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This report lists the lot numbers and their descriptions.

This list is for general reference only and is not meant to be an accurate description of each item, additions or subtractions might be made at any time. 
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Lot # Lot Description
535 3 Books, modern world architecture including: "Architecture USA" by Ian McCallum (1959) CONDITION: Original Sleeve is dirty and old, has cosmetic damage like minor scratches and tears. Build is fine. "Architecture For a Changing World" by James Steele (1992) CONDITION: Sleeve is in excellent condition, build is in excellent condition. "The Details of Modern Architecture" by Edward R. Ford (1990) CONDITION: Sleeve is used and old and it has a tear on the front cover. Build is fine.
536 3 Books (Collection), Architecture Dictionary Including: "A Dictionary of Architecture and Building A-E" by Russell Sturgis (1901) CONDITION: Missing Sleeve, Damaged Spine, First Pages are loose, pages are old and yellow, "A Dictionary of Architecture and Building F-N" by Russell Sturgis (1901) CONDITION: Damaged Spine, pages are old and yellow. "A Dictionary of Architecture and Building O-Z" by Russell Sturgis (1902) CONDITION: Damaged spine, first two pages are ripped out, Pages are very old and yellow. **ALL THREE BOOKS ARE VERY FRAGILE AND OLD**
537 Book, Russian Architecture, "A History of Russian Architecture" by William Craft Brumfield (1993) CONDITION: Book sleeve is folded on the inside, and is slightly scratched up and bent. The build is fine, though a bit dirty.
538 Book, Architect Mies Van Der Rohe, "Mies In Berlin" by Victoria Magnago (MoMA) (2002) CONDITION: Book sleeve has slight cosmetic issues like dirt and scratches but is otherwise fine. Bottom cover is slightly bent.
539 Book, Architecture & Landscape, "Landscape Design a Cultural and Architectural History" by Elizabeth Barlow Rogers (2001) CONDITION: Original sleeve is slightly dirty and folded near the edges. Has minor scratches. Build is excellent.
540 5 Books, Long Island design including: "Windmills of Long Island Society For the Preservation of Long Island" by Robert J. Hefner (1983) CONDITION: Original Sleeve is bent, build is fine. "Long Island Is My Nation the Decorative Arts & Craftsmen 1640-1830" Dean. F. Failey (AUTHOR SIGNED) (1976) CONDITION: Original Sleeve has a small fold at the bottom of the front cover. Build is excellent. "Weekend Utopia Modern Living In the Hamptons" by Alastair Gordon (AUTHOR SIGNED) (1999) CONDITION: Original Sleeve is slightly wrinkled, build is fine. "Guild Hall Of East Hampton" by Enez Whipple (1993) CONDITION: Sleeve is MISSING, book is fine, though worn down along the cover's edge. "Long Island Modernism 1930-1980" by Caroline Rob Zaleski (Author Signed) (2012) CONDITION: Excellent, Original Sleeve is shiny and clean, though it has a very small stain on the front cover near the spine. Build is in excellent condition.
541 2 Books, Architecture Eero Saarinen including: "Eero Saarinen Shaping the Future" by Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen and Donald Albrecht (2010) CONDITION: Original Sleeve is in excellent condition, no visible dirt, but there are notices of it being used like very minor scratches. Build is excellent. "Eero Saarinen" by Jayne Merkel (bent book sleeve) (2005) CONDITION: Original sleeve is folded over and has some crevices. The sleeve also has a price tag on the front cover. Build is fine.
542 5 Books, Architecture different styles including: "Scully: The Shingle Style" by Vincent J. Scully, JR (1955) CONDITION: Missing Sleeve, pages are slightly yellow. Structure is fine. "The Architecture of the American Summer the Flowering of the Shingle Style" by Vincent Scully (1989) CONDITION: Original Sleeve is dirty, structure is fine. "The American Bungalow 1880-1930" by Clay Lancaster (1985) CONDITION: Original Sleeve is dirty, and it has a crevasse in the middle of the cover. Structure is fine. "The American Country House" by Clive Aslet (1990) CONDITION: Original Sleeve is slightly dirty, and it has a small tear on the backside. "The Victorian Country House" by Mark Girouard (1971) CONDITION: In original sleeve, but it has a price tag on the inside of book. Mostly clean but slightly dusty.
543 Book, Design in Scandinavia, "Scandinavian Design" by Charlotte & Peter Fiell (2002) CONDITION: Good, structure is in excellent condition.
