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This report lists the lot numbers and their descriptions.

This list is for general reference only and is not meant to be an accurate description of each item, additions or subtractions might be made at any time. 
All items sold as found.

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Lot # Lot Description
101 Queen Anne Tall Case Clock, Josiah Emery London, c. 1790, Running and Chimes date and seconds working, Issues- warped bottom panel, hood support gap, Chime control (chime/silent) connection rod missing
102 Clock, Waterbury No. 7 Pinwheel Jewelers Regulator, running w key. Notes: Sweep seconds hand, right side (as viewed) decoration replaced, Dents/dimples in pendulum.
103 Targeting Scope, J. Hicks 8,9,10 Hutton Garden,1904, London, With Cross Hairs, Cased, Optics Clear. British, Military, WW1, Spy Glass, Telescope, Brass, Optics, Nautical, Optical
104 Periscope, Battery Commanders , X6 Model 1918, Wollensak Opt. Co. Rochester N.Y. SN 1806, green paint over brass, Viewable,WW1,Military, Telescope, Optical
105 Spy Glass, Black leather over brass, U.S.N. High power 30 No. 100, 36 open, 10.5 Closed, Single Draw, 33" Open, Closed, WW2, Navy, Military, Optical, Telescope
106 2 Sputnik Weather stations, Temperature, Barometric Pressure and Hygrometer, Note crack in plastic, dusty
107 U.S. Original Patent Model, Aug 19, 1879, Manufacture of Ethyl Chloride, N.C. Grimes , No. 218, 671, From O. Rundle Gilbert's Collection
108 U.S. Original Patent Model, Aug 8th 1876, Drop Light Chandelier, Benj. Thsckara and G. F. Blaisse No. 180,961, From O. Rundle Gilbert's Collection
109 U.S. Original Patent Model, Aug 6th 1872, Slate Books, H. B. Barnes, No. 130,179, From O. Rundle Gilbert's Collection
110 U.S. Original Patent Model, May 25th 1875, Key Fastener, Howard Shetcher, No. ?163,822, From O. Rundle Gilbert's Collection
111 U.S. Original Patent Model, Oct 20 1863, Heaters, A. Weller, 1842, From O. Rundle Gilbert's Collection
112 U.S. Original Patent Model, Dec 2nd 1873, Heater for Steam Boilers, David Boughlin, No. ?45,095, From O. Rundle Gilbert's Collection
113 U.S. Original Patent Model, Sept 24th 1867, Mach(ine) for Nicking Screw Caps, G. E, Thompson and Wm Walker, No. 69,271, From O. Rundle Gilbert's Collection
114 U.S. Original Patent Model, Apr 15th 1890, Locks, John Satterstrom, No. 425,461, From O. Rundle Gilbert's Collection
115 U.S. Original Patent Model, Feb 12, 1842, Spark Arrester, N.C. Grimes , No. 2,455, From O. Rundle Gilbert's Collection
116 U.S. Original Patent Model, Aug 5th 1856, Bolt Vault & Safe Doors, Linus Yale, No. 15,500, From O. Rundle Gilbert's Collection
117 Spy Glass, LEREBOURS A. PARIS, 4 draw, 42" open, 11.5" Closed, Telescope, Brass, Draw, Optics, Nautical, Optical
118 Spy Glass, Brass and Leather over Wood (Leather stitching gone, Wood tube cracked), Single Draw, Rack and Pinion Focus, 49" Open, 37" closed, Unsigned
119 2-Spyglass, J. P. Cutts, London Day Or Night, single draw, 36" open, 20.5 closed Wood and Brass, Unsigned Wood and Brass, single draw, 34" Open, 18.5" closed
120 8 Spyglass Lot, Large-1) Black over brass, Marked Rifle Range, A. Bardoy, Paris 4 draw 36" open, 10" closed, 2) Nickel plate,4D, 39" O, 11" C, 3) Black 3D, 36" O, 11"cl Small- 4) 6 draw and lens shade, 24" O, 6" Closed, 5) 3 D, 23" O, 8" C, 6) 3 D, 20" O, 7" C, 7) 3 D, 17" O, 6" C 8) 3 D, 16" O, 5"\ C.
127 Tole top tray table, faux bamboo base, floral painted tole tray, top faded, loss of paint, tray table is 30.5" by 27.25", height is 19"
128 Large Chinese bowl, paint decorated with gilt highlights, 15.75" in diameter, height is 4.75"
129 Pair Chinese lamped urns, white on off white decorations, on wood bases with quality linen shades, lamps are 38" tall, including shades.
