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Hudson Valley Auctioneers, Beacon  Item List

Auction Item List Feb 2019




Hudson Valley Auctioneers LLC - Item List Feb 4, 2019

Lot # Lot Description
102 1918 brass knuckle sword & Pattern 1913 Bayonet made by Remington, with scabbard, knuckle sword has 29" blade.
103 M8 1944 Bayonet & M4 U.S. Knife, USM8 Bayonet with scabbard & knife with leather sheath
104 The Citadel 1842 Military College of South Carolina Hat & U.S. regulation copper bugle, mouthpiece missing
105 48 star United States Flag & swagger stick, 51st. Sig Det, Korea, 65-66, Donald van Pernis
106 Dutch Delft liberation plate & sterling WPMA napkin ring, "Herrijzend Nederland, naar vrede en welvaart".
107 Large lot vintage ammunition & leather ammo pouches, variety of caliber, many still in original box, please refer to images for additional information on this lot.
108 Large collection of medals, military insignia mostly U.S. including Bronze Stars, Good Merit, Asiatic Pacific Campaign, WW1 & WW2 medals, a 14K Dutch medal "Daughters of Holland Dames", Republic of Vietnam service, lots of pins, button & more, please see images for more info on this large lot.
109 Spanish American war medal & GAR badge, Spanish American war Veterans Cross, all original & GAR badge.
110 Imperial service Medal, head of King George V, , attributed on edge to John David Parker Tillotson, on original ribbon,
111 1880 medallion, Francois Louis Teissedre de Fleury at Stony point, engraved by Benjamin Duvivier, dated 1880, 1.75"
112 RAF pilots wing & Royal Artillery brooch, Royal Air Force pilots wing silver sweetheart brooch inlaid with blue enamel, makers mark TLM ( Thomas Lynton Mott) & Ubique Royal Artillery Brooch highlighted with blue enamel.
113 WW1 era photo, Camp Sherman, OH. circa 1918, before review by Governor James M. Cox who formed the historic Commission of Ohio, charged with collecting photos documenting Ohio's role in WW1, 4.75" by 6.5"
114 Legion of Merit Commanders medal, WW2 era, United State, bronze & enamel
115 6 WW2 German medals, includes NSDAP lapel pin, 2 war merit crosses, civilian war merit medal,
116 2 WW2 German Nazi belt buckles, SS aluminum belt buckle by Overhoff, marked RZM SS 35.36, "Gott Mit Uns" & "Meine Ehre Hei?t Treue"
117 German WW2 lot, Nazi armband, civilian ribbon bars & set of Olympic games photographs, 1936, complete.
118 WW2 Spanish Civil war Nazi pin, "Black" wound Army badge, presented to the wounded German volunteers of the legion of Condor, the German forces that participated in the Spanish Civil war on the side of Franco.
119 Japanese scarf or flag, central red sun motif, signed (printed ?) with various Japanese characters, stamped with seal, 25" by 16.5"
120 Lot of Military & civilian currency, Japanese, Germany, Algeria, 10 notes
121 Nazi Swastika banner, 3 pins are pinned to the center, bronze star "Joel M. Adeles", Rifle pin & "75rh Div." button. Banner is 14'3" long, 53" wide, some hand stitched repairs.
122 Nazi flag with swastika, 69" by 41"
123 German field phone, in wood case, with original (chipped) mouthpiece & strap
124 WW2 "souvenir" lot, photographs of Paris, France summer of 45, various photographs of US soldiers in Paris, comes with a lot of pins, patches.
125 German WWII Luftwaffe Flak D.F. 10 x 80 Binocular Optics by Josef Schneider & Co
126 Military optical instrument, "S.A. Microtechnica, Torino
127 M4 Sherman Tank Gun Sight Telescope M70, serial number B177652
128 Bulova Telescope Elbow, M6A1, military optical instrument, serial D29379, 1944.
129 Military optical lot & compass, includes a WWII M5 Sherman / Stuart Periscope 1942, a wooden trench scope, optical accessory (not marked) & M2 Compass (cracked glass)
130 U.S. Air Force leather mittens, wool mittens & cap
131 WW2 air force, bomber lot, includes flight pants, helmet (B17, B24 pilot William Stewart McHenry Jr.) Pilot's Flight Log book ( pilot Leslie J. Sloan), maps, 43-D Delta Eagle embroidered badge & more.
