers in Paris, comes with a lot of pins, patches.
125 German WWII Luftwaffe Flak D.F. 10 x 80 Binocular Optics by Josef Schneider & Co
126 Military optical instrument, "S.A. Microtechnica, Torino
127 M4 Sherman Tank Gun Sight Telescope M70, serial number B177652
128 Bulova Telescope Elbow, M6A1, military optical instrument, serial D29379, 1944.
129 Military optical lot & compass, includes a WWII M5 Sherman / Stuart Periscope 1942, a wooden trench scope, optical accessory (not marked) & M2 Compass (cracked glass)
130 U.S. Air Force leather mittens, wool mittens & cap
131 WW2 air force, bomber lot, includes flight pants, helmet (B17, B24 pilot William Stewart McHenry Jr.) Pilot's Flight Log book ( pilot Leslie J. Sloan), maps, 43-D Delta Eagle embroidered badge & more.
132 Airforce lot, photo, "Memphis Belle", signed photograph, "Black Sheep Squadron", signed photograph, comes with two airplane models, Lockheed P-38J Lightning (loose propeller) & Corsair F-4U, both photographs come with certificate of authenticity.
133 Collection military helmets, hats, caps 12 hats & helmets including officer hats, helicopter or tank pilot helmet with communication gear, combat helmets, tropics helmet & more.
134 Kindley Air Force Base lot, misc. lot including photographs, signaling mirror, plane models & more.
135 Lot English military patches, shoulder insignia, leather ammunition satchel & embroidered framed coat of arms, "Regimental Sergeant Major Guards Division.
136 Pitot-Static tube, C47 cargo plane part, RMT. Model 856AT7b.
137 West Point Library, various books, all related to West Point Military Academy, private collection from Colonel Merl Hutto.
138 Colonel Merl G. Hutto, Airforce lot, including sculpture award & a model of U.S. Air force SM-64A, surface to surface missile (see Navaho missile), model is 31.5" tall, several small stabilizers are missing, a large mug with bullet handle "8th Tactical Fighter Wing" & photographs, certificate of appreciation from U.S. Air Force, also comes with various award plaques.
139 West Point lot, photographs, artwork, posters , prints.
140 Dillon RL 550B automatic powder system, with parts & accessories, including precision scale, Leupold Sequoia waterproof scope, casings, manual & more.
141 Glimpses of West Point, rare cabinet card book volume with 31 mounted cards with two views each of various buildings of the West Point Military academy, interior & exterior as well as troops, river & mountain views of the area, by Pach Brothers, New York.
142 Large lot of US Army gear including large lot of bags, tools, respirator, gas mask canister, "light instrument M33, holster & more, see images for more info on this lot.
143 Aluminum warhead ordinance boxes & mechanical device, from the estate of Colonel Hutto, 3 large containers used to transport warheads & mystery electronic device found in barn, 1950's era
144 Fort Montgomery Battlefield lot, tin canteen, leather powder pouch, spoon mold & lead balls, one marked "This Ball was found beside a Corpse on the Fort Montgomery Battle Field"
145 Misc. ephemera lot, Colonel M.B. Birdseye, "Historical Sketch of the 2nd Cavalry", original letters & transcript, civil war & other
146 High Altitude coverall flight suit, Type MC-1, part number oc-MC-1, David Clark Company Incorporated
147 High Altitude coverall flight suit, Type MC-1, part number oc-MC-1, David Clark Company Incorporated
148 High Altitude coverall flight suit, Type MC-1, part number oc-MC-1, David Clark Company Incorporated
149 Reichswerke Hermann G?ring & Mein Kampf, ashtray & card holder, both marked Reichswerke Hermann G?ring, in addition ashtray is marked "Plata" & card holder is marked Wellner, both in good condition, 1939 edition of Mein Kampf, in good condition.
150 Army medical folding stretcher
151 (6) Various West Point hats, overall good condition
153 Vietnam era embroidered army jacket,
154 Vietnam era Thailand embroidered for Col. Merl G. Hutto, see photos
155 3 Coast Guard jumpsuits
156 6 WWII wool army uniforms with insignia
157 3 military pc, 2 jackets & 1 trench coat, insignia, as is condition
158 Lof of Army coats, including raincoat as is condition
159 Army lot to include wool coat, dress jacket, wool overcoat, 2 uniforms
160 7 pcs West Point uniforms & civilian formal pieces
161 5 Military Academy uniforms, including white cadet uniform
162 Valley Forge Military academy (5) wool coats, (2) wool pants, original buttons, some pin holes to the wool
163 5 pc USMA, West Point 1944 uniforms, wool, 2 pairs of pants, 1 overcoat, 3 jackets
164 5 pcs USMA, West Point 1943 uniforms, wool, 3 jackets, 1 trench coat, 1 pair of pants
165 Lot of Vietnam war era Air force coveralls & jacket, 4 pairs overalls & 1 short jacket, 20th tactical fighter wing
166 Carved stone hippo, signed More S., 6.5" long, in good condition
167 2 Chinese dolls, lacquered heads, embroidered clothing, 9.5" & 10"
168 Two embroidered Chinese robes, garments, blue & purple, decorated with various flowers. One has sleeves cut
169 18th Century Chinese wallpaper fragment, hand painted, laid down on linen, floral 59.5" by 24.75", decorated with birds & butterflies,
170 Large Chinese painting, signed, Ming Period, various figures with horses, painted on silk (?), laid down on paper, has condition issues, 46.25" by 91.75"
171 Painting, genre, H. Andrews, figures dancing in woods, unsigned in front (H. Andrews written on back), in gilt frame, painted on canvas, 21.75" by 36.25", is relined
172 Painting, "Agnes Reed", circa 1830, artist unknown, painted on canvas, portrait of lady with bonnet & handkerchief, canvas is 34.25" by 27", in restored condition.
173 Painting, medieval scene, pair, unsigned, oil on panel, nobility hunting scene with castle on hill, several figures on horseback, not old, decorative, 48" by 30.5" each,(total size, as shown)
174 Painting, "Lake George", 1874, by Rebecca Jane Drake Howard, 26" by 40", folk style landscape showing figures in small sailboat under twilight sky on Lake George New York, old label on reverse.