131 Hepplewhite inlaid server, serpentine front, in mahogany triple drawer, server is 54" by 22", 34" tall.
133 Louis XV style beechwood bench with scrolled arms, striped upholstery, bench is 42.5" by 21.5", height is 27"
134 George III library cabinet, English late 18th Century, front doors with faux drawer fronts & decorative leather book bindings, 53.5" by 22.5", height is 76.25"
135 George III satinwood inlaid mahogany console table oval, banded inlay, 60.25" by 23 1/8", height is 32.5"
137 Pair of 4 drawer bachelor or silver chests, by Virginia Galleries, mahogany with brass hardware, each chest is 24" by 14.5", height is 23"
139 Tilt top candle stand, side table, scalloped top, 27" in diameter, height is 28.25"
141 Mahogany table, Duncan Phyfe style base, banded inlaid top, table is 40" by 30", height is 28"
142 George III antique mahogany sideboard with brass gallery, inlaid detail, 2 double wide drawers, sideboard is 7 feet long, depth is 29 5/8", height is 53.5" (including brass gallery)
143 Set of 12 Queen Anne style dining chairs, 10 side, 2 arm, in salmon color, carved wood legs.
144 George III double pedestal dining table with 2 leaves, with support brackets, table, without leaves is 73" by 54.5", height is 28.75", each leaf is 24.25", good condition.
145 Regency rosewood sofa table with drop leaf sides, 2 drawers, fake drawer fronts on opposite side, inlaid detail, table is 35" by 27" (58.25" with leaves up), height is 28.25"
146 Yew wood server, 4 drawers, brass hardware, server is 86" long, depth is 18.75", height is 33.5"
147 Antique tapestry, landscape with figures on horseback, falcon hunting, various animals, people swimming in pond, workers working the fields, dry, several tears, tapestry is 73" by 77.5"
148 Antique Persian carpet, carpet is 69.5" by 49"
150 Antique Paisley, size is 75" by 75", some small tears into the margins.
151 inlaid barometer by J W cox, Market Harborough barometer is 38.5" tall
153 Turtle clock, gilt & painted basin, Swiss made movement, turtle is missing, diameter is 8"
154 Sullivan's Galvanometer, H.W. Sullivan, London, No. 942, on wood base, height is 13"
155 Match dispenser machine by Advance Machine Co, 1 cent dispenser, 1916, cast iron base with glass dome cover, appears complete, but unsure, height is 17"
156 Weltron "Ball" stereo, 8 track stereo AM/FM Multiplex solid state AC/Battery, in white.
157 54 Edison Diamond Disk records, various titles, Toddle Along & more
158 2 trophies, Pharmacy & Coca Cola, "De Christopher's Pharmacy" silver toned bottle under dome & silver plated Coca Cola bottle on wood base with worn patina.
159 Antique Baltimore No. 10 letter press with assorted letters, cover, paint on handle flaking, rubber rollers are severely degraded,
160 Antique steam engine flywheel assembly with governor fly ball, on wood base
161 Optical instrument, part, appears part of transit, black painted copper construction with lenses.
162 Vintage portable "Mikky Phone" phonograph, made in Occupied Japan, no crank, record support, sold as is.
163 Brown & Sharpe set V-Blocks and Clamps, includes two No. 34 blocks & four #278 blocks, with matching clamps, complete set in original box, precision tools
164 Camera Lucida, brass adjustable optical prism sketching tool with clamp base, in original box, box as is.
165 4 high precision measurement instruments, includes NSK, Nippon Sokutei slide rule, "DSI" instrument in case, Keuffel & Esser Co. Paragon in case & Germer Graph Analogue, Model GA-103, in original case
166 two large coal drill bits, each with 3 cutting wheels, see images for measurements
167 Bausch & Lomb nickel plated and black painted cast iron rotary microtome, precision instrument in original case
168 Keuffel & Esser NY Pantograph No. 3104, in original case
169 Antique phone crank generator, with 3 bar magnets, bells, in wood case, 1884 patent
170 Negus Nautical instruments Azimuth Circle, optical instrument in original case, polished brass
171 Cary Le Locle precision watch instrument in case.
172 Optical, lens lot, Leitz Wetzlar optical accessorie & 2 Henri Hauser S.A. Swiss made microscope lenses, 50X & 100X
173 Boresight Telescope Mark VIII Model 6, in original case, decals
174 Chloride of Silver Dry Cell Battery, in wood case, original decals
175 Davis & Kidder's Magneto Electric Machine, "for nervous diseases", quack machine, with hand crank, wood case, original decal.
