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This report lists the lot numbers and their descriptions.

This list is for general reference only and is not meant to be an accurate description of each item, additions or subtractions might be made at any time. 
All items sold as found.

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Lot # Lot Description
1 Brass sieve set, 9 piece, lid, catch pan and 7 sieves, 8" diameter, U.S. Standard Sieve, Newark, Sargent, Dual, Tyler, soil testing, gold.
2 Brass Apothecary Mortar and Pestle sets- 9 Mortars, 7 Pestles
3 9 Vintage Wind Car Clocks, Phinney Walker, Juniper, 2-Jaeger, 2-Westclock, 2-Waltham, Sterling
4 3 WWII Airplane Clocks, Lecoultre, At Full Wind, Not Running
5 4 Airplane Altimeters, Kollsman M. C-11, Bullava B-11, US Navy Mark 1, Mod. 1 c 12, Square D Kollsman, Vacuum Tested, All Working, Military
6 Survey distance measuring wheel, Veeder Root Hartford CT
7 3 Star Chart Wheel Finder, 5" Hammett's Planisphere- excellent, 10" Hammett's Planisphere- Piece torn but present- writing faded, 15 " Barritt- Serviss- Tear- Missing screws water stain.
8 Vintage Large Port Wine Demijohn / Carboy with Iron cage. Glass measures 26" high by 18" diameter
9 5 Microscope Grouping, Spencer, Leitz Welter, Bausch & Lomb-2, Schutz Cassel.- As Is
10 3 Taffrail Log, Brass, antique ship distance covered device (~odometer) 1) John Bliss NY, 2) Walker Excelsior 3, 3) Chas C Hutchinson Boston, Nautical
11 5 Drafting Sets, Unsigned, Wood cases, Bone, brass, steel
12 10, Hand Held Compass Collection, m2, Sun Watch, U.S. ED Marching Compass, Short & Mason, Unbranded
13 Telegraph key and sounder / receiver, J. Bunnell & Co. Morse code,
14 11 Old cameras Lot, antique, Box wood, Kodak #7, Brownies, Folmer, Graflex, Hawkeye... As-is
15 11 Old Cameras Lot , Vintage, asst Metal, slr's, Argus Brick's Kodak Bantam, Petriflex ... As found
16 6 Watchman's post clocks, 3 IBM, 2 Benzig, 1 ITR
17 5 Star Final Pinball Machine, Gottlieb, Table Top, 1932, No glass, Table delaminated, missing plunger
18 Wow Pinball Machine, Mills Novelty co. 5c. 1930-32, Table Top, Glass, Working, Marbles
19 Traveling clock salesman statue
20 6 Lux tape measure mystery clocks, 1 vg, 1 g, 4 fair- all running
21 4 Wood works, clock parts, 2 Terry type, Leavenworth, extra gears
22 Eveready AC Model 2, Radio and Speaker, Cast aluminum body, Untested, Tubes in place, Perforation in speaker cone
23 Ekg Machine, Portable, Sanborn Visette, Medical- As found.
24 3 mini domed clocks, Vintage, German- All running.
25 Bausch & Lomb Dust Counter, Cased with Data Sheets
26 4 Pocket balance grouping, assay, gold
27 3 Student Microscopes, 7" Antique / Vintage Brass Desktop, wood cases
28 5 K&E Slide rule grouping, 1- Deci Con, 1- 4183-3, 1-4041, 2-4503-3, All have whole slides, windows, cases
29 Phonograph, Columbia " The Graphophone" Type Q, American Graphophone Company, New York, Cylinder Player No Horn-w/ 15 Cylinders, Dirty, Takes a full wind and runs down. Drive belt present but broken.
30 Pigeon Race Timer, H.ET.R., Martens & Co., Bruxelles, Standard, Toulet
31 US Army Engineers Model 1913 Sketching Board Tripod Mount Sketch Survey Vintage, Tape residue
32 German Portable Weather Station, Meteorologischer Satz. Vintage German metal anemometer, psychrometer, barometer in the original wooden box
33 Wimhurst Machine, Static electricity generating machine, with accessories and original instructions, Edmund Scientific, c. 1980 In original box
34 Wire Recorder, Webster, Chicago, Model 80, Original Documentation.
35 2 Survey Chain, 1/2 Gunter's, 1) 2 handles 50 links tags every 10 links and midpoint 33 feet overall, 2) Partial-1 Handle 46 links 2 tags 2 separations 29 feet overall
36 Bubble Sextant, Cased, Bendix Aviation Corp., Model AN- 5851-1, WW2, Military
37 Large Pewter Decanter, on three legs facilitating heating from underneath, Spigot for service, insulated cap top
38 2 Spelter figures, classical figure & figure with hat & sword, worn patina, as found
39 Crosby New Indicator For Steam, Gas or Ammonia, Steam Pressure Gage, with Instructions and Case
40 Juerst's Ebulliometer, Eimer & Amend New York, with Case and Instructions, Used to measure the percentage of alcohol in Temperance Drinks, Bottom of thermometer broken off.