175 Painting, "Catskill Bypath", Paul Wesley, autumn landscape with country road, mountains, painted on canvas, 28" by 38"
176 Painting, Persian scene, unsigned, oil on canvas, Persian scene with various figures in courtyard, unsigned, canvas is 42" by 60", in original condition, old patch repairs visible on reverse.
177 Painting, portrait gentleman, William Artaud, 1807, portrait of a seated man holding documents, some flaking, canvas is 50.5" by 40"
178 Painting, portrait of a man, unsigned, oval portrait, 19th Century of an elderly gentleman, canvas is 30" by 25", in heavy gilt frame, restored condition
179 Painting, portrait of a gentleman, "A. Van der Borght, Antwerp 1863", painted on canvas, 32.75" by 26.25"
180 Painting, portrait of James R. Reed", artist unknown, American portrait, circa 1830, painted on canvas, restored, canvas is 34" by 27"
181 Painting, portrait lady with bonnet, "Thomas Algernon Earle" on label on reverse, painted on canvas, 30" by 25"
182 Painting, landscape with figure, folksy style painting showing a trapper overlooking a valley with mountains, waterfalls, unsigned, painted on canvas, 27" by 34", painting has small tear.
183 Painting, landscape with lighthouse, unsigned, European school, oil on artist board, 17" by 23".
184 Painting, portrait of a young woman, signed E.C. 1909", painted on canvas, painting appears partially cleaned, 16" by 13"
185 Painting, Mountain scene, J. Evans, 17" by 21", oil on canvas showing two figures on a path in the mountains, Continental, canvas is 17" by 21"
186 Print Jewish Museum, Pierre Alechinsky, signed and numbered print (46/125) of the 1965 Jewish Museum poster, signed, minor fold mark left margin, can be taken out of frame for shipping
187 (5) Porcelain figures, 19th c. including early French porcelain figure (Julius) Royal Berlin, KPM, Blanc de chine, pair of coal miners, minor chips
188 3 French Strasbourg Faience figurines, grouping & 2 single figurines
189 Early carved wood column, coat of arms of the Medici, Florence 23 1/2" see photos for info
190 Painting, Miguel Roca Fuster, "Medallon Del Amor Falestra, oil on canvas, with documentation, canvas is 32.25" by 25.5"
191 Carved bone snuff box, Louis XVI, French, with carved portrait, box is 3" by 1.75", small piece missing (see images), lid appears to be stuck.
192 Carved bone snuff box, carved decoration on lid, box is 3.75" by 1.75", in good condition
193 Gilt metal & crystal chandelier, height is 26", diameter is 20"
194 Cast iron trade sign, Jewelry, Clocks, Watches, center replaced with mirror, diameter is 17.5", height is 27.5"
195 6 throwing knives, leather scabbards, Solingen, Germany
196 10 bone handles Bowie knives with leather scabbard, Solingen & other
197 15 knives & daggers, Bowie knives, leather scabbards, pro-Guide.
198 2 Indonesian Kris daggers, blades are 23.5" & 13.25", larger Kris has replaced handle
199 Kris style sword & Indian dagger, Kris sword with decorative curved blade, blade is 30" (drilled in two places to allow hinging display, dagger has leather scabbard & 2 small side knives
200 Gilt & mahogany Chippendale mirror w/ large carved Eagle and gold trim, some gilt loss, 55" tall 27.75 wide
201 Gilt & mahogany Chippendale mirror w/ gilt carved detail, good condition, 51" tall 25" wide
202 Bronze figure of a woman, 1922, signed illegibly, on marble base, height is 19.75"
203 Edward G. Deming bronze figural sculpture, Native dancer,
204 Bronze horse on marble base, unsigned, base is 9.25" by 5", height is 9.5"
205 Werner Meurer Cologne bronze figure, circa 1960, German, height is 13.25"
206 Werner Meurer Germany, carved wood mother & child, 8.25" height
207 Werner Meurer bronze bust, German, circa 1960, 6 7/8" height
208 Annette von Pappenheim bronze bust on marble base, by Wener Meurer, Cologne, Germany, mid Century, height is 14.5"
209 Bronze plaque, Constantin Emile Meunier, signed, dated 1895, relief of soldier, 13" by 11.25"
210 Guillaume Laplagne Bronze, French sphinx, 19th , 5 1/2" height
211 Emile Guillemin bronze, 19thc. Italian bronze signed, 5 1/2" height,
212 Chinese porcelain garden stool, in yellow floral decorated porcelain, height is 17.25", top diameter is 11.5"
213 Chinese Jade carved paperweight
214 Mid- 19th c. Chinese pottery deer oil lamp, blue glaze, 10" tall,
215 Indian bronze, Shiva, 1960's, dark patina, height is 30.25"
216 Pair Thai bronze brass cranes, Hattakitkosol Samchai, on wood bases, signed , height is 32.25" & 23.75".
217 5 small carved wood Chinese carvings, 5 gilt wood panels with various Chinese figures & floral scenes.
218 6 small carved wood Chinese carvings, 6 gilt wood panels with various Chinese figures, floral & bird scenes.
219 5 small carved wood Chinese carvings, 5 gilt wood panels with various Chinese figures & scenes.
220 Antique Japanese sword, signed, leather scabbard, blade is 34.5", tang is 8.5", Buddhist symbols on blade
221 Japanese sword, decorated with skulls, not old, sword is 40"
222 2 Asian Eglomise mirror paintings, portraits, each is 17.25" by 12.25"
223 Thai drawing on linen, various scenes with text, farming, trading, fighting scenes, 33.5" by 54.5"
224 African Maternity carving, Bena Lulua Dengiz Area, c/o Zaire (Congo), "Homage to the spirit of Maternity & wisdom of Women", in red paint, on Lucite base, height is 17"
225 Chinese porcelain bronze mounted lamp base, height is 21.25" (including socket), in good condition.
226 Asian lot, bronze & porcelain, Cloisonn?, includes a porcelain Chinese table lamp, small bronze bowl, bronze & spelter cloisonn? lamp base & 18" tall cloisonn? vase (as is)
227 Pair Chinese porcelain figural pillows, 2 kneeling figural pillows, 13" long, 9.75" tall, 6" wide, in good condition
228 Japanese flower vase, bronze, mixed metal, decorated with dragons, inlaid detail, side drilled, height is 12.75"
229 3 pieces Tibetan bronze items, Tibet prayer wheel, wood snuff bottle with metal & stone decoration 7 small figural bronze, deity.