132 Airforce lot, photo, "Memphis Belle", signed photograph, "Black Sheep Squadron", signed photograph, comes with two airplane models, Lockheed P-38J Lightning (loose propeller) & Corsair F-4U, both photographs come with certificate of authenticity.
133 Collection military helmets, hats, caps 12 hats & helmets including officer hats, helicopter or tank pilot helmet with communication gear, combat helmets, tropics helmet & more.
134 Kindley Air Force Base lot, misc. lot including photographs, signaling mirror, plane models & more.
135 Lot English military patches, shoulder insignia, leather ammunition satchel & embroidered framed coat of arms, "Regimental Sergeant Major Guards Division.
136 Pitot-Static tube, C47 cargo plane part, RMT. Model 856AT7b.
137 West Point Library, various books, all related to West Point Military Academy, private collection from Colonel Merl Hutto.
138 Colonel Merl G. Hutto, Airforce lot, including sculpture award & a model of U.S. Air force SM-64A, surface to surface missile (see Navaho missile), model is 31.5" tall, several small stabilizers are missing, a large mug with bullet handle "8th Tactical Fighter Wing" & photographs, certificate of appreciation from U.S. Air Force, also comes with various award plaques.
139 West Point lot, photographs, artwork, posters , prints.
140 Dillon RL 550B automatic powder system, with parts & accessories, including precision scale, Leupold Sequoia waterproof scope, casings, manual & more.
141 Glimpses of West Point, rare cabinet card book volume with 31 mounted cards with two views each of various buildings of the West Point Military academy, interior & exterior as well as troops, river & mountain views of the area, by Pach Brothers, New York.
142 Large lot of US Army gear including large lot of bags, tools, respirator, gas mask canister, "light instrument M33, holster & more, see images for more info on this lot.
143 Aluminum warhead ordinance boxes & mechanical device, from the estate of Colonel Hutto, 3 large containers used to transport warheads & mystery electronic device found in barn, 1950's era
144 Fort Montgomery Battlefield lot, tin canteen, leather powder pouch, spoon mold & lead balls, one marked "This Ball was found beside a Corpse on the Fort Montgomery Battle Field"
145 Misc. ephemera lot, Colonel M.B. Birdseye, "Historical Sketch of the 2nd Cavalry", original letters & transcript, civil war & other
146 High Altitude coverall flight suit, Type MC-1, part number oc-MC-1, David Clark Company Incorporated
147 High Altitude coverall flight suit, Type MC-1, part number oc-MC-1, David Clark Company Incorporated
148 High Altitude coverall flight suit, Type MC-1, part number oc-MC-1, David Clark Company Incorporated
149 Reichswerke Hermann G?ring & Mein Kampf, ashtray & card holder, both marked Reichswerke Hermann G?ring, in addition ashtray is marked "Plata" & card holder is marked Wellner, both in good condition, 1939 edition of Mein Kampf, in good condition.
150 Army medical folding stretcher
151 (6) Various West Point hats, overall good condition
153 Vietnam era embroidered army jacket,
154 Vietnam era Thailand embroidered for Col. Merl G. Hutto, see photos
155 3 Coast Guard jumpsuits
156 6 WWII wool army uniforms with insignia
157 3 military pc, 2 jackets & 1 trench coat, insignia, as is condition
158 Lof of Army coats, including raincoat as is condition
159 Army lot to include wool coat, dress jacket, wool overcoat, 2 uniforms
160 7 pcs West Point uniforms & civilian formal pieces
161 5 Military Academy uniforms, including white cadet uniform
162 Valley Forge Military academy (5) wool coats, (2) wool pants, original buttons, some pin holes to the wool
163 5 pc USMA, West Point 1944 uniforms, wool, 2 pairs of pants, 1 overcoat, 3 jackets
164 5 pcs USMA, West Point 1943 uniforms, wool, 3 jackets, 1 trench coat, 1 pair of pants
165 Lot of Vietnam war era Air force coveralls & jacket, 4 pairs overalls & 1 short jacket, 20th tactical fighter wing
166 Carved stone hippo, signed More S., 6.5" long, in good condition
167 2 Chinese dolls, lacquered heads, embroidered clothing, 9.5" & 10"
168 Two embroidered Chinese robes, garments, blue & purple, decorated with various flowers. One has sleeves cut
169 18th Century Chinese wallpaper fragment, hand painted, laid down on linen, floral 59.5" by 24.75", decorated with birds & butterflies,
170 Large Chinese painting, signed, Ming Period, various figures with horses, painted on silk (?), laid down on paper, has condition issues, 46.25" by 91.75"
171 Painting, genre, H. Andrews, figures dancing in woods, unsigned in front (H. Andrews written on back), in gilt frame, painted on canvas, 21.75" by 36.25", is relined
172 Painting, "Agnes Reed", circa 1830, artist unknown, painted on canvas, portrait of lady with bonnet & handkerchief, canvas is 34.25" by 27", in restored condition.