544 Book, Interior Design of Josef Hoffman, "Josef Hoffmann Interiors 1902-1913" by Christian Witt- Doerring (2006) CONDITION: Good, Book sleeve is slightly wrinkled at the top of the book
545 Book, Roy Lichtenstein (Art), "Roy Lichtenstein Drawings and Prints" by Diane Waldman (1970) CONDITION: damaged spine, stained, missing sleeve
546 Book, "The Invention of Biedermeier Simplicity" by Hans Ottomeyer, Klaus Albrecht Schroder and Laurie Winters, Milwaukee Art Museum, (2006) CONDITION: Mint Condition, unopened plastic
547 Book, Interior Design, "Domicilium Decoratus" by Kelly Wearstler (2006) signed by author, with original sleeve, CONDITION, good.
548 Book, Ralph Lauren Fashion, "Ralph Lauren" Limited Edition MMVII (2007), in original "alligator" sleeve CONDITION: Excellent
549 Book, Architecture Pritzker Prize and famous Architects, "Architect: The Work of the Pritzker Prize Laureates in their Own Words" by Ruth Peltason and Grace Ong-Yan, (2010). CONDITION: Excellent, still has original sleeve. Sleeve is slightly dirty.
550 Book, John Pawson architecture and design, "John Pawson Works" by Deyan Sudjic, (2005). CONDITION: Excellent, in original sleeve. Cover is slightly dirty. **SIGNED BY JOHN PAWSON
551 3 Books, famous Architects such as Oscar Niemeyer including: "Philip Johnson Life and Work" by Franz Schulze (1994). CONDITION: Good, in original sleeve. Cover is slightly dirty and page ends are worn down. "Mizner's Florida: American Resort Architecture" by Donald W. Curl (1986) CONDITION: Good, original book sleeve is present and slightly dirty. "A Arquitetura de Oscar Niemeyer" by Lionello Puppi (1987). CONDITION: Good, Book sleeve is slightly dirty. First Book Page is stained. Author Signed (?).
552 2 Books, Architecture, including: "Greene & Greene" by Edward R. Bosley (2003) CONDITION: Excellent, sleeve is slightly dirty. "Toward a Simpler Way of Life: The Arts & Crafts Architects of California" by Robert Winter (1997). CONDITION: Excellent.
553 Book, Architect Louis Comfort Tiffany: "Louis Comfort Tiffany and Laurelton Hall: An Artist's Country Estate" by Alice Cooney Frelinghuysen (2006) CONDITION: Excellent, price tag on cover.
554 Book, Design of Lights: "1000 Lights 1879 to 1959" by Charlotte & Peter Fiell (2005). CONDITION: Good, cover is slightly dirty.
555 Book, Architect and designer Burle Marx: "Roberto Burle Marx: Brazilian Modernist" by Jenns Hoffman & Claudia J. Nahson (2016) CONDITION: Excellent
556 4 Books, Architecture and design, including: "High Styles: Twentieth-Century American Design" by Lisa Phillips (1985) CONDITION: Good, but the adhesive holding the spine together is starting to wear down. "Donald Deskey Decorative Designs and Interiors" by David A. Hanks & Jennifer Toher (1987) CONDITION: Good, cover is slightly dirty. "Twentieth-Century Building Materials: History and Conservation" by Thomas C. Jester (1995). CONDITION: Excellent, price tag on back. "Decorative Art's 1920s" by Charlotte & Peter Fiell (2000)
557 3 Books, Architecture and architects, including: "SOM Architecture of Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill, 1950-1962" by Ernst Danz (1963). CONDITION: Fair, book sleeve is torn at the bottom, and it is dirty. "Louis Sullivan: The Function of Ornament" edited by Wim De Wit (1986) CONDITION: Excellent, small ink stain on the last page of the book. Appears to have a water stain on the corner of book. "The Architecture of Bruce Goff: 1904-1982" by Pauline Salgia and Mary Woolever (1995). CONDITION: Excellent, slightly dirty.
558 2 Books, Architecture and 21st century, including: "International Style: Modernist Architecture from 1925 to 1965" by Hasan-Uddin Khan (2009) (25th Anniversary). CONDITION: Excellent, book sleeve is slightly dirty and slightly bent at the top of the cover. "Next Houses: Architecture for the Twenty-First Century" by Ron Broadhurst (2009). CONDITION: Excellent.