41 4 PNBH Barometer, Aneroid, Paul Naudet Cie. Holosteric Barometer, 2 with thermometers, 4.5- 5" diameter, All Working.
42 3 Wooden Aneroid Barometer and Thermometer, Carved, 1) N.P. Rasmussen 2+3 unbranded
43 Phonograph, Portable Victrola- Plays, Unbranded- Takes full wind and turns completely down. w/ 10 Victrola Records
44 3- Gunners Quadrants, 2- cased- 1 wood, 1- metal, all bubbles good, WW2, Militaria
45 Cannon, Signal, Starting, Salute, Brass, 10 Gauge Blank, 18" overall-16" Barrel, Nautical, Yacht.
46 Cannon, Lantaka, Rail, 29 " long, Wood base display,
47 Registering Spectroscope With One Large Prism, Royal Astronomical Society. Acquired by the RAS in 1871 by the Eclipse Committee, Sold in Durham England 1984. Listed on the historical archives of The Royal Astronomical Society Instrument Collection: 1827-1985.
48 Wall Phone, Kellogg Switchboard and Supply Company, Chicago U.S.A., Vintage, Internal Components Present, Bakelite Whole, Paint Drips, Frayed Wire, Dust and Dings
49 Candlestick Phone, Stromberg Carlson Tel. Mfg. Co. Rochester U.S.A. and Magneto, bakelite mouthpiece chip missing, wires frayed.
50 2 Dictograph System Substation, With Microphones and Earpiece, 1920's
51 Sextant, Schick Stadimeter, U.S. Maritime Commission, SN 1399-1942, WW2, Cased, brass, nautical, optical, navigation
52 Sextant, Keuffel & Esser, U.S.Navy, SN 36409, c. 1918, Also engraved US NAVY 3063, Cased, brass, nautical, optical, navigation
53 Sextant, Cornelius Knudsen L954 Kjobenhavn, last inspection 1948, Cased, brass, nautical, optical, navigation
54 Sextant, T. Cooke & Sons Ltd. Made For The Hughes Owens Co. Ltd. Montreal, Case signed N.W. Bigh.. -(barely visible, brass, nautical, optical, navigation
55 Sextant, G. Mayer Brake, Case signed A.V. Komer, brass, nautical, optical, navigation
56 Transit, Cased, WLE Gurley, painted Aluminum, surveying, optical
57 Transit, Cased, Brunson Instrument Co. Kansas City MO, Model 50, Compass needle missing, surveying, optical
58 Transit, Cased, C. L. Berger & Sons Boston USA, SN 16552, c. 1925-30, Green Enamel over Brass, w/ case key, surveying, optical
59 Transit, Cased, Keuffel & Esser WYE Level Model 5110, SN 18178, c. 1908, Instructions, Blue over brass, surveying, optical
60 Transit, Cased, Bostrom Brady No. 5 Convertible Level, surveying, optical
61 Microscope, Cased, Carl Zeiss Jena, Nr. 47899 5 objective 5 eyepiece, brass, optical, scientific
62 Microscope, Cased, Hofoptiker Spindler Stuttgart, 5 objective 3 eyepiece, brass, optical, scientific
63 Microscope, Cased, Bausch & Lomb, SN 54700 c. 1905, 3 Objective, 1 Eyepiece, Brass, Optical, Scientific
64 Microscope, Cased, C. Reichert Wein VIII. Bennogasse 26, 2 Objective, 2 Eyepiece, Brass, Optical, Scientific
65 Microscope, Cased, NYU Biol. # 50, c. 1900 Objective, Eyepiece, Brass, Optical, Scientific
66 Barometer, Vintage Large, Mercurial, Hass Bros. Altitude Testing Mercurial Barometer, Used to set altimeters to Airport runway altitude (Barometric Pressure). Aeronautical
67 Barometer, Mercurial, Welch Fixed Cistern, US Navy BU Ships, SN 3150 1943, Case -Painted Copper, WW2, Nautical, Military, Working
68 Barometer, Mercurial, H. Wehrle & Co. 82 Whitechapel London , Banjo Mother Of Pearl Inlay, Working
69 Barometer, Mercurial, Drained, Improved, INVt, TORRIGELLI, 1649, Thermometer Broken, Scientific Instrument
70 Barometer, Mercurial, Vintage, French.
71 Quack Medical Grouping, 3 machines, including Davis & Kidder's Patent Magneto electric machine; "Violet Ray" machine by Bleadon-Dun Company & Elec-Treat Mechanical Heart.
