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Lot # Lot Description
28 Chinese paint decorated curio cabinet, double door hanging cabinet with decorative painted scenes, cabinet is 15.5" by 8.5", height is 20.25"
31 Small bronze grouping, figures, Buddha, ewer, includes small bronze Buddha figure, Ganesha bronze, miniature ewer decorated with stones, Persian brass oil lamp, bronze figure of Temple guard standing on cobra, small bronze bowl & carved stone object.
33 2 Asian bronze Brahma figures, one is paint decorated, height is 12.5" & 19.5"
36 Painting, old master, figures in font of king or noble figure, ram for offering, unsigned, painted on canvas, 25.5" by 19.25"
37 Painting, portrait, American school, "mother of Frederick Thomas (additional information written on stretcher,) painted on canvas, wax relined, from Bedford Estate, 24.5" by 20.5", face is good, background paint is crackled.
38 Painting, portrait woman, American school, from Bedford estate, unsigned.painted on canvas showing a lady in black dress, canvas is 29.75" by 24.75"
39 Painting, "Judith", Frank Cadogan Cowper, A.R.A. English portrait, oil on canvas, realistic style of Judith, only child of Arthur Edmund Moss Esquire. J.P. of Leygore Manor, Northleach Gloucestershire, painted in 1933, diameter is 42.5", canvas shows scratches, smudges, stains, needs cleaning.
40 Painting, woman with basket, Max Gaylord, 34" by 24", woman in wooden shoes with basket on her head, sunset in distance, painted on canvas
41 Painting, sheep, Adolf Nowey, oil on wood panel, sheep, ducks & dog in barn, old label, panel is 16.5" by 13.25"
42 Painting, cattle, George Riecke, cows by stream in landscape, painted on canvas, canvas damages, needs restoration (hole), canvas is 26" by 20"
44 Painting, sheepherder, Henri De Buel, oil on canvas, 22" by 32", sheep in large barn with herder, note, could be Henri De Beul (1845-1900)
45 Painting, "The Transfiguration" Gustave Dore, pencil, pen, white gouache on paper, possibly an illustration for "English Bible", signed lower left, dated 1861, 21.5" by 35"9 (art only), has small tear upper right corner (see images)
50 Painting, Dartmouth College, early naive oil on canvas, unsigned, late 18th Century, stretcher is later, canvas has small tear in walkway to main building, canvas is 16" by 20"
51 Early Nantucket woven basket, in excellent original condition, basket is 9 5/8" in diameter, height is 15" (including handle in upright position), marked "KPT"
52 Early Nantucket woven basket, shows very minor losses, top lashing partially missing with old wire repair, basket is 11" in diameter, height is 14.25" with handle in upright position.
53 Pair colonial revival mirrored back sconces, diameter reflector is 7.75"
54 Early Penn. Dutch tole document box, paint decorated floral decoration, paint worn, shows rust, box is 8.25" by 3.5", height is 5.25", brass handle.
56 American needlework sampler, Sarah Catherine Hopper,m aged 10 years, March 11th. Manhattanville 1847, good condition, 13" by 8"
57 Early American sampler, 1822, Hannah Louisa Webb, her work finished in the 10 year of her age, 1822, 16.75" by 12.5"
58 Painting, portrait of John Sturman, Esq. a native of Norwich, painted on paper, with extensive writing on reverse, 8.75" by 7.25"
59 Pencil drawing whaling ship, 1848, W.F. Furiarton (??), 26th January 1848, 5" by 5"
60 19th Century pencil drawing, house, farm with barn, cattle, uinsigned, 7.75" by 11.5"
61 Large Greiner Patent doll head no. 9, leather hands, cloth "Bustle" body, original clothes, 1858, arms are partially loose, doll is labeled,
62 Antique family bible, Blauvelt family, bible dated 1814, contains family birth record details of Blauvelt, Hasbrook, Storm families & more
64 Civil war sword, brass handle with guard, blade is 32.25", marked US 1863
66 Book lot, Chronicles Border Warfare, 1831 & others, including :The American Orator, comprising a collection, principally from American authors of the most admired specimens of Congressional, Forensic, Pulpit and Popular Eloquence, with dialogues and poetical extracts, adapted to public recitation; and an introduction, embracing the principal rules relating to delivery and action. By Joshua P. Slack. Trenton, (N.J.): Published and Sold by Daniel Fenton. Printer: Thomas T. Stiles. 1815 & The Orations of Aeschines and Demosthenes on The Crown; with Modern Greek Prolegomena, and English notes. By Alexander Negris. Boston: Hillard, Gray & Company. Stereotype Edition. 1839. Pencil notes throughout. & Chronicles of Border Warfare or a history of the settlement by the whites of North Western Virginia.
