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Hudson Valley Auctioneers, Beacon  Item List




Hudson Valley Auctioneers LLC - Item List Feb 4, 2019

Lot # Lot Description
1 Ithaca Gun Company shotgun, double barrel shotgun, with scene of dog & starbursts,
2 Ithaca Gun Company shotgun, double barrel shotgun, New Ithaca Field Grade, serial 398-18-1027
3 L.C. Smith, Hunter Arms Company double barrel shotgun, fine decorated gun, decorated with duck & various curls,
4 Remington 870 Express Magnum 12ga shotgun, serial A295804M
5 Browning BT-99 12ga, special steel, Browning Arms Company, Morgan Utah, made in Japan/Miroku, serial 01123MT171
6 Kimber model 82 Government rifle, Kimber of Oregon, serial GM002722, with accessories.
7 Marlin rifle, model 990 D.U. Ducks Unlimited 22 caliber micro groove barrel, serial # 10431523
8 The A.J. Aubry rifle, genuine Armory steel, manufactured by the Meriden Firearms Company, stock has old repair
9 Belgian Browning patent shotgun, Fabrique Nationale D'Armes de Guerre Herstal Belgique, serial # 116500
10 Antique Nouman Bros. machine made rifle, double barrel gun with illegible writing on barrel, Cornelius von Ogden Mitchell, june 8, 1899 (?)
11 V. Chr. Schilling German hunting rifle, double barrel rifle, Valentin Christoph Schilling, Suhl, Germany.
12 Remington 22 short. long or long rifle, with scope, model 12A, serial number 520202
13 Winchester model 57 22 long rifle, model 25944
14 Rifle, rusted, 24R4.48, various numbers
15 Springfield model 120A 22 short, long or long rifle
16 Stevens Model 66 rifle, , J. Stevens Arms Company, 22 short long rifle
17 Russian 7.62x54R Mosin Nagant Rifle, M91/30, Russia serial number 052310, 1938
18 Hungarian rifle, model 1944, 7.62x54R, 1953, serial A2691
19 Russian 7.62x54R Mosin Nagant Rifle, M91/30, MH6428, Russia serial number 76048, 1929, hammer & sickle mark
20 Russian 7.62x54R Mosin Nagant Rifle, M91/30, Russia serial number 087498, 1936
21 Springfield Armory Rifle, model 1896, serial 105914
22 Springfield Armory Rifle, model 1896, serial 324983, monogram & "1901" on stock
23 Civil War, Poultney & Trimble Smith Carbine, antique black powder rifle, "Am. N M CH WKS", Springfield Mass.
24 Antique Smith?s Patent Carbine, made by Massachusetts Arms Co. of Chicopee Falls, Mass. Civil War, Poultney & Trimble Smith Carbine
25 US Springfield model 1884 rifle, serial 519711
26 Shotgun, black powder, no marks or maker, as is condition, pitted barrel, stock cracked
27 Spencer repeating rifle, Boston Mass. as found, rusted, needs restoration
28 Navy Colt in case, Samuel Colt Navy .44 caliber Navy Colt with Naval engagement on cylinder, in case with flask, bullets, serial number 89510.
29 Revolver, 19th Century, Navy model, Remington New York USA, octagonal barrel.
31 Black powder replica rifle, B.O. Bowes, 1978, serial number 60820
32 Black powder replica rifle, octagonal barrel, wood ramrod, "Liberty or Death"
33 Brescia Italian bolt action rifle, 1894, rust, with folding Bayonet
34 Hopkins & Allen rifle, The Merwin Hulbert & Co. Junior, Norwich CT.
35 Belgian rifle, "Fabrique Nationale D'Armes de Guerre, Herstal, Belgique, serial number 12014 Model 1949
36 U.S. sword, eagle & stars on hilt, no markings, sword in as found condition, blade is 29.25", tip sword broken, hilt bent.
37 Sword, with metal scabbard, no make, blade is 33", with guard
38 Francis Heiberger military sword, with metal scabbard, blade is 34", decorative blade, eagle, shield & "U.S."
39 Curved sword, marked 5.T.P. 6 12, metal scabbard, blade is 32.25", scabbard is marked Mfg. 90
40 Military leather belt with eagle buckle, leather dress sword belt with round brass buckle showing eagle, oak leaf edge.