173 Painting, medieval scene, pair, unsigned, oil on panel, nobility hunting scene with castle on hill, several figures on horseback, not old, decorative, 48" by 30.5" each,(total size, as shown)
174 Painting, "Lake George", 1874, by Rebecca Jane Drake Howard, 26" by 40", folk style landscape showing figures in small sailboat under twilight sky on Lake George New York, old label on reverse.
175 Painting, "Catskill Bypath", Paul Wesley, autumn landscape with country road, mountains, painted on canvas, 28" by 38"
176 Painting, Persian scene, unsigned, oil on canvas, Persian scene with various figures in courtyard, unsigned, canvas is 42" by 60", in original condition, old patch repairs visible on reverse.
177 Painting, portrait gentleman, William Artaud, 1807, portrait of a seated man holding documents, some flaking, canvas is 50.5" by 40"
178 Painting, portrait of a man, unsigned, oval portrait, 19th Century of an elderly gentleman, canvas is 30" by 25", in heavy gilt frame, restored condition
179 Painting, portrait of a gentleman, "A. Van der Borght, Antwerp 1863", painted on canvas, 32.75" by 26.25"
180 Painting, portrait of James R. Reed", artist unknown, American portrait, circa 1830, painted on canvas, restored, canvas is 34" by 27"
181 Painting, portrait lady with bonnet, "Thomas Algernon Earle" on label on reverse, painted on canvas, 30" by 25"
182 Painting, landscape with figure, folksy style painting showing a trapper overlooking a valley with mountains, waterfalls, unsigned, painted on canvas, 27" by 34", painting has small tear.
183 Painting, landscape with lighthouse, unsigned, European school, oil on artist board, 17" by 23".
184 Painting, portrait of a young woman, signed E.C. 1909", painted on canvas, painting appears partially cleaned, 16" by 13"
185 Painting, Mountain scene, J. Evans, 17" by 21", oil on canvas showing two figures on a path in the mountains, Continental, canvas is 17" by 21"
186 Print Jewish Museum, Pierre Alechinsky, signed and numbered print (46/125) of the 1965 Jewish Museum poster, signed, minor fold mark left margin, can be taken out of frame for shipping
187 (5) Porcelain figures, 19th c. including early French porcelain figure (Julius) Royal Berlin, KPM, Blanc de chine, pair of coal miners, minor chips
188 3 French Strasbourg Faience figurines, grouping & 2 single figurines
189 Early carved wood column, coat of arms of the Medici, Florence 23 1/2" see photos for info
190 Painting, Miguel Roca Fuster, "Medallon Del Amor Falestra, oil on canvas, with documentation, canvas is 32.25" by 25.5"
191 Carved bone snuff box, Louis XVI, French, with carved portrait, box is 3" by 1.75", small piece missing (see images), lid appears to be stuck.
192 Carved bone snuff box, carved decoration on lid, box is 3.75" by 1.75", in good condition
193 Gilt metal & crystal chandelier, height is 26", diameter is 20"
194 Cast iron trade sign, Jewelry, Clocks, Watches, center replaced with mirror, diameter is 17.5", height is 27.5"
195 6 throwing knives, leather scabbards, Solingen, Germany
196 10 bone handles Bowie knives with leather scabbard, Solingen & other
197 15 knives & daggers, Bowie knives, leather scabbards, pro-Guide.
198 2 Indonesian Kris daggers, blades are 23.5" & 13.25", larger Kris has replaced handle
199 Kris style sword & Indian dagger, Kris sword with decorative curved blade, blade is 30" (drilled in two places to allow hinging display, dagger has leather scabbard & 2 small side knives
200 Gilt & mahogany Chippendale mirror w/ large carved Eagle and gold trim, some gilt loss, 55" tall 27.75 wide
201 Gilt & mahogany Chippendale mirror w/ gilt carved detail, good condition, 51" tall 25" wide
202 Bronze figure of a woman, 1922, signed illegibly, on marble base, height is 19.75"

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