111 Sculpture, Jim Bauer, "Woman with Rolling Pin", mixed media figure, aluminum & lighting, 1995, 28.5" by 8" by 11", American Primitive Gallery, with original invoice ($1894.38)
113 Painting, "Circus" by Mike Morgan, oil on canvas, 33" by 35", full title"Mother, I do not Think I Will Join the Circus", Agora Gallery
114 Painting, "Big as Blue", Teymar Zarre, 1995, acrylic on canvas, purchased at Ward-Nasse Gallery, $800, canvas is 22.25" by 27"
115 Painting, "Chaos", Sandi Ritchie Miller, oil on canvas, with artist documentation, canvas is 36" by 36", signed lower right.
117 Painting, "Abstract Bust", Frank Bruno, oil on masonite, 1993, Ward-Nasse Gallery, 22.5" by 17.25", $250.
118 Painting, "The Beautiful Breakfast", Stefany Blyn, 1988, acrylic on canvas, Ward-Nasse Gallery, purchased for $ 800, 36" by 30"
119 Painting, David Herman, "In the Forest I Lived in Silence, In Death I Sing", acrylic on canvas, 1992, Ward-Nasse Gallery 1996, 23.25" by 35".
120 Painting, "A Walk in the Park", Corina Immanuel, 22" by 30", acrylic on canvas, Ward-Nasse Gallery, original cost $750.
122 Painting, "The Collector II", David Herman, acrylic on canvas,June 23. 1992, 27" by 21"
123 Painting, "Untitled", Ivan Greenberg, acrylic on canvas, Ward-Nasse Gallery, $1600, canvas is 48" by 30"
124 Painting, "Girl Rising", Aldo Matute, oil on canvas, 40" by 30", Ward-Nasse Gallery, purchases 1996 for $1400.
126 Painting, "Williamsburg", David Herman, acrylic on canvas, October 1996, 20.5" by 24.5", comes with original sales Invoice from Ward-Nasse Gallery, ($500)
133 Marble top Saarinen for Knoll side table, marble has old repair, table is 16" in diameter, 20.5" tall
141 Mid Century Studio pottery vase, Delamore '83 (?) paint decorated with Picasso-esque figures & designs, vase is 17" in diameter, height is 15" (approximately), some small hairlines visible inside neck, repairs visible on bottom (see images)
148 Miro lithograph, 2/5, 1944, 20" by 14.75", artist board is 22 7/8" by 18 1/8", appears to have texture, title unknown, (Barcelona series ?)
149 Print, "The Tightrope Walker", after Paul Klee, signed in pencil, 12.5" by 7.75"
150 Modigliani enhanced print in Robert Kulicke Venetian style paint decorated frame, print is 18.5" by 12.25"
152 Painting, untitled abstract, Albert Wein, oil on masonite, 7 7/8" by 9 7/8"
153 Painting, "1960", Albert Wein, oil on tempera, 1960, 8" by 16".
155 Albert Wein lot, lithograph & sculpture, lithograph, "Space Forms" (unsure about title), 13/15 imp. 21.75" by 14.75"; wood carved figural sculpture, sculpture no signed, but is by Albert Wein, artist was friends with consignor, height is 14.75"
156 Polychrome wood panel, Vernon Smith, WPA & Provincetown Art Association bas relief wood carving, 18.75" by 19"
157 Polychrome wood panel, Vernon Smith, WPA & Provincetown Art Association bas relief wood carving, 32.75" by 12.5"
158 Clay "face" pot by Georgia Blizzard, VA, titled "The Talking Head", signed Blizzard, height is 8.25", very minor chip on chin.