559 Book, Asmara Architecture: "Asmara: Africa's Secret Modernist City" by Edward Denison, Guang Yu Ren, & Naigyz Gebremedhin (2003) CONDITION: Excellent, book sleeve is slightly dirty and has very minor bents & crevices along the top and bottom.
560 Book, Architecture & Apartments: "Directory to Apartments of the Better Class on the North Side of Chicago" (1979) CONDITION: Excellent, slight dirt on cover. AUTHOR SIGNED (?)
561 Book, Architect Yoshio Taniguchi: "Yoshio Taniguchi Nine Museums" by Terence Riley (2004) CONDITION: Excellent, Front and back sleeve are slightly dirty.
562 Book, Pierre Chareau Architecture: "Pierre Chareau: Modern Architecture and Design" by Esther Da Costa Meyer (2016) CONDITION: Excellent.
563 Book, Architect Henri Labrouste: "Henri Labrouste: Structure Brought to Light" (MoMa) by Corinne Belier & others (2012) CONDITION: Excellent, very light scratches on front sleeve.
564 Book, Architect William Lescaze: "William Lescaze, Architect" by Lorraine Welling Lanmon (1987) CONDITION: Excellent, slightly dirty and has sticky notes.
565 Book, Architect Oscar Niemeyer: "The Work of Oscar Niemeyer" by Stamo Papadaki (1951) CONDITION: Good, Adhesive on spine is worn down.
566 Book, Architecture & tiles: "Guastavino Vaulting: The Art of Structural Tile" by John Ochsendorf (2010) CONDITION: Excellent.
567 Book, Le Corbusier architect: "Le Corbusier: 1946-52" by Le Corbusier (1953) CONDITION: Structure is good. Book Sleeve is ripped and torn in some areas. Dirt is visible.
568 Book, Rene Herbst Design: "Rene Herbst: Pioneer of Modernism" by Guillemette Delaporte (2004) CONDITION: Excellent
569 Book, Architect Louis C. Tiffany: "Louis C. Tiffany and the Art of Devotion" by Patricia C. Pongracz (2012) CONDITION: Excellent
570 Book, Architect Fletcher Steele: "Fletcher Steele, Landscape Architect: An Account of the Gardenmakers Life, 1885-1971" by Robin Karson (1989) CONDITION: Excellent, price sticker on back.
571 Book, Architect Grosvenor Goodhue: "Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue" by Richard Oliver (1985) CONDITION: Excellent.
572 Book, Architect Auguste Perret: "Auguste Perret" by Karla Britton (2001) CONDITION: Excellent, price sticker on front cover
573 Book, Architect Charles A. Platt: "Charles A. Platt: the Artist as Architect" by Keith N. Morgan (1986) CONDITION: Good, has a sticky note.
574 Book, Architect Ernest Flagg: "Ernest Flagg Beaux-Arts Architect and Urban Reformer" by Mardges Bacon (1986) CONDITION: Excellent, has a price tag on back
575 Book, Architect Ezra Stoller: "Ezra Stoller Photographer" by Nina Rappaport and Erica Stoller (2012) CONDITION: Excellent
576 Book, Architecture Brighton: "The Making of the Royal Pavilion Brighton" by John Morley (1984) CONDITION: Good, book sleeve has a small rip on the top of the cover.
577 Book, Decorator Dorothy Draper: "In the Pink: Dorothy Draper America's Most Fabulous Decorator" by Carleton Varney (2012) CONDITION: Excellent.
578 Book, Composer Kurt Weill: "Kurt Weill: A Life in Pictures and Documents" by David Farneth & others (2000) CONDITION: Excellent.
579 3 Books, Architecture & Design including: "The Only Proper Style" by Calder Loth & Julius Trousdale Sadler Jr (1975), "Ogden Godman and the Decoration of Houses" by Pauline C. Metcalf (1988), "The Origins of Cast Iron Architecture in America" by W. Knight Sturges (Has some tears on book sleeve).
580 5 Books, Architecture & New York City including: "Architectural Visions: the Drawings of Hugh Ferriss" by Jean Ferris Leich (1980), "The Building of Manhattan" by Donald A. Mackay (1987), "Fifth Avenue, 1911 From Start to Finish" by Christopher Gray (1994), "Unbuilding" by David Macaulay (1980) (Book sleeve is torn on back), "1084 fifth Avenue From Mansion to Museum" by Andrew S. Dolkart (2010)
581 2 chairs, Georgian style open arm chair & Queen Anne style desk chair.
