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This report lists the lot numbers and their descriptions.

This list is for general reference only and is not meant to be an accurate description of each item, additions or subtractions might be made at any time. 
All items sold as found.

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Lot # Lot Description
1 Sextant, Heath & Co."Hezzanith" endless tangent screw, automatic clamp, in original box, nautical.
2 16" Octant, ebony & brass with bone scale, no case, maker plate missing, some loss, nautical
3 16" Octant, mahogany & brass with bone scale, with original stepped wood case, nautical
4 Brass sextant in case, Norie & Co, London, SN 874, with several brass eye pieces, lenses, nautical
5 Brass sextant, Warley Pickering, Middlesbrough, in case, with lenses, eyepieces, nautical
6 Brass sextant, Wilson & Gillie, Quay North Shields, in original case, with eyepieces, nautical
7 Sextant, Buff & Buff Mf. Boston, SN 13176 iron & brass, in original case, with eyepieces, lenses, nautical
8 Brass sextant, Hayes Brothers, Cardiff Barry & Port Talbot, in original case, nautical
9 Ships Two Day Deck Chronometer Watch, Double Cased (mahogany) Gimbaled, Hamilton Watch Co. Model 22, SN 535-1943, ovement SN 2F4759, Nautical, Running.
10 Large overhead 10" dial ships compass, A.A. & C.L. Lisboa, copper & brass, nautical
11 Russian, Soviet submarine clock, painted case, dial shows submarine, red star, diameter is 8", nautical
12 Chelsea US. Navy 24HR Ships Clock, SN 343365, Bakelite has been oversprayed with brass paint, Small crack in case back, running, 8" dial, Nautical
13 Medium Landing Compass, R.C.A.F. handheld compass with wooden handle, made in England No. 0451, in original case.
14 Surveyors Sighting Cross, No Maker, Wooden Display Base, compass
15 Robert Merrill Dry Card Azimuth Compass, New York, brass gimbaled suspended in wood case, nautical, c. 1860
16 Pantograph, wood (ebony ?) with various brass attachments, in case, no make
17 Keuffel & Esser brass pantograph in original case, used in the mapping of Colorado, Delta Museum piece, circa 1880
18 2 Barometers, 1)Barometer, Aneroid, Brass Standing, PNHB- Paul Naudet Holosteric Barometer, Dual thermometer, Centigrade and Fahrenheit French, Overbranded- T.S. & J.D. Negus Navigation Warehouse Water Street New York. 2)Barometer, Aneroid, Brass Hanging, French, Vintage
19 2 barometers, 1)Barometer, Aneroid,Brass Hanging Short & Mason, 2 thermometer, Centigrade and Fahrenheit, Overbranded- E.B. Meyrowitz & Pinkham & Smith Company. 8" dial. 2) Barometer, Aneroid, Copper Hanging, PNHB- Paul Naudet Holosteric Barometer, thermometer, Farenheit French, Overbranded- Pinkham & Smith Company, Boston 4.75" dial.
20 Dominion Barometer (drained) & Thermometer, P.A. Morley, London, wood, length is 41"
21 J.A. Seitz Boston barometer (drained) brass dial, wood case, case is 37.5"
22 Barometer, Drained, Timby's Ripple-front Rosewood Stick Barometer John Merrick & Co, sole Proprietors, Worcester Mass., length is 37.5
23 Barometer, J. Green, New York, Mathematical Instrument Maker, Fortran type Barometer, circa 1880, in case, length is 41 5/8"
24 Admiral Fitzroy Barometer, drained, stormglass empty, thermometer, glass front missing in Gothic style oak case, as found, length is 49" c.1880
25 French gilt & carved wood barometer, dial loose, thermometer intact, various carvings, musical instruments, bird, no tube, sold as is, length is 40.75"
26 4 brass carriage clocks, Waterbury Clock co, French made sub miniature, small French clock runs, rest sold as is, some glass missing, broken
27 4 brass carriage clocks, French & unmarked, includes jeweled case clock, various sizes, please see images, all running, with keys
28 Lecoultre Atmos clock, 1957, SN 94932, inscribed, "Yale Kneeland", Not-Running, in as is condition
29 Howard Miller Bracket clock, burl wood detail, brass dial, N0. 142H, model #612436
30 J.C. Brown Bristol paint decorated & mother of pearl inlaid paper mache mantle clock, time and strike. w/ pendulum
31 Seth Thomas Sonora Chime 4 bell Adamantine #7 runs intermittently and chimes
32 H&H French Beehive Inlaid mantle clock, various woods, brass feet, Pendulum and key, Running
33 Self Winding Clock Company, New York. Beat Rotary wind movement, wall clock with floral painted decorations, w/ pendulum.