230 Asian lot, China, bronze, Cloisonn?, includes a floral decorated cloisonn? plate, a small Chinese vase, bronze vase with decoration, a Chinese porcelain figure of a woman and a large carved wood (?) figure of a Chinese woman
231 2 German hot water urns, tin or pewter, on bases, paint decorated
232 2 German steins with pewter lids, one is cracked, decorated with various scenes, figures.
233 (2) Silhouette bronze & marble, includes late 18th c. bronze & frame of Voltaire & marble plaque of Savonarola Girolamo, 5.25" x 7.5 x 4.75"
234 (3) carved statues, Religious, Santos, carved wood
235 Carved wood raccoon & stool, carved wood & paint decorated raccoon & "butcher block" style stool with open center, stool is 11.5" by 11.5", height is 17.5"
236 Pair Ernest Shaw figural bookends, in iron, black painted, dated 1992.
237 Bronze head, open mouth, eyes, height is 9"
238 Plaque, by Alice Carr de Creeft, 1930's cast aluminum or nickel plaque showing women hanging laundry, 11.75" by 14.5"
239 Paper Mache figural sculpture, drummer, life size sculpture in painted paper Mache of a muscular man beating a drum, some repairs, height sculpture is 49"
240 Primitive carved stone figure, 15.75" tall
241 Steel abstract sculpture unsigned, height is 30.5"
242 Carved stone sculpture, figure on all fours, Thomas Calnan, sculpture is 10.5" by 6.5", height is 13.5"
243 Bronze boy on chair, sculpture, unsigned, boy on chair, all one piece, base is 11.5" by 10", height is 44", could not find signature
244 Pair Industrial spot lights, blue & green lens, "Oase Pumps, Irvine California", 9" in diameter.
245 Shield shaped Venetian mirror with mirrored frame, 22.75" by 20.25", small chip top finial
246 Bronze sculpture, "eruption", on wood base, unsigned, "Malachite" patina, base is 10" by 6.75"
247 African carving & pottery sculpture, interesting surreal wood carving, African signed "Mauka" & abstract earthenware sculpture, unsigned, wood sculpture is 23.25" tall.
248 2 paintings, signed Griffin, two acrylic (?) scenes, still life & house, both signed Griffin, still life is 23.25" by 35.5", house is 41" by 33"
249 Set 4 Robsjohn Gibbings chairs, upholstered seats (stained)
250 Pair Jack Lenor Larsen chairs
251 Ceramic paint decorated plaque, figure, French (?), signed ill. 1951, 28" by 22"
252 Painting, "requiem", Ben Wilson, 24" by 22.75", oil on canvas, unframed
253 Mixed Media sculpture, Greg Copeland, "Style 859", 1973, spiral form on mirrored back, 35.5" by 30.5"
254 Pair abstract lithos, "Marang", two geometric style lithographs, 183/300 & 159/300, both signed "Marang", 30.25" by 30.25"
255 Austin Prod 1964 statue, signed de Groot, Mid Century Durastone cast statue of a woman washing her hair, silver / green patina, height is 18.5"
256 Modern steel base curve corner table, wood top, steel frame, top is 58.5" by 35.75", height is 29"
257 Painting, Dutch village scene, unsigned, oil on panel showing village scene with figures, houses & windmill, 10.25" by 13.5"
258 Painting, shepherd with castle, sheep, circle of Johann Heinrich Roos, oil on canvas (relined), 7" by 9"
259 Painting. Portrait of a man w/ mandolin 9 1/2" x 7" , Oil on panel, manner of Frans Hals
260 African American plantation cabinet, late 19th Century cabinet stand with carved detail, 23" by 18", height is 35"
261 Wallace "Grande Baroque", sterling flatware, service for 12, includes 12 knives, 12 desert forks, 12 dinner forks, 12 soup spoons, 24 small spoons, 8 serving pieces, small fork & sugar tongs & 12 butter knives, 148.4 oz. weighable silver.
262 Lot sterling flatware, 24 troy, spoons, knives & forks, 24 troy plus knives.
263 Lot sterling flatware, 20 troy, spoons, knives & forks, 20 troy plus knives.
264 Lot misc. sterling flatware silver, 11 troy plus knives.
271 Jewelry, Pearl necklace 14k yellow gold clasp, cultured pearl necklace w/ gold & cluster pearl clasp, strand is 22" length, (59) pearls, approx. 8.28-8.48mm
272 Jewelry, Pearl necklace 14k white gold clasp, cultured pearl necklace, (70) pearls, approx. 5.76-9.38 mm, 20" length
273 Jewelry, Pearl necklace 14k white gold clasp, cultured pearl necklace, (86) pearls, approx. 7.48-7.82mm, 28" length
274 Jewelry, 14k yellow gold rope necklace, #1 pendant w/ small diamond, 24.4 grams, 20" length
275 Jewelry, 14k yellow gold heart shaped diamond pendant, w/ 14k flat chain, 14.4 grams, 20" length
276 Jewelry, 14k yellow gold charm bracelet w/ culture pearls, 20 grams, 7" length
277 800 silver compact, Lapis, painted miniature, signed, 3" x 2 3/8"
278 Jewelry, (8) gold charms, including (2) 18k yellow gold, & (5) 14k gold charms, & British soldier marked 375, 23.4 grams total weight
279 Jewelry, 18k gold charm bracelet, 6.2 grams, 7" length, small "pin hole"
280 Jewelry, (5) charms, (3) 14k yellow gold, 8.3 grams, & (1) onyx & (1) coral charm
282 2 bicycle Rickshaws, Chinese, one has front wheel missing
283 Rose Medallion plates, 6 shallow plates, 8.25" in diameter & one additional deep plate, 8.25", one plate has minor chip, all match.