582 2 chairs, George III upholstered armchair with carved frame & Chippendale style painted base side chair in green upholstery with cross stretcher base.
585 Brass table lamp, with tole shade, lamp is 26" tall.
586 Jacobean carved chest, with carved armorial figures, lift top & side doors, carved oak, chest is 50" by 22.25", height is 22"
586 Spode ironstone Well & Tree meat platter, floral decorated, 20.25" by 15.5"
588 2 Lladro figures, man with violin & woman on chair with needlework, lady in chair has repair to chair
589 Brass dresser box & shell "purse", box has glass lid, hinged crudely repaired, shell in good shape
590 Ainsdale Royal Doulton porcelain tea set, 6 cake plates, 6 cups & saucers & teapot
591 Royal Doulton & Royal Dux figurines, 3 porcelain Royal Doulton figures, "Top O' the Hill", "Eventide" & "Schoolmarm" plus two Royal Dux figurines, woman & man and woman, all in good condition.
591 Large silver plate tea set & lot of flatware, tea set consist of large serving tray, teapot on stand, coffee pot, tea pot, sugar, creamer & covered bowl, plus bag with misc. flatware, serving pieces
593 4 large brass column lamps with shades, one shade cracked, height lamps including shades is 33.5"
594 Pair pot metal mcm table lamps, brass patina, finish, height is 34", including harp
595 Wood painted sign, "WR Cottage", red with gold lettering, 23.75" by 8.75"
596 Mid Century desk & chair, no name, desk is 46" by 17.75", height is 30"
597 Mid Century chest with mirror, triple drawer chest is 32" wide, 17.75" deep, height is 30.25", with mirror 75"
598 Marble top Mid Century side table, teak & white marble insert, table is 30.25" by 25.25", height is 20", damage on one corner
599 Mid Century vinyl tufted back desk chair, "Avant Designs", by Kroehler, on swivel base
600 Mid Century server or double dresser, white formica top, 3 by 3 drawers, chest is 52.25" by 17.5", height is 30.25"
601 Mid Century chest & desk, white formica tops, 4 drawer chest, 36.25" by 17.5", height is 36.25", desk is 40" by 20", height is 30.25"
602 Teak Danish desk & Hovedstadens arm chair, desk is 47.25" by 26", height is 28.5", Danish armchair with paper label, "Hovedstadens Mobelfabrik, Kvistgaard, Danmark, in teak & black vinyl.
603 Pair Chinese side chairs, carved backs, with cushions, each chair is 17" by 18" (seat), height is 36.75"
604 Mid Century desk chair, Swan style, black upholstery on chrome swivel base.
605 Fairbanks scale & Rosewood corner cabinet
606 Gilt mirror with carved frame, carved floral top, mirror is 43" tall, width is 29.25"
607 Large gilt mirror in carved frame, mirror is 43.25" by 51.25"
608 Decorative oval gilt mirror with carved ribbon decoration, various flowers, mirror is 41" tall, width is 20"
609 Carved gilt mirror with oak leaf & wheat decoration, mirror is 43" tall, width is 32.5"
610 Pair gilt metal candle sconces with mirrored backs, each sconce is 21" tall.
611 Mahogany side table with spiral legs, brass claw feet, stick & ball skirt, table is 23.5" by 23.5", height is 29"
614 Pair Renoir etchings, "Le Chapeau Epingle" & "Sur la Plage", Pierre Auguste Renoir, 4.75" by 3.5" & 5" by 3.75"
615 Lithograph, Amsterdam, by John Haymson & Paris print, Amsterdam scene, "Oudezijds Voorburgwal", edition 218/350, framed (glass has crack) & Paris print, Place du Tertre, Montmartre, Maurice Unilla (?), Amsterdam litho is 23" by 18", Paris print is 17.75" by 23"
616 Asian art, Chinese landscape on silk (?), signed, print, woman with parasol & print, flower & butterfly.
617 Chinese embroidery & 2 Japanese woodblocks, Chinese embroidery on silk with various figures, framed, silk panel is 25.75" by 13.25", woodblock prints are 9.75" by 14.5", figures traveling & snow scene.