41 Curved sword with Eagle hilt, leather scabbard, nicely decorated blade with gilt detail, blade is 29.75", no markings, scabbard is has separation in middle (see images)
42 U.S. military sword, brass hilt, leather over steel scabbard, leather as is, blade decorated, marked "U.S.", blade is 31.5"
43 Spartan etched dress sword, ornate etched blade, "U.S.", eagle etc. model 1902 dress sword with metal scabbard, (not marked Meyer), blade is 29.75",
44 Spanish colonial cavalry sword, machete style officers sword by Ferdinand Esser Elberfeld, warranted N186 with horse mark, carried by officers in the Caribbean, some nicks to blade, one half of guard is missing hoof, leather scabbard is original, missing brass tip, blade is 27.25"
45 French Napoleonic short sword, rare circa 1790's French Napoleonic Lions-Head infantry man short sword, cast brass hilt with lions mane, blade 23.5" #2264
46 Civil War officer's sword signed J.H. McKenney & Co. NY, decorative hilt with eagle, leather scabbard, scabbard as is, blade is inscribed "71st Veterans", blade is 29", about 3" of leather scabbard are missing
47 US 186 military sword, brass hilt, no scabbard, 32" blade, very tip is blunt.
48 Sword, steel hilt, scabbard, marked W.K....clean blade, 32", possibly German
49 Civil war era sword, marked US, 1862, solid brass hilt, leather scabbard, blade is 28", tip missing of both scabbard & sword.
50 WW2 Ceremonial Navy sword, N.S. Meyer Inc. fine quality decorative sword with scabbard and original dust sleeve, carrying case, gilt detail.
51 2 West Point Cadet swords, brass & steel, "U.S.M.A." inscribed on blade.
52 Two swords, Hartley Graham, New York, one with leather scabbard, bone handle, other unsigned, plain blade
53 Knights of Columbus sword, ceremonial sword with eagle on hilt, metal scabbard, 28" blade.
54 3 knives, James Roger, folding knife, bone handle & solid brass & steel knife or dagger, James Roger missing tip.
55 Weyersberg & Stamm Solingen military sword, brass hilt with eagle, nicely decorated blade, with metal scabbard, blade is 32.75"
56 4 bayonets, WW1 German Mauser Bayonet Ernst Busch Solingen, two unmarked & WW1
57 Civil war cap & bottle, 15th Regiment, cap with original strap & buttons & small wood carved bottle with lid, engraved "A.S.H. Co. C.N.J.V. 15th R., cap to bottle has split
58 U.S. Civil War Model 1860 Light Cavalry Sword, dated 1864, marked ADK, curved blade, 33.25", scabbard marked U.S. 1864 as well.
59 Wood bullet mold, West Point Foundry, "wood pattern for bullet manufactured at West Point Foundry for exhibition at the Putnam County Historical Society
60 8 horn powder flasks & 2 leather bags, 19th Century, some signed with initials.
61 10 leather & copper ammo flasks, various lead & black powder flasks, some with contents,
62 Leather ammunition case & leather ammo or black powder pouches, leather bullet or ammo bag with metal compartment insert, with contents.
63 3 leather holsters, U.S. includes 1944 model, 1918 "Warren Leather Goods" & illegible
64 Antique leather gun holster & buckle, leather holster decorated with silver (?) buttons & brass belt buckle decorated with Indian head.
65 Pre Civil War NY Militia belt buckle in brass, New York Militia belt buckle 1840-1850
66 1851 Belt Buckle plate, original leather belt, brass belt buckle with original brass buckle clasp, belt, showing NCO Eagle and silver wreath, all original and untouched.
67 Original Fugio Cent, 1787, designed by Benjamin Franklin, links on reverse represent the original 13 colonies
68 Th. Jefferson Peace and Friendship medal with neck sash, 3" medal & embroidered neck ribbon in red & white.
69 Lot Civil War photographs, tin types, ambro & several others, 12 pieces,
70 Cotton lithographed presidential campaign kerchief in black ink with portraits of James Garfield and Chester Arthur within a figure-eight; above is an American-bald eagle, laurel branches, and four state flags; below are two vignettes depicting a river boat and a commercial-shipping boat divided by an American flag armorial; border of red and blue stars and crossed American flags in red and blue at the four corners, 17" by 17.5", stained (see images)
71 Presidential campaign silk, 1888, "True Blue", Benj. Harrison of Indiana & Levi P. Morton of New York, portraits of the two candidates surrounded by US flags, eagle & stars, dated 1888, fold marks, no stains, 19.25" by 19.25", note, vertical blank area in center, silk was folded slightly when printed.