284 Religious Icon, Mary & Child, brass & cloisonn? 12.75" by 9.75"
285 Religious Icon, Print of Mary with pierced tin, 13 1/2" x 10 1/2"
286 Painting, Folk Art scene by P.B. Wescott, watercolor on paper showing several nobel figures by waterfall village in background, "Belisarius" small tear, 17.25" x 24.25"
288 Painting, swan & lake, signed, L. Warden (?), in monumental gilt carved frame, opening 42.25" x 60 1/2" total size 60 3/4" x 79 1/2", oil on canvas
289 Photograph, "New York, reflexion" by Jean-Marc Bernard, France w/ certificate of authenticity, 46" x 70 3/4"
290 Painting, Edward Carini, acrylic on canvas, "For those clothes look good on life is just a Put-on" 26" x 48"
291 Painting, "The Hole Truth", Edward Carini, acrylic on canvas, 49" x 17"
292 Painting, "Feel", Edward Carini, acrylic on canvas, 50" x 25"
293 Painting, "GAP" Edward Carini, acrylic on canvas, 30" x 49"
294 Collection of brass candlesticks & oil lamps, 19th c, includes (4) match pairs and several 19th c singles, (2) 19thc French oil lamps, pair of German alter sticks, please see photos for details
295 Carved wood Italian Florentine lamp, silver finish, height is 66.5"
296 Ornate gilt mirror, Italian style fancy gilt framed mirror, 53" by 29.5"
297 19th Century Italian, Florence mirror, carved & gilt wood frame with floral decorations, 35.5" by 41"
298 2 panel gilt empire mirror, mirror is 35.5" by 19" (total size)
299 2 gilt empire mirrors, 3 panel over mantle & 2 panel vertical, over mantle mirror is 26" by 64.25" other mirror is 43.5" by 22", some gilt loss.
300 Sound Machine mirror, Diesel, swivel vanity mirror with mirrored frame decorated with various electronic circuitry, in green pain, height as shown is 19.5"
301 Childs enameled table top, alphabet & numbers, circus scene in center, minor chips on sides, top is 16" by 20"
302 Anatomical wood artist model, moveable joints, height is 34"
303 Ceramic art, plaque & collage, includes a large ceramic plaque with abstract scene, signed "TM" (19" by 26") & ceramic face collage signed "Callo" (?)
304 Bronze trade sign, "Pierre Furs", Paris, Athens, New York, sign is 11.75" by 17.5"
305 Pair cast iron finials, lamped, octagonal base cast iron finials, turned into table lamps, height is 22", excluding socket
306 2 Jalan pottery bowls, Manuel Jalonovitch, signed Jalan, 1923, 2 green /blue art pottery bowls, both signed & dated, 8" in diameter, height is 4.25", good condition, no chips, cracks.
307 1748 German pewter plate, Johann George Noster Oschatz, Saxony (1706-1748), inscribed "M.R.B. 1748" decorated with interior scene with figures around a crib, 13" in diameter.
308 Crystal & porcelain box, brass box & copper relief plate, cut crystal box with porcelain lid, lid shows scene with hot air balloon, comes with decorative jewel box & round copper relief plate in carved frame (12" in diameter).
309 Early bronze bowl or vase with handles, 7.75" tall, faint worn line decorations.
310 Bronze tray, decorated with horse, butterfly & dragonfly, oval bronze footed dish or tray showing a child holding a horse, with butterfly & dragonfly handles, tray is 11.25" by 8", height is 5", one screw missing on base, dish has small crack
311 Small Moorcroft vase, blue with floral decoration, Iris, height is 3.75"
312 Italian glazed terra cotta religious shrine, Mary & child, "Ave Maria", 30" tall, 14.25" wide.
313 Round glazed Della Robia religious plaque, Mary & child surrounded by angels, outer edge decorated with fruit & pine cones, chicken symbol on reverse, diameter is 25" ca 1940
314 Set of "Real old Willow" by Royal Doulton, set, fine porcelain set, service for 8, includes 8 cups and saucers, 8 dinner plates, 8 salad plates, 8 cake plates, teapot, sugar & creamer, in good condition
315 2 stoneware jars, apothecary wet jar, tin glazed, spout repaired, some chips & large earthenware decorated double handled vase, 20.5" tall.
316 Carved Asian Elmwood shrine, Chinese temple shrine in red paint, 26" wide, 14" deep, height is 24"
317 Chinese Elmwood altar table, 19th Century, table is 35" by 19", height is 34"
318 Antique Chinese Elmwood table, top is 34.5" by 25.5", height is 20.5"
319 Antique Chinese altar cabinet, 2 drawers over hidden compartment, top is 37.75" by 24", height is 33"
320 Chinese Elmwood cabinet, 3 drawers over cabinet base, 43" by 24.5", height is 37.25"
321 19th Century Chinese writing table in European style, 2 drawers, table is 30.5" by 18.25", height is 30"
322 18th Century Chinese Elmwood stand, round stand, Elmwood & lacquer, top is 17.5" in diameter, height is 18.25", base ring stretcher is cracked in several places.
323 Antique Chinese altar table, 39.5" by 14.5", height is 35"
324 19th Century Chinese scholar table, Elmwood Chinese writing table, top is 24.5" by 43", height is 32"
325 Rattan top Chinese cabinet, 2 drawers over 2 door base, cabinet is 22.5" by 22.5", height is 33"
326 Chinese Elmwood coffee table, painted base, table is 39" by 19.5", height is 21"
327 Chinese walnut sofa table, circa 1800, top is 74.25" by 19.75", height is 33"
328 Chinese Elmwood table, dining size, table is 70.5" by 31", height is 31.5"
329 Pair antique Chinese Elmwood stands with secret section, circa 1850, each stand is 22.5" by 18.75", height is 33"
330 Shandong Province Chinese Elmwood table, early 19th Century, Elmwood & black lacquer, table is 37" by 21.5", height is 33.5"
331 Pair Chinese hardwood chairs, circa 1800, pair Chinese side chairs, carved backs, each chair is 20" by 16.75", height is 40.5", nice patina.
332 Chinese side table, decorative skirt, Elmwood table is 25" by 25", height is 19.5", 19th Century
333 Chinese Elmwood open front stand, front has 3 sections, 32" by 15.5", height is 32"
334 Chinese red lacquered table, writing table in red lacquer with decorated top, dragon, rooster, top is 21.5" by 32.75"
335 Chinese faux painted cabinet, small cabinet, drawer over cabinet base, mid 19th Century, cabinet is 23" by 17.5", height is 34"
336 Pair Chinese step back stands, 21" by 25" (at base), height is 20.25"
337 Chinese Jadeite carving of Phoenix, w/ flowers, on wood base, 14.25" including base
338 Chinese one drawer stand, polished stone top, Elmwood stand with single drawer, polished stone top, stand is 20.25" by 20.25", height is 20.5"
339 16" Political terrestrial globe by Cram's, on wood base.