176 Fairbanks postal scale & Wesley Mfg. Co Indelible Check Perforator machine
177 3 instruments, MM Gauge & weight estimator, Model U.S. 72 by A.D. Loveridge; Volt meter by Sensitive Research Instrument Corporation & vintage Akron Brass Mfg. Co. in Wooster Ohio Pitot gage measuring instrument.
178 2 adjustable machine base plateaus with gradient scale, 2 pieces.
179 Junghans mantle clock, wood case, brass works, paint of dial is worn, no key.
180 Revere 2 chime tall case clock, diminutive size, electric, height is 6 feet, in working condition
181 Vintage stethoscope, Cammann Binaural
182 48 Edison diamond disc records, various titles, "Mule Mileage", "Medley of Southern Airs", "That Dixie Melody" & more.
183 Swiss music box, Thorens, "Blue Danube Waltz", "Tales of Vienna Weeds" & Artist's Life", works.
186 Mechanized trade sign, cow, farm scene, made by The Reinhold Studio, Revere Mass. original paint, needs new plug, not tested, 25" wide, 9" deep, height is 27.25"
187 Carnival or Circus Calliope or organ, in blue & yellow paint, brass pipes
188 Inlaid mandolin, rosewood case, new strings, 24" total length
189 Scherl & Roth cello in hard case, model R204E4, serial number R4983, made in China, 2008, case, body is 30", with 28" bow, unmarked, case by "Travelite"
190 Elaborate Chinese cart with figures, carved & gilt wood, horse drawn cart, drawn by 2 gilt horses, with noble figure on cart & servant, total length, as shown is 7 feet!
191 Large Japanese bronze vase with applied dragons, birds & floral decoration, vase is 21.5" tall, rim bent, dented, no bottom
192 Chinese vase, light green porcelain, no markings, height is 10.25", good condition.
193 Andrew Schroetter violin in case, body is 13.25", 1983
194 Yamaha flute in case, #281, Japan made
195 Music stand, bird's eye maple & brass, lyre back, adjustable, height is 41" (as shown)
196 Paint decorated Irish harp, diminutive size, on stand, height is 37.25"
197 Lyon & Healy tiger maple harp, paint decorated sound board, in good condition, by Lyon & Healy, Chicago, No 3628"
198 Martin & Co acoustic guitar, D18, serial 332525, in hard case, good condition
199 Gretsch drum set, 6 piece set, includes large 23" drum; 15.5" drum; 14.5" drum, 13.5", 16.5" & 12.5" drum, 3 drums come with covers.
200 Conga drum, black painted wood, height is 30"
201 Chinese porcelain vase, decorated with landscapes, various figures, in various colors, drilled, vase is 17 5/8" tall.
202 Chinese porcelain vase, square, decorated with floral scenes, calligraphy on sides, vase is drilled
203 Chinese porcelain umbrella stand, floral decorated, 18" tall, in good condition.
204 Asian porcelain bowls, octagonal blue & white with various symbols, 10.5" by 10.5" & small blue bowl, white edge & base, has chip.
205 Chinese porcelain flower vase, in blue & white, 6 openings, center height is 10", decorated with dragon, on wood base, very minor chip on one of the "teeth" of the center opening, otherwise in good condition.
206 Chinese porcelain vase, blue & white, various designs with vases, shapes, has repair to opening, height is 11 3/8"
207 Chinese porcelain "boat" bowl, in blue & white, unsigned, in good condition, 14.5" long, 5.25" wide, height is 5.75"
208 Chinese porcelain vase in blue & white, Delft style, floral decorated, vase is 17.5" tall, in good condition.
209 Large Chinese blue & white porcelain vase, floral decorated, drilled, height is 17 6/8"
210 Chinese blue & white porcelain vase with lid, decorated with figures, lid not original to vase, not signed, in good condition.
212 Porcelain Chinese dish, cloisonne (?), decorated with stork, trees & various designs, tray, dish is 7 3/8" by 7 3/8"
213 Chinese Champleve urn, decorated with winged creatures, has several ring handles, height is 12 7/8", signed
214 Pair Chinese porcelain bird figurines, exotic bird figurals, one is signed, in good condition, height is 17" & 18"
215 Pair cloisonne trumpet vases, decorated with birds & various designs, each vase is 13 3/8" tall.
216 Japanese bronze vase, decorated with dragon, dark patina, good condition, height is 12 6/8", vase is signed


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