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This report lists the lot numbers and their descriptions.

This list is for general reference only and is not meant to be an accurate description of each item, additions or subtractions might be made at any time. 
All items sold as found.

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Lot # Lot Description
1 200 plus "Look" Magazines, 1930'3-1950's
2 Lot magazines, "The Saturday Evening Post", 30's to 60's
3 Lot vintage "Journal" magazines, 1950's & 60's
4 Large lot of "Empire" movie magazines, hundreds of editions, 1990's
5 Various publications, "Last Episode of Seinfeld", Newsweek, People, more.
6 Lot magazines, "George" (4 issues), "Premiere" with several other premier images.
7 Various individual movie magazines, John Wayne, Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly, Jayne Mansfield, much more
8 Lot Leonardo Di Caprio related magazines & editions.
9 Large lot Susan Hayward related magazines, prints, books & publications, huge lot
10 Large lot "After Dark" the National Magazine of Entertainment, 1970's
11 Large lot vintage "Movie Mirror" movie magazines, 1930's to the 60's
12 Lot vintage magazines, "Movies", hundreds of editions plus bundle, 1930's to 1950's
13 Lot "Movie Spotlight", vintage movie magazines, 1950's
14 Large lot vintage movie magazines, "Movieland", 1950's on
15 Lot vintage movie magazines, ""Street & Smith Magazine Movie Play", 1930's to 1950's
16 Lot early movie magazines, "Motion Picture Classic", "Movie World", "Moving Pictures Stories", more, 1910's on.
17 Lot vintage "Screen" Magazines, 1950's
18 Lot "Filmland" vintage movie magazines, 1950's on
19 Large lot vintage "Screen Stars" & "Silver Screen" vintage movie magazines, 1930's to 50's, hundreds of magazines
20 Large lot of "Movie Stars Parade" vintage movie magazines, includes bundles, 1930's to 50's
21 Large lot vintage "Movie Show" movie magazines, 1930's to 1950's
22 Lot magazines "Screen Fan" & "Movie Fan", vintage movie magazines, 1940's-50's
23 Lot vintage "True Story" vintage movie magazines, 1950's
24 Large Elizabeth Taylor movie lot, various magazines
25 Large lot vintage movie magazines "Movie Story", "Movie Mirror", "Movie Album" & "Movie Pics", hundreds of star packed magazines.
26 Huge lot of vintage "Silver Screen" movie magazines, over 500, 1930's to 50's
27 Large lot of "Clak" Italian edition movie magazines, 1990's
28 Lot vintage movie magazines, "Movie Play", 60 plus, 1940's, 50's
29 Large collection Greta Garbo ephemera, magazines, publications.
30 Large collection Marlene Dietrich ephemera, magazines, publications.
31 Large collection of vintage "Screen Stories" movie magazines, 40's, 50's, 60's,
32 Large lot of vintage "Cosmopolitan" magazines 40's to 90's
33 Large lot vintage "Picture Show" & "Picture Goer" magazines, 1930's
34 Large lot vintage magazines, "True, The Man's Magazine" & "Calling All Girls"
35 Lot music magazines, Beatles, Rolling stone magazine
36 Lot vintage "Delineator" magazines, 1930's
37 Huge lot of vintage "Screenland" movie magazines, hundreds of magazines
38 Huge lot of vinyl LP albums, soundtracks and movie scores from about any movie imaginable, 15 crates! Hello Dolly, Gone with the Wind, Jesus Christ Superstar, hundreds more
39 Huge lot of vintage "Screen Romance" magazines, 1930s, 40's
40 Lot vintage movie magazines, "Screen Hits", "Screen Life", "Screen Album" & Screen Guide"
41 Lot teen movie magazines, 1970's, 80's & 90's, "Star", "Teen Set", "Splice", "Teen Beat", much more
42 Lot magazines, "Max", "Zoom", "Interview"
43 Huge lot of vintage "Fotoplay" movie magazines, The World's Top Film Magazine", 500 plus
44 Collection of bound vintage "Fotoplay" movie magazines, 1940' to 1960's
45 Huge collection of vintage "Modern Screen" movie magazines, both loose & bound
46 Huge collection of "Motion Picture" movie magazines, vintage 20's to the 1960's.
47 Huge collection of Movie Life" vintage movie magazines, bound & loose editions, 30's to 50's