340 7 pieces early German glass, Goblets, tumblers, various sizes
341 3 pieces carved Asian rose quartz, as is,
342 80's Vintage tractor seat stools, 2 unusual stools in white with tractor seat tops, green & blue, each stool is 15.5" by 15.5", height is 27"
343 Pair opalescent table lamps, feather shades, one pair of opalescent white table lamps with white marble bases (no shades) and pair of opalescent gill detailed table lamps with feather shades, feather lamps are 43" tall (as shown)
344 Faux taxidermy moose, faux fur over composite base, head is 22" tall, 23" deep,
345 Road sign sculpture, yield or caution sign riddled with bullet holes.
346 Lot, antique clock face, tramp art frame, sculptures, French lilies, custom shoe, (club foot ?), copper clock face decorated with various saints, 2 carved ebonized sculptures, two gilt French lilies.
347 19th Century carved shepherd with sheep, in walnut, on base with drawer, height is 17.5"
348 2 African carvings, Buffalo mask & face mask, both have age, buffalo is 25" tall, face mask is paint decorated and is 11.25" tall.
349 Lot Ethnographic carvings, various carved wood African & assorted figures
350 Cement garden statue on pedestal, cement cherub on base, total height is 42.5"
351 2 paintings, after Modigliani & Leger, portrait & abstract, portrait of a woman, after Modigliani, 19" by 15.5" & Abstract after Leger, 19.5" by 14"
352 Painting, portrait girl, Marie Haughton Spaeth, 22" by 17"
353 Painting, Haitian, Gabriel Levesque, "Paradise", nude woman with exotic animals, painted on Masonite, 24" by 16"
354 Painting, house by lake, Roger Eastwood, oil on board, 23.5" by 35.25"
355 Painting, Mary & child, Elizabeth Nicol Wakraus (??), gilt frame, painted on canvas, 50" by 40", small repair.
356 Painting, portrait, Sergeant Kendall, 67" by 52", full body portrait of a seated lady with dog by her side, painted on canvas.
357 3 paintings, horse, tiger & lion, L.W. Haury, lion & horse are 48" by 38" each, tiger is 48" by 48", all are portrait style.
358 Painting, U.S Flag, P. Mitzman, stars & stripes painted on Masonite, dated 1967, 36" by 59.75"
359 Painting, Soldier with rifle, signed Cedric, large oil on canvas showing a soldier with rifle in the rain, in black & white, unframed, canvas is 61" by 50"
360 Painting, figures, signed Strong, 35.5" by 70", showing 3 groups of standing figures, oil on canvas.
361 Print, "New York, taken from the north west angle of Fort Columbus, Governors Island", eng. by Henry Papprill, 21" by 30"
362 Painting, landscape with mountain, Wm. Peter, 1890, landscape with river, mountains & figures, signed lower right, painted on canvas, 30" by 40", needs cleaning.
363 Large collection antique glass, German decorative goblets, tumblers, Bohemian, Biedermeier, several armorial.
364 10 pieces German & Bohemian goblets, glasses and assorted glassware
365 6 German glass goblets, 19th Century, etched, decorated, various colors
366 Art pottery lot, Fulper, Belgium Mid Century & French studio pottery pitcher
367 Pierrefonds studio pottery vase, double handle, 5.75" height
368 3 stoneware jugs, Royal Doulton & German, brown, decorated with leaves, vines
369 Small Murano Camer fixture with pink & clear crystals, several are chipped and / or cracked, fixture is 24" tall
370 Tile humidor, "Porcelain Cigar Case "made by the Wilke Mfg. Co, Anderson, Ind. it's mate is in "Rough Point" Newport RI. several tiles broken, cracked, 17.5" by 19.5", height is 22"
371 Majestic Lamp Company Sputnik fixture, iconic mid Century modern hanging fixture in brass, worn patina, fixture is 22" tall, 21" in diameter.
372 Pair plaster planter shells & table base, manner of Serge Roche, base as is
373 Set 6 Chrome MCM dining chairs, each chair is 16.5" by 16", height is 32"
374 Set 4 wrought iron & leather chairs with brass finials, chairs fold, leather is new, probably Spanish.
375 1980's mirror with design, 40.25" x 40.25"
376 Vintage spotlight, "Moldcast, Newark, N.J.", aluminum housing, rotates on base, height is 18"
377 Unusual faux stone base, wood top coffee table, top is 56" by 23" (approximately), height including center piece is 22.75"
378 Dutch marquetry inlaid chair, 19th century, fine quality inlaid side chair inlaid with flowers, birds, chair is 20" by 15.75", height is 44.75"
379 2 French antique chairs, 18th Century French oak side chair with open back & French walnut side chair with leather seat,
380 18th Century Italian baroque chair, walnut Italian side chair, seat is 14.25" by 19.5", height is 47"
381 Two antique chairs, Charles II & Portuguese, 2 carved chairs, a circa 1800 carved chair, possibly Portuguese with red upholstered seat & a carved armchair, 17th Century period, Charles II walnut chair (circa 1680) with caned seat & back
382 2 18th Century chairs, Italian stained pine child's chair & armchair with diamond motif in back support.
383 18th Century Italian chair & stool, upholstered side chair with carved base & small Italian stool (chair with back removed.
384 Inlaid Spanish or Moorish chair, back support missing, probably late 18th Century, 27.25" wide, 20.5" deep & 36.5" tall.
385 Small 18th Century lift top box, cabinet is 30.5" by 16.5", height is 28"
386 Louis XIII style upholstered arm chair, scrolled arms, stretcher base, seat is 20.5" by 25.5", height is 49"
387 Early 19th Century Immigrant ships trunk, destined for Baltimore, Maryland, domed top, trunk is 41" by 25.5", height is 23.5"
388 Counter top display case, oak store, countertop display case with 2 glass shelves, 15.5" by 22", height is 33", front glass has small crack lower left corner.