171 19th C. French G. Philippe Palais Royale Gilded Bronze mantle Clock, enameled face, with pendulum, clock is 21" tall, decorative git bronze elements on case, pendulum hookup needs repair (strip broken)
172 Gilt frame, carved wood & jesso, interior dimensions are 8 1/8" by 14", exterior, 14.5" by 20.5", few small chips.
173 Religious icon, saint with pamphlet, painted on wood panel, 8 5/8" by 6.75"
192 Austrian enameled covered bowl & dish, blue & white dome covered bowl with gilt decoration, 5.25" in diameter & decorative green glass dish decorated with running dogs, gold trim, 7"
193 1970's "Interplay" style table lamp, domed, orange, by Lightolier, interior rotates for indirect light option, white interior, lamp is 7.25" tall
210 18K gold Waterman "Ideal" fountain pen, in original case
227 Grand tour shell & eglomise case, case is decorated with 5 miniatures, various Roman scenes, minor chip corner, 5.5" by 2.75"
237 Painting, "Case Negro", possibly Rafal Olbinski, painted on canvas, 25.75" by 34"
238 Painting, untitled, Jan Pamula, acrylic on canvas, 1982, 17" by 13", Polish artist, born 1944
239 Painting, "I-Ching Series", Walter "Wally" Barker, oil on canvas, "I-Ching series No. 13, NYC 1963, canvas is 48" by 38"
261 Original painted paper mache dog Schnauzer, 16.5" long, 15.5" tall, some chips.
262 Country pine document box or miniature box in original paint, box is 11.75" by 6.25", height is 5.5"
263 Shaker style 3 finger box in original green, oval, box is 9" by 6.25", height is 3", good condition.
264 Shaker style 5 finger oval box with lid, box is 13 3/8" by 9.25", height is 5.5", in good condition
265 Miniature Bark finger box, 2.75" by 1 3/8" byb1.5"
266 2 early wrought iron & wood rushlights, one with candle holder
267 Carved & painted swallow tailed gull, stamped A.E. Crowell Maker, East Harwich, Mass, wingspan is 19.5", height is 9.75", small piece of tail missing, other piece repaired, glass eyes.
268 Miniature carved & painted bird, stamped A.E. Crowell Maker, East Harwich, Mass.original paint, bird is 4.5" tall, great detail
269 Carved & painted duck decoy with glass eyes, fine quality decoy with original paint, 16.75" long, 5.5" wide, height is 6.5"
270 Carved & painted duck decoy, Jason Bourne of Mattapoisett, Mass. paint decorated with glass eyes, duck is 14.5" long, 5.25" wide & 6" tall
271 Paint decorated duck decoy with tack eyes, original paint, 16" long, 5.25" wide, height is 6.25"
272 Painted pintail duck decoy, glass eye, marked, original paint, one eye missing, duck is 16.5" long, 5.5" wide & 6 7/8" tall.
273 Carved wood bird, decoy, no paint, bird is 15.5" long, 7.5" wide, 8.25" tall, marked "W.L.P."
274 Painting, 19th C. 3D castle with flag, English flag, appears to be sandpaper, in gilt frame, unsigned, 3.5" by 5"
275 Carved cork painting, German, circa 1880, showing a German city on a river, Rhine, Moselle (?), small tear upper margin & in center of river, 7" by 8.5"
307 Art lot, Putnam Valley map & Hudson River oil, map "Putnam Valley & Philipstown, Putnam County, New York, mid 19th Century with names of residents, this lot also includes a Hudson River landscape, painted on board showing sailboats on the Hudson river, signed illegibly lower left, painting is 13" by 25", map is 17" by 25.25"
308 Painting, river landscape, American school, river scene (Hudson ?) with cattle, unsigned, relined, restored, new stretcher, canvas is 14" by 22"
309 Painting, river scene with cattle, American School, 19th Century, river (Hudson ?) scene with figure, cattle and figures by small sailboat, on canvas, canvas marked "artist depot Troy", canvas is 26" by 34.25", note, some flaking lower right.
310 Painting, valley with stream, cattle, American school, unsigned, painted on canvas, ex Christie's, canvas has several small holes, 18" by 32"
318 Saarinen for Knoll marble top stand, not old, remake, marked Knoll Studios, Eero Saarinen, oval marble top, top has repair, stand is 19.5", top is 23" by 15"
331 2 carved masks, Mexico, "Duality Mask", various faces, paint decorated, & inc type mask, masks are carved wood with paint decorated detail, 15" & 10.5" tall.
332 7 piece art pottery & glass lot, Laslo for Sigma futura style vase, colorful Japanese vase, 2 floral decorated Roseville, 2 Belgian art pottery vases & green unsigned art glass vase


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