34 Microscope, Cased, Bausch & Lomb Rochester NY SN 88694, 3 objective, c.1911
35 Microscope, Cased, A. Molteni 44 Rue Du Chateau d Eau Paris. 19th cent
36 Microscope, Cased, Bausch & Lomb Rochester NY SN 49137, c.1904
37 Microscope, Cased, George Wale, " The New Working Microscope" Brass and Cast Iron Dual Objective, c.1880
38 Spectrometer, Cased. Un-signed, Brass on iron stand, with prism, optical, scientific
39 Microscope Cased, W Klein Wetzlar microscope, vintage W. Klein, Wetzlar microscope, black lacquered body, in original case
40 Dixey microscope, Brighton, England, brass microscope in original case with slides, various eye pieces.
41 Stereo (binocular) Microscope, Cased, Henry Crouch, London & James W, Queen & Co, Philadelphia, Brass and cast Iron, various lenses
42 Hand powered Wimshurst machine, static electricity generator, black plastic plates, one belt is broke, sold as is.
43 Barograph, Short & Mason Antique recording barometer No A 6654, Mahogany hinged case with drawer stand, Running, working.
44 Barograph, Friez Instruments graphic recording Barometer, in grey finish, Friez Instrument division, Baltimore, Maryland, running, working
45 Casella London recording barometer, barograph, made in England, brass on wood base, with glass enclosure, case. running, working
46 Bubble type sextant, Bendix Aviation Company, model AN-5851-1, Eclipse-Pioneer Division, Teterboro, New Jersey, in original case
47 Instructograph machine for wireless (Continental) morse code, Chicago Illinois.
48 Renulife Violet Ray generator, Model R, vintage medical machine, quack electrotherapy device in case with various glass accessories.
49 Instructograph machine with paper ribbon, wood case, comes with 10 paper coils.
50 Apothecary Torsion Balance Scale, precision scale by The Torsion Balance Company, glass & metal, painted case.
51 Becker's Sons Apothecary balance scale, Rotterdam, brass balance scale in wood case with glass sliding front
52 Antique Henry Troemner Balance Scale, portable, breaks down, parts fit in bottom drawer
53 2 balance scales, folding gold scale with small weights & unmarked balance scale, incomplete.
54 Starter Cannon, Lavigne & Scott, Early 20th Century, brass on wood base, signed
55 Naval Company signal cannon, 10 gauge, 15" barrel, chrome patina with Naval Company, Doylestown PA plaque.
56 Cannon barrel & Black Powder. barrel in grey paint, no base, no markings, barrel is 10", comes with small black powder rifled, Spanish made
57 Spyglass, nickel plated, 4 draw + Objective draw shade with hinged cap, partial leather covering, no make 12.5" closed 44" open.
58 US Navy Spyglass, Quartermaster Mark II, 16 power, 1942, Hayward, Los Angeles, in original box.
59 2 early spy glasses, wood, one is octagonal, other is round, brass with partial wood outer covering, no make, in as is condition,
60 Brass & wood spyglass, brass lens cap, sliding eyepiece cover, no make
61 Telescope, Library/ Spotting on stand, Signed Jas Chapman, St. Catherine's London, Re-marked US NAVY II 840, c.1780, some small dents.