389 Country store display case, counter top display case in oak, 28" by 16.25", height is 30.75"
390 2 Country signs, Putnam County Products inc, 11 1/2" x 110.25" & Post office Garrison N.Y. 9 3/4" x 46 3/4"
391 B&G Danish porcelain figurines, lot of 7 porcelain figurines, figure of girl with sheep in as is, sheep has piece of ear missing, figure of boy holding puppy, puppy has part of leg missing, includes numbers 2162; 1574; 2254; 1845; 1808; 1747; & 2010, woman with sheep is signed Axel Locher.
392 Lladro porcelain figurines, 4 LLadro figures, cat, bear, boy with hammer & boy with sailboat.
393 Stoneware jug & marble flag stand, Whites Utica floral decorated stoneware jug & white polished marble banner stand, jug has some loss around opening, banner stand is 15.5"
394 Dutch Friesland wall clock, paint decorated dial, carved mermaids on side, single weight, clock runs, but hands appear to be disengaged, needs repair, height is 18.5"
395 Wall clock with paint decorated face, wood case, single weight, height is 49", as found
396 Pair large pink pottery floor jars, each jar is 21" tall ca 1930
397 18th Century French Faience Rouen Lavabo, both upper & lower section have been extensively restored, sold as is.
398 Spanish Talavera Majolica basin or bowl, fine quality glazed stoneware bowl, diameter is 15.75" height is 4.75", some glaze chips.
399 Large faience floral decorated deep plate, floral decorated glazed, 15.5" in diameter, height is 2.5"
400 Faience floral decorated bowl or platter, 19th Century ceramic, 13.5" in diameter, height is 2"
401 Floral decorated stoneware bowl, blue & red floral decorated ceramic bowl, old staple repairs, 13.5" in diameter, height is 2.5".
402 Ceramic bowl, Persian style bowl with swirl decoration, height is 3.25", 12.25", in good condition.
403 Italian Majolica mirror with etched glass, shield shaped porcelain mirror, 27" by 13.5"
404 French Faience oil lamp, electrified, decorated various scene sailboats, flowers, lamp has some glaze cracks, one wood base, milk glass globe, 36 1/2" as shown
405 (2) pc Porcelain Rauenstein bowl & Faience pitcher (restored condition)
406 Majolica & Faience lot, 4 pieces, includes Spanish Majolica drug jar with 2 handles circa 1908, early Mediterranean Majolica plate, 18th Century French Faience plate & 19th Century floral decorated Faience plate, small chips
407 2 early Spanish pottery bowls, 19th Century hand painted.
408 Delft blue & white lamped urn, octagonal base decorated w/ figures, temple, flying kite, small chips, 15 1/2" tall excluding socket extension
409 Delft lot, vases, jars, 4 pieces of antique Delft porcelain includes one 11.75" vase (drilled), one small covered jar with colored floral decoration (7.25") & 2 covered blue & white urns, each urn is 11" tall, chipped, as is condition.
410 Islamic Majolica urn, signed, 19th Century, large double handled urn, decorated in various colors, height is 28", some chips, damage to rim.
411 Early wrought iron floor candelabra, 3 arms, height is 5 feet
412 Pair French brass candle sconces, 3 arms each, 22" tall.
413 Faux stag horn, antler light fixture, chandelier is 27" tall, 34" across
414 Theorem, floral scene in gilt frame, 11.5" by 13.5", frame loose
415 Brass hanging fixture with glass shades, decorative chandelier with heads & milk glass shades, 41" tall, 28" across (approximately)
416 18th Century double door cabinet, Continental cabinet, painted raised panel doors, 44.25" by 19", height is 66"
417 Carved console table with mirror, paint decorated and gilt console with mirror, circa 1940's, total height, as shown is 77"
418 Period Chippendale tilt top table, circa 1800, round top, tripod base, top diameter is 30", height is 27"
419 (2) 19th c. needlepoint footed stools, inlaid trim, 16" diameter, porcelain feet
420 Large cement birdbath, on pedestal base 35" diameter, 37' height ca 1930
421 8 pieces white Delft, 6 tureens with lids, small vase & pair of small planters with porcelain floral pieces, tureens have some chips, cracks, sold as is.
422 Meissen, pair of candlesticks, blue & white w/ gilt highlights 6 3/4" height, good condition
423 Italian round gilt carved mirror, 16 1/2" outer diameter, some repairs
424 Late 18th Century Windsor chair, chair is 14.5" by 17.5", height is 36"
425 Country cupboard, in red finish, single drawer over 2 door base, from Saugerties home, 43.75" by 20", height is 48.5"
426 Pair small brass legged stools, each stool is 12" by 13", height is 9"
427 Pair Italian art glass bell fixtures in orange and yellow glass, each fixture is 12" tall.
428 Round mahogany dining table with leaf, single pedestal base dining table 54" top, height is 30"
429 19th Century corner cabinet, 2 over 2 doors, drawer in center, cabinet is 79" tall.
430 Empire butlers chest, upper desk drawer over 3 drawers, cherry finish, 45.5" by 22.25", height is 50.5", glass knobs, note, homemade desk interior, top drawer does not fold out.
431 Terra cotta chimney pot, light beige, Italian made, 15" by 14.5", height is 43.25"
432 Dovetailed box, trunk, 44" by 19.75", height is 23" tall.
433 Antique Hepplewhite 4 drawer chest, 41" by 20.25", height is 37"
434 Two trunks, camphor traveling trunk & small Anglo-Indian trunk, camphor trunk has brass reinforced edges & inlay, large trunk is 40" by 20", height is 18.5", small trunk is 23.5" by 13.25, height is 12.5"
435 Wicker & oak dining set, round oak table on wicker base with leaf & 6 chairs, in green paint, table is 44.5"
436 Jewelry. Collection of Antique French shoe buckles clips, cut steel, & other
437 Jewelry. Collection of Gold filled & gold jewelry, to include Lapis bead necklace w/ 18k clasp; gold shoe pendant; 14k London Blue (?) diamond chip pendant; GF Bulova wristwatch; GF Admiral pocket watch; amethyst pin; cufflinks; Czech & other...