72 Remember the Maine silk textile, printed in red, blue, and black on a white silk cloth. ?The Maine Well Remembered? appears on a scroll above the top vignette featuring an image of McKinley. Image of Dewey and another military figure appear below, surrounded by flags and militaria. 18.75" by 18", some staining.
73 NYPD lot, 2 caps, handcuffs, various buttons, "James M. Walsh, Lieutenant of police, special duty officer"
74 Lot military photographs, various portraits of soldiers in uniform, photos of General Marshall, Chester Nimitz etc.
75 Malard Verdier Paris trunk, as is condition, Military maker 30" x 17" x 17 1/2"
76 1803 New Hampshire Militia document, Nathaniel Colby, Captain of the Second Company in the Twenty First Regiment of Militia in the State of New Hampshire.
77 Photograph, Flagship "Chicago", in oak frame, photograph is 13.75" by 19", foxing.
78 Civil war Rogers Group statue, "Wounded to the Rear, One More Shot", minor chips, height is 24"
79 Pair Civil War statues "Army", "Navy", pair Spelter figures on wood bases, each statue is 18" tall.
80 Antique New York militia jacket, dark blue & white, gilt buttons "71", early 1900's
81 Large lot military & militia buttons, various buttons in brass, silver tones, eagles.
82 Bayonet & compass, 1895 Krag Bayonet & 1918 brass engineer corps compass.
83 M31 Grenade & radio antenna kite, inert practice Grenade, G981 Grenade Rifle, Practice, in original tube & folding antenna kite in original tube.
84 Leather chaps & stirrups, engraved nickel plated stirrups, leather chaps with copper buttons, circa 1900
85 German Nazi lot, hat, vanity kit (Einsatz 3, scheren, pinzetten, L?ffel), "Meine ehre hei?t Treue" belt buckle, fabric panel with German eagles & Frankfurt map.
86 German Rifle Bayonet, taken from the body of a German soldier by Sgt. Gaetano G. Bibbo of the 548th field artillery Battalion-Ninth U.S. Army, more details with lot on paper.
87 4 bayonets, British P 1876 Martini Henry Zulu War Socket Bayonet with leather & brass scabbard, leather as is, broken, part missing, blade is 21.5", comes with 3 WW1 bayonets, unmarked, pair with spring & single
88 6 bayonets, F.W. Holler Solingen dress Bayonet with leather scabbard (21.75" blade), Swedish EJ AB crown Bayonet with wood handle, 2 Asian (?) Japanese bayonets with wood handles & 2 all steel bayonets, one marked U.S. (21.25")
89 Machete, ax lot, includes 7 large machetes & knives & one ax, Kiffe, Legitimus Collins & Co, 1942, J. Dumas & more
90 7 bayonets, 1907 pattern with wood handle, 2 M.K II Indian bayonets, 2 German "Waffenfabrik Neuhausen" bayonets & 2 unmarked, no handles
91 6 bayonets, British No7 MK & unmarked (both without scabbard), 2 unmarked bayonets with wood handles & scabbards, Swedish EJ AB crown Bayonet & unmarked.
92 4 bayonets, 1930's Gebr. Heller, Jos. Corts w. Bakelite grip & 2 wood handle C.S.Z. Czech bayonets, all with scabbard, greased blades.
93 4 U.S. Marine bayonets & dagger, includes two US Marine M5 model bayonets, one U.S. A.F.H. Bayonet & WWII US Marine Corps Fighting Knife, Camillus
94 12 No4 MKII Spike bayonets, Enfield, English, all with scabbards
95 12 No4 MKII Spike bayonets, Enfield, English, all with scabbards
96 2 WW1 German bayonets, 1915 S98 & 1917 S98/05, both with scabbard, S98 has decorated 20.75" long blade
97 French Mle 1874 Gras Bayonet & Scabbard for the Mle 1874 Gras Rifle, with scabbard, blade is 22.25", brass handle
98 Winchester 1873 Bayonet, Marked M 409, 20"
99 4 bayonets for the M1903 Springfield rifle, all bayonets are dated 1908, 1903 (two) & 1900
100 3 US M1892 30/40 Krag Bayonets, model 1898, model 1899 & illegible.
101 4 US Krag Bayonets, 1895, 1899, 1902 & 1908, no scabbards.