62 Army Medical kit, Surgical roll, in tole container, contains various surgical tools, by Arnold & Sons c.1900
63 Astro Compass MK II, by the W.W. Bros Co. , Dayton Ohio, in original case
64 The McCarthy Routine Cystoscope, American Cystoscope Makers inc, in original case.
65 Vintage Medical surgical head skull trepanation drill, with two bits, in original case, Marked Sklar Stainless USA, MD-USN.
66 Anemometer, Brass, Robinson 4 cup Unmarked, On plastic display base. c.1900
67 Time Lock, Sargent & Greenleaf Model 4, 46 hour dial SN 325 matching. 1 of 365 made, 15 of knowledge still to exist American Genius pp 196. Both movements running, Working.
68 Time lock, by The Mosler Lock Co Covington KY, SN 5098 Type 1 two movement, Both movements running, working brass housing, glass front.
69 Signal Electric Morse code key, on wood base, Menominee Michigan
70 Telegram send & receive apparatus, "Saltley JCT", with London Midland and Scottish Railway Company test label, with key & bell, wood case.
71 2 brass Specific gravity balance, (Hydrometer) one by marked Eimer & Amend, New York, both in box, some parts missing
72 W&L.E. Gurley transit in original box, Gurley 641840, optical, surveying instrument, c.1964
73 Transit, Cased, Buff & Buff Boston SN 7303, optical, surveying instrument c.1908
74 Berger & Sons transit, Berger No 4793, in Buff case, optical, surveying instrument. c.1904
75 Keuffel & Esser surveyors level in case, brass, as is, optical, surveying instrument
76 Bostrom -Brady surveyors level in case, Atlanta, GA, optical, surveying instrument
77 Surveyors Compass, Keuffel & Esser New York, SN 5308, Missing Needle-Replaced glass. c.1901, surveying, optical
78 Pixie Grippa portable gramophone, "The Grippa Portables", player, horn in compact case, horn has some dents
79 Edison Standard Phonograph, Model D, with crank, 4 cylinder rolls, as is condition.
80 Table top phonograph, mahogany case, no crank, no make
81 2 toy steam engines, Marvin Industries boiler & Wilesco steam engine in original box (box as is)
82 Toy steam engine, by Fleischmann, brass tank, in original box, vintage
83 Vintage stick phone, Mesco nickel finish, wires worn
84 Independent System oak Wall phone with telescopic mouthpiece, crank powered, Bottom box needs to be re-attached.
85 Samson Transmitter, wall phone, oak case, crank powered, mouthpiece is there, but broken
86 Lalley Radio Receiving set, Type C.D. Manufactured by Radio Apparatus Division, Detroit.
87 2 Jefferson Golden Hour electric clocks, not tested, old wiring
88 Drop Dial E. Bauman, Pontypridd wall clock, rosewood case, with carved leaf decoration (one broken), Brass inlay w/ pendulum and key
89 French style brass wall clock, gilt painted, clock is 23.5", time and strike, no pendulum
90 Mantle clock, exotic wood case, dial has cracks, case is loose, pendulum, hands loose, needs repair
91 Telechron electric clock, by Warren Clock Co. Ashland Mass., painted wood case, 12" face
92 Brass Skeleton fusee clock. Glass enclosure, porcelain dial, polished brass, fine quality clock, no make, key. Vintage
93 Niagara Vintage battery operated wall clock, Niagara Clock Corporation, Buffalo, NY., 8" face with pendulum
94 Alidade, Cased, Keuffel & Esser, SN 52556, optical, surveying instrument, great condition with compass, c. 1927
95 Keuffel & Esser Co transit in case, optical, surveying instrument, serial 102328, c. 1948
96 Ultex reading glasses, lenses case with lenses, Cylindrical Concave, Cylindrical Convex, with reading chart, in wood case
97 Hauptner surgical amputation kit, various tools, saw, chisels, in wood case
98 Large boxing match bell, chrome bell on cast iron frame with pull cord, no make.
99 Humphrey's Specifics cabinet, original tole front and rear, multi drawer interior, oak case, small piece molding missing bottom right, cabinet is 20.25" by 8", height is 28"
100 J. White & son brass & iron balance scale, brass column, brass pans, scale is 31" tall, some dents in column, with brass weight


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