438 Jewelry. Collection of sterling jewelry to include Tiffany & Co sterling heart key chain; Tiffany & Co. double horse bit keychain; sterling heart necklace; mix metal hallmark ring; & other
439 Jewelry. Collection of 14k white gold including carved Cameo w/ diamond chip, green stones, & filigree; 14k filigree bracelet w/ diamond chip & green stones, 14k ring with blue stone, missing pearls, 14k ring green hardstone (as is) filigree
440 Jewelry. Omega gold filled wristwatch & Universal Geneva automatic wristwatch, missing crown
441 Jewelry, (2) Sterling Mexico bracelets, Sterling Taxco 925 "JJ" Hecho En Mexico vintage bracelet, length; 7/8" width, 61.8 grams. & Sterling Mexico 925 heavy link bracelet 9 3/4" length; 86 grams.
442 Jewelry. Sterling Thimbles, collection of (11) thimbles, hallmarks; inscriptions; stamp work; 2 marked J.F; sizes 8 & 9; thimble with blue stones one is missing, marked 800; scratches & dents.
443 Jewelry. Grouping 14k gold watches to include 14k gold Elgin pocket watch, scratches & dents to case; 14k yellow gold wristwatch; 14k white gold Hamilton; 14k yellow gold Lyceum; & deco diamond & blue stones (sapphires ?) wristwatch, strap broken. Estate lot found as it.
444 Jewelry. Art Deco sterling marcasite pearl necklace, chain marked sterling, hallmarks on back, (2) pair of sterling drop earrings , sterling black onyx marcasite & sterling MOP marcasite
445 Jewelry. Gold lot to include 9 kt. gold necklace marked 375, 19.6 grams, 30" length; 14k locket 5.7 grams; 14k heart locket w/ small diamond chip, 3.6 grams (chain is not gold); (2) 14k pendants 5 grams total; 14k chain, 14k bow pin & earring 9.6 grams, MOP hand, blackamoor head, carnelian hand. (14k bow pin marked Italy, stone in center is not a diamond)
446 Jewelry. Gold lot to include 14k Rose gold watch band 35.2 grams; 18k gold rope bracelet 6.4 grams; 14k yellow gold rope necklace 17 grams
447 Jewelry. Antique 14k yellow gold carved coral wide filigree bangle bracelet & 14k yellow gold Victorian pendant with pearls & red stones
448 Jewelry. (2) Chinese Archer rings, lapis & hardstone
449 Jewelry. (4) Chinese Archer rings, hardstone
450 Sterling. Assorted enamel compacts & other to include, 800 enamel compact w/ gold wash, wear to top right corner. Yellow enamel compact mirror as is, pink enamel footed bowl marked 925. compact with gold & 4 small sapphires, hinge is broken. Powder residue in cases.
451 Sterling. Antique strainer, Axel V. Johansen, Copenhagen,
452 Sterling. Georg Jensen fork & enamel sterling J. Tostrup Norway spoon
453 Painting, William McDonough, "Blue black on white" Rue De Siene, 1968, oil on canvas, 28" x 22"
454 Painting, William McDonough, "Yellow monochrome multiple voids no 3" 1968, oil on canvas, 18 x 24"
455 Painting, William McDonough, "About Werfenstein", oil on canvas, 48" x 59.25"
456 Leroy Neiman signed print, "Frank Sinatra", 20" by 19.5"
457 Salvador Dali lot, "El Cid" etching & 3 prints from the folder "Dante, La Divine Comedie"
458 2 paintings, Eckstrom & Curcoby (?), oil on canvas "The Babysitter", signed Sylvia Eckstrom, 19.75" by 36" & oil on canvas, folksy baptism scene, signed Curcoby (unsure), 23" by 32"
459 Painting, landscape, signed illegibly, oil on board (paper ?), showing trees in landscape, 23.5" by 35.5"
460 Painting, Cathedral interior, Minerva, watercolor showing interior of St Francis, Rome, 1912, in original frame, signed lower right, 21.75" by 13.25" (total size), additional information written on reverse
461 Lot, silver plate tray, Staffordshire poodles, armorial cups & plates (cracked), large silver plated armorial serving tray & 4 small Icon like framed pieces.
462 Painting, Saint Nicholas, Franz Paul Glass, oil on canvas showing a Saint Nicholas scene, painted on canvas, 20" by 23.5"
463 Painting, art market, Franz Paul Glass, oil on canvas showing a street scene with various art sellers, 16.75" by 23"
464 Painting, courting scene, Franz Paul Glass, watercolor showing 2 couples by river bank, 16.5" by 12.5"
465 2 paintings, floral, Franz Paul Glass, 2 still life scenes with flowers in vase, both oil on canvas, 31.75" by 24" & 29.75" by 23", one dated 1944
466 2 paintings, portraits, Franz Paul Glass, portrait of a lady with hat & portrait of a woman with child, oil on canvas & oil on board, 32.75" by 24.75 (woman & child) & 24.5" by 20"
467 2 paintings, floral, Franz Paul Glass, 2 still life scenes with flowers in vase, both oil on panel, 26" by 19.5" & 28" by 21.25"
468 Painting, still life fruit, Franz Paul Glass, gilt frame, oil on canvas showing oranges, lemons, canvas is 23" by 29.75"
469 Painting, garden scene, Franz Paul Glass, "Fur Thea, Weihnacht 1954, watercolor on paper, 22" by 28"
470 Lot watercolors, Franz Paul Glass, advertising & assorted watercolors, stage designs, circa 1920-1930, all unframed, various sizes
471 Lot watercolors, Franz Paul Glass, Munchen, Bavarian subjects, including advertisements, illustrations etc. , 1920's, 30's German