618 Print, face & birds, by Ben Shahn, 21.5" by 20.5"
619 2 paintings, Dutch or Flemish town, harbor scene, unsigned oil on board & portrait of a woman on chair, oil on canvas signed Bernal
620 Painting, girl with mandolin, putti, signed W. Littell, oil on canvas, 51" by 28"
621 Decorative gilt frame with oak leaf pattern, with landscape with small lake, trees, unsigned, oil on canvas, as is oil, several tears, frame in good condition, opening is 22" by 36"
622 Painting, folksy winter scene, signed "C'L", oil on canvas, 24" by 20"
623 Painting, impressionist landscape, signed ill. as is, partially restored, oil on canvas, 25" by 30"
624 Painting, portrait girl, Alice Hendee Price, oil on canvas, 22" by 18"
625 Painting, "Steady Boy", N.L Niedentohl, 1937, canvas is 15" by 11"
626 5 Books, Architecture & New York City including: "New York City of Cities" by Roberty Footner (1937) (Worn Down), "The Last Rivet" by Merle Crowell (1940) (worn down), "Architecture in New York" by Wayne Andrews (1969) (sleeve is torn), "Gramercy Park" by Stephen Garmey (1984), "Lost New York" by Nathan Silver (1967) (sleeve is torn).
627 2 Books, Culture & Art including: "Fin-De-Siecle Vienna Politics & Culture by Carle Schorske (1980) (Cover is torn), "The New Woodcut" by M.C. Salaman (1930) (Spine is destroyed, front cover is present but ripped off)
628 5 Books, Architecture & Design including: "The House Dignified" by Lillie Hamilton French (1908) (Worn down), "Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres" by Henry Adams (1957), "Metal Crafts in Architecture" by Gerald K. Geerlings (1929) "Lucifer: A Theological Tragedy" by George Santayana (1899), "Examples of Plastic Ornament: Catalog of the Voigt Company" (1928).
629 3 Books, Architecture & Design including: "Eileen Gray: Architect Designer" by Peter Adam (1987), "Marcel Breuer: Sun and Shadow" by Peter Blake (1955), "Gabo" by Herbert Read & Leslie Martin (1957)
630 2 Books, Famous Photographers including: "Heinrich Kuehn and His American Circle" by Alfred Stieglitz and Edward Steichen (2012), "Marc Riboud in China" by Jean Daniel (1997)
631 6 Books, Architecture & Design including: "The Opulent Interiors of the Gilded Age" by Arnold Lewis (1987), "New Port Preserved: Architecture of the 18th Century" by Desmond Guinness (1982), "American Castles" by Julian Cavalier (1973) (Ripped Sleeve), "The Architecture of Frank Furness" by James F. O'Gorman (1973), "Marble Halls" by John Physick and Michael Darby (1973), "The American Renaissance 1876-1917" by Michael Botwinick (1980)
632 2 Books, Art and Artists including: "From Klint to Klee: Masterworks From the Serge Sabarsky Collection" by Renee Price (2001), "Klee and America" by Josef Helfenstein (2007).
633 2 Books, Architect Guimard including: "Hector Guimard" by F. Lanier Graham (1970) (2 Copies of same book)
634 3 Books, Art & the MoMa including: "Gauguin Metamorphoses" by Starr Figura (2014),"Chagall and the Artists of the Russian Jewish Theater" by Susan Tumarkin Goodman (2009), "Matisse Picasso" by Elizabeth Cowling & others (2003).
635 Book, Modern Art: "Post Impressionism: The Rise Of Modern Art" by Thomas Parsons and Iain Gale" (1992)
636 3 Books, Art & Architecture including: "Ornamental Posters of the Vienna Secession" by Horst-Herbert Kossatz (1974), Josef Hoffmann: Architect and Designer" by Christian Meyer (1981), "Prague: Fin De Siecle" by Petr Wittlich (1992)
637 6 Books + Wrapping Paper, Architect and Design including: "East European Modernism" by Wojciech Le?nikowski (1996), "The Golden Age of Shop Design" by Alexandra Artley (1976), "Pierre Chareau: Designer and Architect" by Brian Brace Taylor (1992), "Mackintosh Architecture" by Jackie Cooper (1978), "The Weissenhofsiedlung Experimental Housing Built for the Deutscher Werkbund, Stuttgart 1927" by Karin Kirsch (1993), "London Deco" by Thibaud Herem (2013) (First Edition), Wrapping Paper by Josef Hoffman
638 3 Books, Art & Architecture including: "Art and Architecture in Italy 1600-1750" by Rudolf Wittkower (1958), "Classical Swedish Architecture & Interiors 1650-1840" by Johan Cederlund (2006), "Elements D'Architecture Classique" by George Gromort (1927) (Spine is falling apart, pages are falling out).


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