48 Large lot vintage movie magazines, "McCall's" & Red Book", vintage 50's & 60's.
49 Lot vintage "Playboy" magazines, 1950's, 60's, m80's, 90's
50 Doctor Dolittle lot, huge scrapbook, posters, articles, ephemera, photographs.
51 Large lot James Dean magazine, ephemera, photographs, more
52 Large collection of vintage Television Magazines, 60's & 70's, "Movie Stars"; "TV Talk", "TV Picture Life", "TV Movie Screen"
53 Lot of vintage "Cinelandia" movie magazines, 1940's
54 Large lot of vintage miniature paperback books, "Quick", "Coronet", many more
55 Large lot of Star Log magazines, late 70's & 80's, approx 250 magazines
56 Lot LA Style & 20/20 magazines, 1980's & 90's
57 Lot of 1940's Movie show magazines, 46 magazines
58 Lot of 1990's Details & GQ magazines, 16 GQ, 14 Details magazines
59 Lot Esquire magazines, vintage 1940's & 50's, 35 plus
60 Lot Vogue magazines, many earlier editions, 36 count 1930's to 60's
61 Large lot of Cineaction, American Classic Screen & Films & Filming magazines, 60's-80s
62 Lot vintage magazines, The Exhibitor, 30's to 60's & Motion Picture Herald, 1960's
63 Lot of Playgirl Magazines, 1970's, 14 count, including Bill Clinton edition
64 Large lot of Look Magazines, 1953, 54 & 55
65 Lot vintage See magazines, 40's & 50's, 20 plus
66 Large lot Cineaste Magazines, 1990's
67 Large lot of Film Comment magazines, 90's -2000's
68 Lot magazines, Soldier, the British Army Magazine; Leatherneck, Click & Liberty, 1940's
69 Large lot of vintage "Click" magazines, 1930's & 1940's.
70 Large lot vintage Japanese movie magazines, "Eiga No Tomo", others, 350 plus, mostly 1940's & 50's
71 Lot misc. vintage movie magazines, "The Theater" "New Movie", "Mid Winter", Pictorial Review", more, mostly 1930's, some from 1911
72 Large lot vintage "Pic" Magazines, 1930's & 40's
73 Lot vintage movie magazines, "Movie Spotlight", "Movie Screen" & "Movie Album", more
74 Large lot vintage movie magazines, Screen Play, Screen Book, 1930's
75 Large collection of negatives, thousands, of various movie stars & movies, massive lot
76 Vintage movie magazines, "\Pin-Ups" & Glamour, 1950's
77 Large lot Monster & Sci-Fi magazines, "Star Warp", "Star Burst", "Fangoria", "Enterprise incidents", more
78 Lot vintage movie magazines, "Hollywood Diaries, "Hollywood Romances", more, 1930's-1950's
79 Lot vintage movie magazines "The New Movie", 1930's
80 Large lot of "Screen Album" movie magazines, 1950's
81 Lot vintage movie star magazines, "Young Stars", "New Stars", "Hollywood Stars" etc.
82 Lot Western movie magazines, "Western Stars", "Movie Western", plus others
83 Large lot of "Screen Guide" vintage movie magazines, 1940's to 50's
84 Vintage movie magazines, "Romantic Movie Stories", "Teen Secrets Movie Album", more, 1930's to 40's
85 Vintage movie magazines, "Movie Teen", "Teen Screen", mostly 1950's
86 Lot vintage movie magazines, "Hollywood", 1930's to 1950's
87 Lot movie magazines, "Movie-Radio-Guide", "Radio Guide, 1930's & 40's
88 Lot vintage magazines, "Radio Mirror" & "Radio Stars"
89 Huge collection Playbill theater magazines,
90 Lot vintage movie magazines, "Boxoffice" "Motion Picture Herald" & "Showmen's Trade Review"50's & 60's
91 Large lot of "Show" magazines, including bundles, 50's to 70's
92 Rare book, "Marilyn", by Andre de Dienes, good condition
93 Lot various Marilyn Monroe magazines, photographs etc.
94 Large lot of American Cinematographer magazines, 70's & 80's
95 Large lot vintage hard cover movie magazines, "The Film Show Annual", includes some doubles
96 Large lot vintage movie magazines, "Picture Show Annual", 1920's & 1930's, some later ones included as well.
97 Lot vintage movie magazines, "Picturegoer Film Annual"
98 Lot vintage hardcover movie magazines, "Film Review"
99 Lot vintage hardcover movie magazines, "Western Film & T.V. Annual", plus misc. includes doubles
100 Various vintage movie magazines, Stars & Films of 1938, Preview, more, various doubles


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