472 Lot watercolors, Franz Paul Glass, Christmas & fairytale and book manuscript illustration, Saint Nicholas, 1930's
473 Watercolors, Gouache, Franz Paul Glass, illustrations & advertisements, watercolors, gouache & printed.
474 Art folio, Franz Paul Glass, illustrations, advertisement, exhibitions, artist information, photographs & large lot!
475 Etchings, Franz Paul Glass, assorted etchings , 1930's, various sizes, mostly nude scenes, some duplicates
476 Etchings, Franz Paul Glass, assorted etchings , 1930's, various sizes, mostly nude scenes, some duplicates
477 Watercolor, carnival, Franz Paul Glass, watercolor on paper showing a carnival scene with crowd, Ferris wheel in background, 13" by 15.25"
478 Ink & gouache comic storyboards, Franz Paul Glass, "Die Schatzsucher", circa 1930's, 21" by 15", 11 plates
479 Pre WW2 German propaganda poster, Hitler & Hindenburg, by Franz Paul Glass, 75" by 32.75"
480 Pre WW2 propaganda poster, "Eine Starke Hand", Hindenburg, poster has small tears top margin, poster consists of two parts, 66.25" by 47"
481 Japanese baskets, Native Indian pottery, includes woven Japanese basket vase, brass woven basket bowl, 2 pieces of native Indian pottery & 3 stone artifacts (hand axe, arrows)
482 2 posters, "Chicago" & "Toby Muffet for Senate" by Romare Bearden, Chicago poster is signed, 39.5" by 26.5" (Chicago) & 43.5" by 24.5"
483 Asian art lot, embroideries, includes framed Chinese embroidered panel with fish, embroidery on silk with peacocks & 2 Japanese paintings on silk, flying geese & Koi, both signed.
484 Embroidered vestment, early license plate, lidded box with beveled glass lid & pail
485 Large glass floral decorated vase, Bristol style, height is 27", gilt detail, vase is as is, broken at base.
486 Large figural metal table lamp in white paint, no shade, height is 28" (excluding socket extension).
487 Large photo print of elaborate columned building, interior view, 16.25" by 25.75"
488 Decorative gilt mirror, 51" by 25"
489 2 carnival or game boards, large clown & monkey game
495 Set 6 iron faux bamboo patio chairs, partially painted
496 2 La Marie by Starck for Kartell acrylic chairs & small round iron stand, stand has no top.
497 Moroccan inlaid stand & small vitrine, drop front vitrine with replaced top, Moroccan stand has missing inlay on top.
498 Pair deco mohair arm chairs, 21" wide, 25" deep & 31" tall.
499 Pair upholstered arm chairs, art deco style, wood frames
500 Large workbench with work light, vice, and 3 draws, painted green, 71" x 31" x 38"
504 2 stools, rosewood & needlepoint, round needlepoint top adjustable piano stool & Rosewood stool with striped upholstery
505 Painting. Abstract watercolor, unsigned,
506 Paintings, fish & Japanese landscape, oil on canvas still life with 3 fish & bucket & small watercolor showing a Japanese landscape, signed
507 Fancy gilt frame, opening is 28" by 23"
508 Set of 8 sterling & crystal cups, with one extra base, some dents, do not all match
509 2 lanterns, slag glass arts & crafts lantern & 6 sided decorative hall fixture with amber glass panels
510 Lot, Tramp Art box store , Roseville Persian , scale, tramp art box with Star of David in lid, checkerboard interior, store scale with marble surface & weights
511 Pair oval bronze art nouveau plaques, each plaque shows portrait of a lady, 12.75" by 9.5"
512 Sculpture of a nude boy, carved wood, painted in lifelike colors, height is 36"
513 Wood Sculpture with 3 heads, unusual wood sculpture showing 3 heads carved out of single beam, 54" long
514 Gilt pricket candlestick lamped & small beaded glass fixture, fixture has strands of small blue beads or crystals
515 Asian porcelain, mirror, planter, lot includes a metal framed mirror with dragon decoration, blue & white porcelain planter, 12" blue & white Chinese plate with bamboo decoration & orange, gilt Chinese vase (repaired).
516 Lot Meissen porcelain, plates, covered bowl, pitcher, cup & saucer, bowl, Grape Leaf Pattern & various floral decorated pieces.
517 Lot porcelain, Meissen, Bristol, Royal Vienna & others, , including various vases, plates, cups, dishes, box & more.
518 German porcelain lot including Capodimonte cabinet plate, (6) paint decorated gilt cups & sauces, including KPM Berlin w/ view of Dresden & Nurnberger, & floral. some repairs, chips
519 Large lot blue onion Meissen plates, ocarina, pitcher, tea cups, small teapot (no lid ) & more
520 Collection of (11) porcelain cups & saucers Meissen & KMP, gilt is worn on most, see photos
521 Pottery pitcher & vase, modern studio pottery vase by Tom Neugebauer & wood fired pitcher from Daven Butterfield Floyd, VA
522 Silver & silver plate lot including (6) 800 dessert forks, serving pcs, & steamer, please see photo for details
523 (2) Holy water brass bucket & ornate copper vessel/pitcher decorated with animals, etc. pitcher 17 1/2" tall
524 3 pieces of art glass, Venetian, includes Murano elephant, sculpture, 19th c art glass bellows, elephant and bellows have damage
525 (2) Mirrors, Federal double panel 19th c, one oval gilt, trim missing on oval mirror
526 Adirondack painted coal shovel snow scene, wood shovel, 35" height
527 Large stoneware pitcher, German jug, decorated, height is 16.5"
528 Collection of porcelain including KPM, Royal Vienna, German, Delft, sugar bowls, tureens, vases, cups & saucers, tiles, etc. 19th, please see photos for details
529 Painting, reclining nude, unsigned, 40" by 66", oil on canvas
530 Painting, Mediterranean town scene, signed illegible, oil on canvas, boats in harbor, 19.75" by 28.5"
531 Painting, sail ship on rough seas, unsigned, 40" by n48", painted on canvas
532 Painting, ship at sea, B. Snyder, 20" by 16", oil on canvas
533 Painting, portrait of a mariner, early 19th Century, oil on canvas showing a portrait of a (possibly) Irish mariner in New York Harbor, this painting once hung in sailors Rest Home , Snug Harbor, Staten Island, painted on canvas, 23" by 19.25"
534 Painting, still life with boars head, German, unsigned, painted on canvas, has small hole.
535 Painting, outsider art, Earl Swanigan, acrylic on wood panel showing a black farmer looking at pig & piglets, signed lower right, 35.5" by 48.5",
536 Painting, Jesus, St. Michaels Church, crypt, A.V. Amato, 1978, painted on canvas, laid on board, unframed, 30" by 78.25"
537 Lot abstract paintings, art, MCM, 4 oil on canvas scenes with various abstract compositions, appear 1960's, one is signed illegibly.
538 Painting, two figures, Truxell, 32" by 23", painted on canvas


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