72 2- Antique Medical Syringe, with needles 1) Marked- J. Stevenson Long Lane London E.C. Box is poor 2) Unlabeled Brass, Boxed, Transfusion, Blood
73 4 Small New Haven Banjo Clocks," WINETKA" , pendulum, Time and Strike - Red and Green running, 2- brown not running As seen
74 2 Wag on wall clocks, Floral Patterns, 12" and 10" across 1) Taylor Pat Oct 1860- on bell, 2) -unmarked .No pendulums, or weights
75 Terry Clocks- 3 Cast Iron, all running for time, Small missing bell, Gold colored missing front glass alarm wind won't hold, Large- Alarm spring broken, no hands or alarm set wheel
76 Smiths Astral British Ships Clock, SN 15618, Running, takes full wind, runs fine, tells time, Nautical, Navy
77 400 day clock, domed, German, Suspension in place, 1 Pallet Fork Tine loose, not running
78 Tiffany Never Wind Domed Clock, tested and running at 4.5 volts. Old battery corrosion in base
79 Poole Electric (Battery) Dome Clock, tested and running at 4.5 volts, needs - negative terminal cleaned and wire replaced.
80 Poole Electric (Battery) Wood Beehive Clock, tested and running at 4.5 volts, Note wood crack at top, tape residue.
81 Atmos Clock, SN 463663, C.1976, Placard reads " Lyman E Wither 40 Years Loyal Service Uniroyal 1936-1976"
82 2 Brass Carriage Clocks, 1 Corner of side panel glass chipped, Running, keyed
83 Fusee Wall Clock, Pub, Railway, 8 day Fusee- Gut Cable. Key for Door and Face, Runs Fine, Keeps Time, No Front Glass, Wind Key Included
84 Clock Synchronized Self Winding 15" Metal Case, Convex glass.- untested
85 New Haven, Mini OG clock, Time and Strike, Takes full wind, runs fine, keeps time, Key Included
86 2 Steeple Clock, Ansonia and Gilbert, Time and Strike, Keys Included, running
87 2 Gingerbread Clock , Waterbury and Gilbert, Time and Strike, Key Included, running
88 Chelsea, Brass Ships Bell Clock, Mahogany Base Display, Time and Strike (4 hour watch chime), Takes full wind,runs fine, tells time, SN 709853 c. 1965-'69 Key Included
89 Ingraham Clock, "Doric", Balloon USA Flag lower panel , mantel clock, Time and strike, Takes Full Wind, Running Fine, Keeps time, Key Included
90 Welch, Italian #1 Calendar Clock, Time, Day Of Week, Month and Date Calendar, Takes Full Wind,Runs fine, Tells Time, Calendar works, day of week hand replaced. w/ Key. T.D.L. v.1 pp.76-78
91 Clock, Cupid Sharpening Arrow, Automation, Silk Thread Suspension, Skeletonized Dial with Gilt Brass Cupid sharpening his arrows leg and wheel stone automation on half and hour chime, Ebonized Wood, Marble, Brass, Takes a Full Wind Runs Fine, Tells Time and Chimes, Key Included
92 French Slate Pillar Clock, A La Benaissanei?, 49 Bould St Martin, Paris, Not Running- Holds wind- Suspension in place, Ticks off and stops
93 Clock, Ansonia Mantel, Marble, Open Escapement, Two Tone Copper / Brass Dial, Running, Time and Strike, Striking only once per hour, No Back
94 2 Seth Thomas Mantel Clocks, 1939 Console 6W, wind, 8 day, time and strike, 1950 Electric "Simsbury", Self starting electric, Westminster chime. Both Running fine, keeping time
95 Punch Card Time Clock, Central Time Clock Co. Inc. NYC, Not Running
96 International Time Recording Co. NY, Endicott, NY, Time clock, Not Running,
97 Seth Thomas, Adamantine Mantle Clock, "Dana # 4" c. 1913, 89c movement, Time and Chime on 1/2 hour bell- Hour on Cathedral bell (coil) Key Included, runs fine, tells time.
98 2 Seth Thomas , Mantel Clock, Column, 16 " tall, c. 1870, Time and Strike TDL v1 p..521-4 Running and Operating fine. Keys Included
99 Seth Thomas, City Clock Series, "Omaha", c. 1894, Time Strike and Alarm. T.D.L. v1, pg 202. running and operating fine. Key Included
100 Seth Thomas Mark 1 Deck Clock, Nickel Plated Brass with vibration reducing back 1941/1942, WWII, Takes a full wind, runs fine, tells time. Key Included


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